Tuesday, August 27, 2002

It is still August, right? I haven’t fallen asleep and missed a month or so? Because driving along the road that leads from my house out to the highway, I have seen workers setting up the Christmas lights for a few days now. Lights everywhere! Now on my way to the gas station, I pass Santa and his 8 massive reindeer (they’re at least 20 feet tall). Now, I know we start Christmas season early around here (Nov. 1), and that they do have a lot of lights to put up, but really, in August? Hold off till October, at least! I’m just waiting for someone to drive through and steal a lamb or something. Hey, I wonder if there are any camels…

I have created my own little post-it paradise. I decided my life would be better with little sticky papers everywhere, and man oh man is it! I have three big ones stuck to my monitor- one of a recent order total so I can remember to charge the person (Hey Kel!), one with a few various story ideas, and one reminding me to watch a tv show. The very best part is that I bought mini-cubes of post-its for my car. Now when I’m driving and think of something I need to do or want to write about, etc, I grab my little green cube and stick a note to the dash board. The best part is that when I get home, I can grab the ones that I need to use as reminders in the house, and bring them in and stick them to my computer. It’s a lovely system. I also have a cube by my bed for those little things I remember as I’m falling asleep. My closet door (right next to where I sleep) is covered in little pink squares.

Have I told you about my music downloading woes? Why is it so darn hard for a girl to have her music these days? First, Audiogalaxy decided it didn’t feel like working anymore, so I re-installed Morpheous, which worked ok for a few days, and then stopped connecting. So, then I downloaded Sharezea (something like that), which functions sometimes, but not always, and generally isn’t all that great. Today, I downloaded KaZaA, and its almost exactly like Morpheous, except that it WORKS! I am a happy girl!

I finally got to go to the chiropractor yesterday! After spending the whole weekend in bed because my vertebrae decided to imitate abstract art instead of lying in a nice straight line, I was even happier to see my chiropractor than usual! Have I ever told you how much I adore this man? I do. I finished work a half hour before my appointment, and happily sped to the office, making it with eight whole minutes to spare! The doc was ready when I got there, so I wandered into exam room two, pouted, and said “SAVE ME!”. This was one of the most amusing chiropractor visits in history- the three of us (doc, nurse, and me) spent the entire ten minutes I was being twisted into a pretzel laughing our heads off. I couldn’t help cracking up at how screwed up I was, when he was constantly saying things like “Wow! 6 and 2 are both out on the right side! We hardly ever see that!”, and the thing that happens EVERY single time I go- when I lay on my side and he twists me to fix um, whatever part that fixes, he ALWAYS comments on how flexible I am. He’s like a kid. (to the nurse) “Hey! Look at how flexible this girl is!” (at which point he twists me into the shape of Africa or something). We were giggling at the increasing loudness of my back popping when he went to fix my thoracic vertebrae, and it popped about 10 times, and so loud that the nurse heard it across the room. I almost fell off the table laughing. I guess it was one of those “you had to be there” humor moments. J

And yes, I am still kinda sick. My symptoms remind me of a certain condition I had last summer that starts with a “Bronch” and ends with an “-it is”, but its simply not allowed to be. Whatever it is, its not pretty.

Last night was all kinds of fun. My package from Amazon came, containing my new Yoga DVD, and my belly dancing video. I’m not sure if I mentioned that I was an idiot and accidentally ordered the intermediate video instead of the beginner. Oops. I watched the video first, since I didn’t think I could actually do it until I had the beginner. First of all, I have to make a confession. I’m sort of.. mesmerized by these chick’s bellies. They’re both really thin women, except below their belly button, they have this…well, belly! It’s the weirdest thing! I freaked out when they started doing rib circles. Have you ever SEEN that? Funky.

Well, I broke down and decided that I had to give this stuff a try, and mom wanted to join in, so we moved the DVD player into the living room. All I can say is THANK GOD I’m not on the Real World or some other situation where someone would have a video of me and mom doing this stuff. Comedic gold. I finally did get the hang of those rib circles, but it just doesn’t have the same effect coming from someone like me whose ribs you cant really see. I’m totally getting the hang of this butt-shaking thing, though. Just call me Shakira.

While driving yesterday, I popped in a really, really old mix cd, and found myself rocking out to Kid Rock. Driving alone all day does this sort of thing to you. At the beginning of that one song, I was singing along when he does the “My name is kiiiiiii(insert about 34 more “i”’s here)id! Its kid baby! Kid Rock!”. Well, singing that, I felt a bit silly (don’t comment), because well, my name isn’t kid rock! Therefore, I have a new nickname for myself. My name is chick-- Its chick baby, Chick Rock!

My job leads me to funny places sometimes. Yesterday, I parked right in front of a business door, even though there were plenty of open parking spots, just because I could. It’s the little things…

Oh, but getting back to my point: There’s a new theme park being built here that’s supposed to open next year. Its amusing, because all the public knows about it is its name and where its going to be. I, however, have ended up delivering tons of blueprints, and today found myself having to walk in on a design meeting to deliver some. From what I caught, they were discussing either the design of a ride, or how one ride would relate to another. I saw a list of names of attractions they were planning, and it occurred to me how odd it was that I had access to all of this info. Kind of weird.

The part that kind of pissed me off was that the guy who I delivered to was really quite rude to me. But then I got home and thought about it. Who is he? Some guy who designs theme parks. And so I slipped my Roller Coaster Tycoon into my cd-rom, and thought, “We’re the same, Billy, you and me”. Muahahaa.

I’ve been getting runs to Springfield almost every morning lately, and that’s a very good thing, because I’m very poor. However, it kinda sucks, because I get home around 11 or 12, and have to leave again at 1:30. I do not dig that.

The strangest phenomenon just happened. My dear fishy Bogart’s little bowl was disgusting, so I knew I really couldn’t put off cleaning him any longer. Most of the fish I don’t give a second thought to cleaning, but Bo’s bowl is so oddly shaped, its darn near impossible, because I cant get him out to clean it. So, I picked him up and gave him a lecture on how he better keep it clean for at least three months, because I didn’t want to have to do this again anytime soon. Then, I thought I’d at least give getting him out a try. It never works because the angles of his bowl are so weird, its impossible to trap him against the side with the cup. However, this time I put the cup in the water, and he just..swam..in. I told him what a good, smart fish he was for about ten minutes. So, I actually managed to clean his bowl in about three minutes, vs. the usual 20. I am a very happy girl!

Its really a bit hard for me to believe that its noon. This is like, the time of day that normal people get up. Its weird to think that I’d usually be asleep right now when I’ve already done so damn much today. On one hand, I wish I could wake up at like 8 every day, watch some morning tv, eat food, take my time getting dressed, and still have time to chill before work. The problem is that on the days that I do get up at 8, its because I have to leave to work by about 8:30. Plus, I really enjoy staying up late too much, and I’m not sure if I could sacrifice that for mornings.

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