Friday, September 27, 2002

Where in Heaven’s name are we going to find someone to read the role of a young, sensitive Swiss poet/goat herder?

Do you have a movie that you put on when you’re bored, just for background noise? My movie for that these days is Moulin Rouge. The only problem is that I put it on just to have a break from silence, and next thing you know I make the mistake of glancing at the TV, and I’m captivated by Ewan’s eyes. I should warn you now that since I’m watching it while I write, I’ll probably babble on about it quite a bit. You’ve been warned.

I’m almost finished with Bill Bryson’s “A Walk in the Woods”, which I’ve been thoroughly enjoying. Last night, it mentioned a city in Georgia called Tallulah Falls. I think Lula and I should move there, don’t you? Back on the subject of Moulin Rouge, did you know that Tallulah’s name was going to be Toulouse if she was a boy? (technically, it was going to be Henri Marie Raymond Toulouse-Lautrec Monfa. Instead, she is Tallulah Jane Lautrec. For now. You know, Tallulah Jane Lautrec McGregor has a nice ring.) Either way, she gets called “Tallu”.

I got my film back today, and it had tons of pictures I’d forgotten taking. There are quite a few of me with the little turtle that I had for a day a few months ago, a few from when Christa, Brandon, and I went to Silver dollar city this summer, some kitten pictures of Cassie and Lula, and the most recent- Lula drinking out of the toilet. I absolutely have to scan that one ASAP.

I think I can probably recite half of this movie by heart now. I want to meet the writers. “Right then, an unconscious Argentinian fell through my roof”. I want to say that some day.

Did you notice that I have started giving my entries titles again? This amuses me, we shall see how long it lasts!

Did you know that I occasionally find myself singing “The hills animate! With the euphonic symphonies of descant!” Must stop watching this movie.

Oh my gosh. You have not lived until you have watched your favorite movie with the subtitles on. While everyone is arguing about the Sound of Music lyrics, Satee randomly says “Frank is living in my foot”. The hell? This is my new favorite line in the movie. Well, that and “He’s got a huge…talent!” (If you’ve seen any of Ewan’s earlier movies, then you’ve seen him naked, and you really appreciate this line. Ahem.)

Have you seen the new season of The Real World? Oh my. There always seems to be one person from the cast that I identify with, and at first I thought it was going to be the chick from Louisiana. Then she hooked up with that one guy on the first show, and had a threesome with her roommates in the second. Perhaps I was wrong.

My second favorite dancer in Moulin Rouge is Short Guy. I don’t know his name, but he’s about a foot shorter than all the male dancers. Watch for him in the “Like a Virgin” scene. He is so much fun to watch on the bonus dvd dance section. I love my Short Guy! I am thrilled that they cast him because so many times, a dancer wont be cast because they want them all to be similar in size/height. You go, short guy! My favorite dancer is of course, Caroline O’Connor.

There is nothing in the world cuter than Ewan dancing around with a pink umbrella.

Nicole’s eyebrows are scary in this movie. That annoys me to no end. Frankly, Nicole is kinda scary in this movie. I’d like to see it with someone else in her part, but I doubt Baz would do that for me, do you? Kate Winslet could totally pull it off. I’m not sure who else though. She just seems like she’s concentrating on trying to be sexy most of the time, instead of reacting to what’s going on around her. And various other annoyances.

This entry is turning into a really odd movie review. Oh well. While I’m at it, Richard Roxburgh (The Duke) is the coolest guy. Zeidler’s hair is so funkily colored, I’d pay to watch the dye job that caused it. I am amused by the fact that the Unconscious Argentenian has no name. And that in the scene where they are partying on the roof, when he is trying to seduce one of the dancers, he says “You are a beautiful woman. I love sex”. I giggle every time. I want to live in the Elephant. Except they tore it down to make room for Star Wars sets, since they were filming there next. I love Toulouse’s character- I love when movies take obscure historical figures and give them life, so they are no longer just another name in the history books.

