Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Bleh. I wrote a rather long post last night, but MS Word decided it was hungry, and bye-bye post. However, I do have this that I wrote on Saurday and forgot to post, so all is not lost!

My youngest sister called today at 3pm, and I was of course, sleeping. This is exactly how the conversation went down, I kid you not.

MaryAnn: Whatcha doing?


MaryAnn: Oh, of course. Hey, what are you doing in September.

Me: Um, sleeping?

MaryAnn: Wanna go on a road trip?

Me: OK! So, hey, you wanna go to a movie this weekend? The theater is having movie, drink, and popcorn for $5.

MaryAnn: I can't, I have too much to do.

Me: Aww, ok. Oh, hey, where are we going on this road trip?

MaryAnn: Humm, I don't know. I was thinking maybe going to Virginia to the ocean. I just have a need to travel.

Me: Rock on, I could use an ocean. So how long are we going for?

MaryAnn: I have about 9 days off. We'll figure it out from there. I'll supply money if you'll supply the car.

Me: Ok, sounds good. Can we…(insert random list of destinations here that aren't even close to being on the way from here to Virginia)

MaryAnn: Um, sure!

Me: Yay.

(kids in the background start yelling "AUNT CRYSTAL!!" about now)

MaryAnn: I should go.

Me: Ok. See ya.

Once again, the fact that we are in fact related smacks me upside the head. First, she knew I would agree to a road trip no matter when, how long, or where we were going. We could be on our way to see the World's Biggest Shoestrings in Ontario and I'd be in. Second, she used the phrase "I have a need to travel." Sisters, really.

This makes me happy. We've never really done anything together like that, mostly because for most of our childhood we hated each other. Now that we get along, its about time for some road tripping. I will, of course, require that she reads the "Bad Girl's Guide to the Open Road" pre-trip. I think her road trip alias should be "Cha-Cha".

And know what just frosts my cookies? I now have a road trip in September, possibly a 3-day trail ride in September (I'm really not feeling like riding and camping for 3 days right now, but you know Monica will probably talk me into it!), Disney in November, and Vegas in December for my birthday. This is my kind of schedule! I'm so much happier when I have a lot going on like that. Last summer was the epitome of great schedules-I had a week at Disney in May, Simucon the 1st weekend of June, and Equitana (HUGE horse convention) the 2nd weekend of June.

So I guess that now I just have to be sure to sell $50 worth of Mary Kay stuff along the way so that my trip can be tax deductable. Seriously, that's the way to live. And how lucky am I to have jobs where I can not only take off whenever the hell I want for however long I want, but one of them I can even do while I'm gone if I'm so inclined? (aka we're 100 miles from home, broke, and need gas)

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