Friday, September 06, 2002

My heavens, what a day. I’m currently kind of afraid that some random meteor is going to crash through my bedroom roof or something, its been that sort of day, and I’ve somehow managed to avoid getting hurt thus far.

First, as I was getting ready for work, my mom was chopping vegetables, and cut two fingers with the knife. They were bleeding like crazy, and a big chunk of skin was flapping on one. In a word, eww. However, being the only one who knows anything about medical stuff around here, I ended up with the lovely job of wrapping them. I did a beautiful job, if I do say so myself, but it was very icky. I offered to drive her to the ER, but she declined.

Well, life went on as usual, and after work, I met up with Monica to go ride with Susie and Becka. Monica was planning on trading her stupid idiot stud Tonto (the one who kicked the horse while we were team penning and bit my sweet little horse Emmett), for Susie’s pereuvian gelding, whose name starts with a C, and I cant remember, so we will call him C. So, Susie was riding Tonto to be sure she liked him, Monica was on C to be sure she liked him, Becaka was riding Susie’s mare Thumper, and I was on my super-horse Emmett. After a while we came to a field and had fun running around in it, but Monica was having a lot of trouble with C. Later on, Becka offered to switch horses with Monica, since she has a lot of experience with gaited horses. About an hour and a half down the trail, we decided to turn around and go back. We’d hardly gone any distance at all when Tonto suddenly kicked at C, and hit Becka’s knee with his hoof in the process. Becka got off and sat on the side of the trail in unbelievable pain, and her knee started to swell in no time. Since there was no way she would be able to ride back (We were a good 7-10 miles away), Susie rode back as quick as she could to get the car. Monica and I did our best to make Becka comfortable, taking off Emmett’s saddle pad and rolling it up under her leg for support. Susie got back in the truck with Brent, who drove Becka to the ER while the rest of us rode back (in the dark! I could barely see where I was going). We met up at the ER, and eventually found out that Becka had a fracture. I feel so bad for the poor girl! She handled it all so much better than I would have. They don’t think she will need surgery, but its still a possibility. She gets a cast and crutches and such, and is supposed to stay off of it for a while. Since Tonto and Emmett were sitting in the trailer in the hospital parking lot, we left soon after Becka got back from x-ray. So, I just got home at 11pm, since we had to go drop Em off, and then go drop Tonto off, and then go back and get my car at Monica’s. The particularly fun part was that Monica decided I got to walk Em back to his pasture by myself, so she could keep an eye on Tonto. Keep in mind that it was pitch black, so all I had was starlight, and about a quarter of a mile to walk, a cattleguard to avoid stepping in, and a gate to manage to latch and unlatch. That was all kinds of fun. I am one tired girl. The sad part is that otherwise, it would have been a really nice ride- the weather was perfect and my horse was behaving for once! Must ride again soon!

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