Tuesday, July 30, 2002

You would think that going in and out of hospitals several times a day would have gotten me over my huge fear of them by now, but apparently it hasnt. Today I pulled up to deliver my afternoon delivery...

Peope die here. There could be dead people in there right now.

Its just a lab. You're just going to a lab.

There are about a billion needles in this building. And IV's, oh man..

(getting bag of x-rays out of my car)

Look, X-rays. Remember that time in human phys when you studied x-rays...

I wonder where the morgue is.

(This would be the part where I have to lean on my car so I dont fall over)

Okay, lets distract myself with scientific stuff. I am carrying a bag of blood. A bag of leukeocytes and erythrocytes. There's all sorts of cool stuff in there...And here's the lab, there's a centrifuge, those are pretty cool... test tubes, slides... all good.

Can we get out of here now?

Am I ever going to get used to these places?

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