Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Oddly enough, the most useless online quiz ever really, really suits me.

Which Sex and the City Vixen Best Matches Your Sex Style?

Okay, I really do love Lula, but after her third attempt on Sugar Daddy's life in one night, and the huge scratches across my wrist that make it look like I've been attempting suicide (I tried to block her from jumping into the bathtub with my arm-- not good.), I figured I had to try something. I found the only water gun I have (purchased from Schnucks while at Simucon), filled it up, and got ready to give her a quick shoot when she did something she wasnt supposed to. Apparently, this is supposed to be a really quick way to teach cats not to go to certain places. Well, seeing that Lula does something she shouldnt an average of every 2.5 seconds, I have to hold it at all times. This results in her staring at me as if to ask "Um, mom, why are you holding that thing?" Plus, the gun leaks. So, I give her a few squirts which really seem to confuse the hell out of her (she just jumped up on my keyboard as I typed that), but the problem is, she LIKES the squirt gun. She wants to play with it. I have her drinking out of it. Seriously.

So, um, anyone out there know anything about kitten training? Please? She is pretty good about the not using claws while playing with people rule, and she just jumped a good three and a half feet up my wall trying to get a spider. Her favorite current toy is a package of crackers from a salad bar, and her new nickname is Taluey Kablooey. I really think the main problem is that her sister Cassie has been missing for three long weeks now. SO many times when we would let them into the house to play at night, I would remark how happy I was that we had two, as they always kept each other entertained, it was perfect. I would give anything to have Cassie back so that they would have each other again!

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