Monday, September 23, 2002

We are the champions

Last night, the weather was beautiful, and I got the urge to go out and walk. Having to find some more motivation than that, I decided it would be a good time to test some of my walking shoes, to see if they would be comfortable enough to wear when I go to Florida (I average like 12 miles a day there. Ouch). So, I took my hair out of my Boo pigtails (I had just watched Monsters Inc, and we all know how impressionable I am) and got all comfy in some workout clothes. On the way over, I started thinking about how the author of Funny the World had done that 3 mile AIDS walk today, and decided I’d do 3 miles too. Frankly, I didn’t think I’d make it past 2 since I haven’t walked farther than from here to my car in ages, but I actually made it to 3 miles.

Guess what the very best part of today was? I finally found THE journal! (to simply call it “a” journal would completely underscore the search that went into finding it) Its quite different from what I had in mind (unlined, not spiral bound, plain leather cover which I wanted, vs. turquoise blue van gogh painting on the cover, spiral, and lined, which is what it is) but when I picked it up, I knew it had the right soul, and that is the most important part. I also found one almost like it, but larger and with Starry Night on the cover. I’m going to use this one as my quote/lyric journal. Yay.

Tonight I decided to satisfy my Heath Ledger cravings by renting A Knight’s Tale again. In a word, yum.

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