Thursday, September 05, 2002

Grr, sometimes I wonder why I even bother writing entries in the first place, since MS Word seems to be eating every other one lately. And I started writing them in Word because it was more reliable than typing them in the blogger window. Oh, remorse.

So, as you can guess, I had a very nice post all typed up, and they’re never as good the second time around, so if you fall asleep reading this, at least I have an excuse this time!

Today was one of those interesting work days. Generally, I like my job because no two days are really the same, but other days, such as today, I pine for the sort of mundane job where you go in at the same hour every day, and sit in the same room doing the same things. I guess its along the same principle as starting to want your own bed and the general familiarity of home when you’ve been on vacation just a little too long. (Yes, I actually said “vacation” and “too long” in the same sentence. This from the girl who has calculated how much it would cost to live in each Disney resort for a month. But that’s mostly because I’m a big dork like that.)

Right as I was getting ready to leave for my daily bank run, I got a call saying I needed to pick up a prescription at Walgreens and drop it off at the nursing home in Crane. This made me regret telling the office that I was really desperate for extra money, because that made it pretty impossible to turn it down. Crane is about three million miles away, and can only be reached by riding a mule down long, winding country roads. Okay, so I exaggerate a little, but its not a fun trip in my book.

I stopped in at Walgreens to pick up the prescription, and while that’s generally a process that takes about two minutes, today it was utter chaos. I told them that I was picking up to take to the nursing home in Crane, and the guy said “But the other girl already picked the delivery up”. No, I informed him, she picked up the one going to Kimberling City. I’m here for the one going to Crane. (WHY on earth they didn’t give me the one going to Kimberling City, since I was freaking on my way there in the first place for my bank run is beyond me. Why couldn’t they have given me that, which would have been about 10 minutes out of my way, and given the hour and a half diversion to Crane to some other soul? WHY?) Anyway, after searching, Pharmacy Guy rings up a prescription and hands it to me. I check- its for the nursing home in Kimberling City. I start to have this faint hope that maybe they were wrong, and I really do get to just go to Kimberling City—the whole Crane thing was just one big evil joke. Well, about that time, Monica calls the pharmacy and tells them that they gave her the one that’s supposed to go to Crane. We arrange to meet up and swap. Do I even need to point out how scary the fact that the pharmacy people MIXED UP prescriptions IS? Just because we work for the same company? Dude, you could KILL someone doing that!

My new fear of ever getting prescriptions again aside, I drove rather peacefully up to Nixa for my bank run. Peacefully, except for the fact that I had a major brownie craving. I have decided that there is this sort of embodiment of PMS that live in me. I have named her Beth. I think of her kind of like those Hawaiian fire gods that you have to keep happy, or they wreak havoc. Today, while I was driving to Nixa, Beth wanted brownies. I promised her brownies, and drove to Braum’s, since it was right across the street, and found some brownies. I got to the checkout counter and found out that I had left my debit card at home. Not only did this mean that I couldn’t have brownies, but it meant that the quarter tank of gas I had left had better make it all the way to Crane and back home, because I had no cash. I think I got very, very lucky here, since I actually made it. Whew! (And does anyone else agree that the fact that I have named my PMS persona and have started bargaining with her shows just how lonely I am driving 200 miles a day by myself?) Ten miles or so down one of the narrow two-lane country roads, it started to rain. No, it started to RAIN. The view out my windshield looked like an impressionist painting. No, it looked like an impressionistic painting that had been RAINED on. It was that kind of rain. The kind where each rain drop hits your windshield and SPLATS into a puddle the size of a golf-ball. That kind of rain. So, I’m driving along at about 25, squinting, cursing the fact that I even have to be driving out this way, when I start to have the imaginary conversation with 911 in my head. “Hi, my car slid off the road because of the rain.. I’m okay but my car is ruined, I’m stuck here”. I made the voice in my head shut up, and continued driving, with the weather alternating between perfectly clear and patches of aforementioned RAIN. I finally made it to the nursing home, which I may add is like finding a needle in a haystack, so its lucky I remembered how to get there, and started for home. I got to almost the exact area where I’d had the imaginary 911 call earlier, and saw a police car. Then I noticed the ambulance next to it. Then I saw the truck that had slid off the road and was now lodged in the side of a hill. The guy in the truck looked fine, but the truck didn’t look so good at all. It was a bit creepy.

On a completely different topic, I had a dream last night that I was best friends with Drew Barrymore, and we entered this singing contest somewhere, and she told the judge that her name was Pear, because she didn’t want anyone to know who she was. We found the name “Pear” really funny. I promise not to eat pickles before I sleep tonight. Well, maybe not.

The whole Virginia Road Trip Extravaganza is still up in the air. Will I go or not? Stay tuned, folks.

I rarely discuss my Sims here, but I just had to share this. I have a new house, and one of the chicks that lives there’s name is Caroline. She just hit the highest level of the medical profession, and was outside star-gazing, when she was abducted by aliens. When she was returned a day later, her personality had been flipped to the exact opposite, which seems to be the specialty of aliens in the Sim world. I decided it was no big deal, and bought a chemistry set, thinking she could simply make the potion that causes your personality to flip, and things would go back to normal. Well, the first potion she made caused Heath Ledger to fall in love with her (Okay, so it wasn’t THAT bad of a day for her!) The second one created an evil clone of her, which went around her house slapping and insulting her roommates for six hours. Charming. The third potion turned her invisible. I decided that was all the torture I could take for one day, and decided to get back to it later. Poor Caroline. At least she got Heath out of the deal, which is really a pretty good deal.

And how have I not mentioned that Kelly won American Idol yet? I am so very, very happy about this- Kelly rocks my world. I don’t even know what else to say, other than YAY!

I’ve spent all of my free time in the past 24 or so hours reading web journals I’ve never read before. It started when I visited someone’s link page, and then the link page of someone they linked to, and so forth. I’m having a blast, and I’ll probably be adding some new links to my sidebar soon.

Funniest moment in kitten raising history: Today, Tallulah discovered toilets. I left her alone for a few minutes, and came back to find her batting at the water with her paw, and then drinking from the toilet. She was THIS close to falling in. I got two good pictures. I love my kitten.

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