Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Yay yay yay yay! I just talked to my friend Nate tonight, and it looks like we may be at Disney at the same time again! That would be the most awesome thing ever. We could a) save money on hotel rooms by sharing, and b) have a hell of a lot more fun than we would without each other! Party Buddha lives!!!

I so didnt want to go to my Mary Kay meeting tonight, but I am SO glad I did (heh, that's usually the case!). It was a really fun meeting- we got to try some of the products that will be coming out in December (All I can say is that I am in LOVE! I'm gonna be spending at least $100 on myself. The peach lotion & shower gel are AMAZING) We discussed our "purpose" again, which is one of the hardest things for me. Basically, the idea is that you arent really going to be driven to be dedicated to your business unless you have some underlying reason or goal. My reason is that I eventually want to be a director so that I can be a stay at home mom, give my kids everything they could ever need, not have to worry about money, and only have to spend a few hours a week away from home. The thing is, the kids are like 10 years off, so its hard to really apply that purpose to my life now. Thankfully, I have this trip in November that I *REALLY*, desperatly need cash for, so that is a huge motivation. HUGE. I need to sell my bootie off! Thankfully, I should be able to do a ton of holiday gift sales around late october. I'm planning on making up cute gift sets and putting together a flyer.. I should really start on that now, huh?

Speaking of such things, if you ever feel like browsing through my catalog, the link is right over on the linky section to your left. I would think you were the coolest person ever if you ordered stuff and helped me on my way to vacation. (end advertisement here =D )

Have I mentioned lately that I really, really, really want my own house? Nothing too big, but I have decided that one big bedroom and two small bedrooms would be ideal. Why three bedrooms for lil ol me? Well, one for the obvious sleeping purposes. (Although I plan to have this daybed that I fell in love with in either my office or living room, and to sleep on it most of the time) The second would be an office/computer room. I really, REALLY need an office. I am drowning in skin care products here. I would also have my computer, all my vacation planning stuff, etc. in there. The third bedroom would be a huge walk-in closet/dressing room. No, really. Its not that I have that many clothes, but I would really like to be able to lay out a room where I could have shelves for jeans and a huge area for shoes and a chair and a 3-way mirror and all that fun stuff. In other words, 2 bedrooms would be ok, but 3 would just rock my world. If all else fails, I could totally remodel a 2nd bathroom into a dressing room, but that involves a little more work.

I've already started collecting "house stuff". I found the CUTEST plates at K-mart the other day, so I had to buy some. They were cheap, pretty, and just very "me". So, I have some dishes, TONS of glasses, and that's pretty much it. Two desks, a tv ad dvd player, and a bookshelf. Sad, eeh?

The House also has to have some sort of system for my fish. I have lots of bettas, which have to live seperately from each other. Therefore, I have 7 small 1-gallon tanks scattered throughout my room. The difficult part is that since they are fighting fish, if they can see each other, they will constantly be flaring up at each other and trying to fight through the glass, until they eventually wear themselves out. Not good. So, yes. House has to solve this problem.

It must have a nice front and back yard with plenty of room for Tallulah, Future Kitten, and a garden.

Speaking of which, there is an update on the kitten front! My sister's cat, who is Lula's mom, is about to have kittens AGAIN. Mom already asked her to save me one-- how sweet is that? I really would prefer one Lula's age, but dude.. who can resist a baby kitten? Not me, that's for sure! Maybe I should specify that the yard should be big enough for several cats. And a possible dog.

A show about the making of Moulin Rouge is on at 3. Its 12:30 now, and I cant decide if I want to stay up or just tape it. Ewan is worth staying up for, but I want to get to the gym in the morning. Choices, choices.

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