Saturday, August 17, 2002

Found this mini-survey while cleaning out my e-mail filing cabinets. I really should do this on a regular basis:

2 You Cant Live Without:

CD's: Kenny Chesney's Greatest Hits, Savage Garden's "Affirmation"

Movies: Ever After, Moulin Rouge

Games: fake scrabble, Modus

Books: "Still Life With Woodpecker" (the wonderful Tom Robbins), and "Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban" (JKR, of course.)

Restaurants: Olive Garden & this fantastic mexican restaurant downtown called Pepperbellies, but its gone now, so I do have to live without it!

Guilty Pleasure: Godiva chocolates, cheesey Disney channel movies

Well, its 1am, but that doesnt mean I wont still try to continue my new Saturday morning ritual of getting up at 8am to watch MST3K. There are few things that would get me up at 8am on my day off, but that's one of them! I'm so happy to have a few days off. I have so much stuff to do around the house. The down side is that I know I wont get any of it done, I'll sit around and read my new books and watch dvd's, but who cares, really?

I ordered a yoga DVD and a belly dancing video from Amazon. I know that even if I do come up with cash for a membership at the gym, dance and yoga are so much more fun. Therefore, I'll just continue to go to the gym on a very sporadic basis with mom for my treadmill duty, and spend the rest of my time happily at home shaking my bootie. I really want to find some more good dance workout videos. Any suggestions?

I really wish I could find some sort of sleep schedule that works for me. I'm a night owl by nature- I do my best work and have the most fun between about 1-6am. I would never go to bed before 5am if I had my way! However, I have to be up before 8am 3 days a week (4 if you count MST3K on Saturdays). Then I am gone from around 2:30-6, or else that would be prime sleeping time. (Nothing good happens in the afternoon, why not sleep?) Someday, I will figure it all out.

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