Sunday, September 22, 2002

Seduce me, Obi Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope!

I havent written an actual entry in a really, really long time. The thoughts that would normally go into one are still going through my mind, but it seems that the second I open up Word to put them down, my brain goes dead and the only thoughts are “Ummmmmm…. Two?” Right now, for instance, I typed exactly one sentence, and then became fascinated by my fingernail. This is my current state of attention.

Yesterday, my sister and 3 of her 4 kids came down (DK, Alexandra, and Hannah). First I took them out to see Emmett, and Hannah (the youngest at 5) was the only one brave enough to get on his back. Of course, the minute he moved, she freaked out and wanted off, but then she wanted back on. My kind of girl. We went home and had pizza, and then set off to IMAX to see Star Wars Ep. II. I’ve obviously seen it before, but they hadn’t, and DK loves star wars, so I considered it a crime that he hadn’t. The tickets were expensive at $7.50 (At the other local theater, $5 buys you drink, popcorn, and ticket), but they used most of the 13-story IMAX screen, and let me tell you, I’ll pay $7.50 for a 10-story tall soaking wet ass-kicking Ewan McGregor any day!!! Have I mentioned that Ewan is the epitome of sexyness in this movie?

I went riding out at Susie’s a few times last week, and never got around to writing about it. I rode a new Peruvian Paso mare she has named Valley, who I adore. Every time we would set out on a “short ride”, we would get so caught up in riding and talking that it would be dark before we remembered we should turn around and go back. This obviously led to a few hours of riding in the dark. Riding through the woods in darkness can be a bit unnerving at first, when you’re certain that a big black bear is lurking behind every tree, waiting to pounce on you. However, after a while you relax. I relaxed a bit more than I probably should have once—I fell asleep on Valley’s back. That was great J I ride with my eyes closed quite often, concentrating on the movement of the horse beneath me. I was doing that when I nodded off for a minute. Heehee. A phrase kept going through my mind from a book I’d read the week before – “He was as comfortable in the saddle as another man might be in a recliner”. That was me. I really am more comfortable on horseback than just about anywhere else. Maybe I should set my spare saddle up on a rack in front of my computer and just sit in it to type instead of my chair. Hey, it’s a possibility ;)

My excitement for my upcoming Disney trip is escalating, but so is my nervousness over my financial situation. I currently have enough money (and by “money”, I mean “available credit”) to pay for two days more than the two I’ve paid for (damn this new math, I think that means 4). And as happy as I’ll be just to get away from life for four days and be there, I really have my heart set on 12. Six nights in my beloved Polynesian is right up there with the 10-story tall handcuffed Ewan. (and that’s saying something!) I really thought I’d be doing better financially by now than I am- that I’d be able to tuck a little back from each paycheck, and have plenty of cash by the time Nov. 9 rolled around. Sadly, things aren’t working out that way, and I’m going crazy not knowing. I have two friends left on my List of People to Invite, but I really really really don’t think either one will come.

With all of that in mind, I am almost.. almost tempted to cancel my November trip, and go to Dis-Con in December instead. I’m sure that someone attending alone would want to split a room, and we have a $129/nt rate at the Swan. However, registration is like $225. And I wouldn’t get to see Nate in November. And I could be even poorer by December. But seeing all the DIS people would be fun… I’m torn. What would you do? I mean.. the Swan isn’t exactly my first choice of hotels, and I’d really miss my beloved Poly and DxL, but its not so bad, right? You can walk to Epcot and MGM, that’s gotta count for something!

Or maybe I’ll just win the lottery, and the whole matter would be solved. Um, someone loan me $1 for a ticket?

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