Saturday, July 27, 2002

Well, I went in to do all my skin care stuff put on some makeup, and ended up having this conversation with myself.

Good morning, self! You look like hell this morning!

Thanks! Good to see you, too.

Think I should hop in the shower and wash my hair?

Nah, too much work. Lets save the showers for like 3am when you really need them to stay awake.

Good point. You know, you really look like hell.

Yeah, I know.

What do you say we skip this makeup stuff for now and go grab the eye mask cream stuff out of the fridge, and go lay down for a while?

I really like the way you think!

So, as you can guess, I used my eye stuff, went to bed, and turned on the TV. Guess what I found! MST3K! HOORAY! I seriously cheered out loud. I haven’t seen this show in years! Please, please, please let this be a marathon! That would make me the happiest girl ever!

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