Friday, September 27, 2002

Just what the doctor ordered... or ordered against

Today is Friday. Lets take a moment and absorb the full weight of that glorious statement. Today Is Friday. Friday is most usually followed by Saturday and Sunday, which are also known as “Days off”. I dig days off, don’t you?

I have a disgustingly long To Do list, but its out in my car, so I guess it can wait. I have about an hour before I have to get ready for work, which I plan to spend online catching up on journals and such, and then finish up “A Walk in the Woods”, so I can return it tomorrow. I have my painfully boring bank run at 1:30, and am almost tempted to burn a new cd for it, except that I think I’m out of CD-RW’s, and I really hate using CD-R’s, because I tire of any given cd in about a week, and it’s a pain to be left with all these cd’s I cant rewrite and am sick of. I’ll probably do it anyway, though. In fact, here’s what’s going to go on it, since I know you’re dying to know.

Only Hope-Mandy Moore (Walk to Remember Soundtrack)

Only Hope- Switchfoot (Walk to Remember Soundtrack- its such a good song, I need both versions)

Someday We’ll Know- Mandy Moore & Jonathan Foreman (Walk to Remember Soundtrack)

Cry-Mandy Moore-Walk to Remember soundtrack (Hey, it’s a good soundtrack!)

Life is a Highway-Tom Cochrane

Light in your Eyes- Nick Carter

Drops of Jupiter-Train

Steve McQueen-Sheryl Crow


Elephant Love Medly-Moulin Rouge

That’s What She Said-Brian Litrell

The Lady is a Tramp-Frank Sinatra

I need a few more songs. I think I’ll wait and burn it this weekend, so that I’ll have it for next week. I can live with what I have for today, especially because I just got a call saying I don’t have to do Kryger today! I really do need the money, but some days, a few hours of free time is priceless.

The weather is absolutely beautiful today, so unless I can talk Susie into going riding, I think I’ll go walk another 5k. I have other possible vacation shoes that need to be tested, and I’ve been utterly lazy lately, so getting out and moving a bit will be good for me. Being so stagnant almost makes me miss having a job where I was always moving, although my current job is definitely better for me than the one where I sat in the condo and watched tv while eating cookies. Damn I miss that job. I would kill to get to do that for the next couple of months—I could even do it while still working for Executive, and it wouldn’t be that much different from my current daily routine, other than the hours I’d have to be awake at.

Tonight really needs to be writing night. I haven’t written much of anything in a really long time, and I need to wake my brain up. Keep your fingers crossed that I can get something good out of the effort. What’s most likely to happen this evening, of course, is that after I stop by Cox to return the cooler I borrowed from them a few days ago, I’ll go to BN and settle down with several books, and stay there until dark. I don’t even know if I’ll be doing Kryger tonight, they often don’t need me on Friday’s, so if I don’t, I’ll really have to make the most of the extra time I’ll have to myself.

So have I mentioned how financially screwed I am for this vacation? The main problem is that my silly premium annual pass is about $500. I have to get a premium this time, because an AP to Pleasure Island (which is included) would otherwise be $50, and the extra $50 is worth it for ap’s to Disney Quest and all the water parks. I hardly ever go to DQ, but two visits would make it worthwhile.

I have to tell you something completely remarkable. Today, I stopped at Taco Bell while I was working, and got a quesadilla, and had a sudden urge for cinnamon twists, so I ordered some of those too. Well, they were out of cinnamon twists, so they had to fry up a new batch (eww, I detest admitting that anything I eat had to be fried). Well, apparently the manager felt really bad that I had to wait, so he gave me a cup for a free drink, and pointed me towards the soda machine. I started to get water, but the little devil on my shoulder persuaded me, and I got Dr. Pepper. I felt completely scandalous. You have to understand that I haven’t had soda in about a year and a half. None. When something makes your throat close up and you have issues with not being able to breathe, it makes it a lot easier to give it up. I took one tiny sip in the parking lot, and oh man, I was in bliss. I had forgotten how good it was. Over the next couple of hours, I think I drank a total of about five sips, as I started feeling it in my throat after the first few, but I was still pretty excited about the fact that I actually drank soda. Monumental, I tell you. The next thing you know, I’ll be eating a cheeseburger or something.

So, while I was driving, I was thinking a lot about soda. Have you noticed how HUGE the drinks at fast food places are now? I had what was considered a “medium”, and I guess it may have looked disproportianatly huge to me, since it was more soda than I have consumed in about two years, but really, when did we start getting such big drinks? The normal “Large” drink on the taco bell menu is 44 ounces. That’s a lake! And yet, when you order water, they give you the smallest possible glass. That is very frustrating! If anything, they should be promoting the beverage that is actually good for you by handing out the big 44 ounce size when you order water, and keeping the soda sizes more conservative. Okay, so maybe I thought about soda a little too much today.

As you may have guessed, when I found out I didn’t have to do Kryger, my mind was pretty much made up. After my bank run, I drove up to BN in Springfield. I had written down a few books from my wishlist, but the ones I found didn’t seem as interesting in person, and the ones I couldn’t find were many. I finally settled down with something from the “New in Paperback!” table which sounded really good on the back, but I only made it through the first chapter of. Its funny how some days I walk into that store, and could easily come out carrying a small library if I only had the cash, and other days I walk in and can’t find a thing to interest me.

I came home and watched some of the 3rd season of Sex & the City; thanks to Netflix, I am slowly catching up. Oh, my kingdom for HBO! Then I finished “A Walk in the Woods”, and spent some time reading another book that’s due tomorrow that I probably won’t finish in time. Just once, I’d like to finish something early.

But wait! I actually am! You may want to sit down for this one: I am sending in my car payment on time this month. How cool is THAT? I am pretty impressed, myself. My last check ended up being about $70 more than I expected, so I actually have money in the bank, and am sending the car people a check tomorrow. Me! On time! What a concept! I’ll probably jinx things by admitting it, but I think most of my other bills will be on time this month too! What’s the world coming to? Soda and an on-time car payment, all at once. Sometimes, I don’t even recognize myself ;)

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