Why does Christian with a beard look nothing like Obi Wan with a beard? This fascinates me. That and the fact that Ewan can actually pull of having a beard and still be unspeakably sexy.

I never noticed the duke stomping the frog to death until the commentary pointed it out. Now it cracks me up every time. Watch for it! Also unspeakably sexy- Shirtless Ewan sitting in bed during Come What May montage. Yummy.

I have gotten nowhere in my vet stuff lately. I still have pharmacology, radiation 1 and 2, principles and instrumentation of aseptic procedure, and something else to do before I go on to my 3 electives. To keep on schedule, I need to finish all of these by the second week of October. Yuck.

I have been trying to decide for the last week or so wether I would keep my November reservations for my vacation, or postpone it until December so I could attend Dis-con. I was on the fence—in November I’d have Nate, in December I’d have a hundred or so Dis-ers. In November I’d have the food and wine festival, in December I’d have all the dis-con mini meets, a lot of which sounded like a lot of fun. I had finally started leaning towards December, so I emailed my travel agent to check availability for then, and I got an email back from her today stating that the only thing she had open was Wilderness Lodge concierge, which would be about $205/nt. This makes me sad, mostly because I didn’t get to make the decision for myself, the availability ultimately made it for me. I feel cheated, I suppose.

I only had her check availability for the Poly, Port Orelans, and WL. I suppose if I really want to go in December, I could check the other moderates, the All-Stars, or some of the other deluxe resorts, but most of the deluxes would still be out of my price range, and I really don’t want to spend my only vacation this year at the all stars (read: Motel 6 on prozac.), so I guess I really am stuck with November, which is 43 days away. I’m screwed financially, but still excited about it.

Tomorrow is Friday, which makes me very happy. I’ve been working a lot this week, and I can’t wait to have two days off. I’ve been constantly exhausted lately, it will be nice to have nothing to do. I guess what I really need is a vacation, but until then I have to make due with weekends.

Oh! In very good news, my cd player randomly started working again! I decided to test it yesterday, and lo and behold, it worked! I am very appreciative- I was getting really sick of listening to the radio. I have 6 stations that I switch back and forth between, and I swear that with all my flipping around, I’d come across both “Ordinary Day” by Vanessa Carlton and “Real World” by John Mayer at least ten times an hour each. They are good songs, but I am now very very sick of them. I really need to get some books on tape to keep me occupied while I drive- even the best of music gets repetitive. I stopped at Waldenbooks to check the price of some Harry Potter on tape—Goblet of Fire was $65! However, I found Prisoner of Azkaban on CD on Ebay, and plan on winning that for under $20. (Speaking of Azkaban, did you know Ewan might play Lupin? Hee.) OH! This also reminds me- Chamber of Secrets will be premiering while I am at WDW, and so I plan to catch the first showing at the AMC theater in Downtown Disney, even if I have to go alone. I am most excited about this.

I’m watching the tango scene now. Hooray for Caroline! And double hooray for how damn sexy Ewan is when he’s singing that “His eyes upon your face…” part.

So have I ever mentioned that I kinda like this movie? Even if it is mostly because of my Ewan obsession. Plus, you get a certain attachment to any movie you’ve seen 948754 times. It reminds me of when my friends and I used to watch the movie Fear all the time in high school- not because it was a really good movie, but because it was so much fun to make fun of. When the boyfriend would try to kill her family and such, we’d say “Aww, look how much he loves her!” Plus, it’s a very quotable movie. I need to rent it sometime and spend two hours laughing.

“Christian, you may only see me as a drunken, vice-ridden gnome, whose friends are just pimps and girls from the brothels, but I know about art and love…if only because I long for it with every fiber of my being.” (I adore this because they took this from actual letters Toulouse had written)

Zeidler’s shoes during the play rock my world.

And, as seems to be the trend lately, I came across a very disturbing listing in the closing credits:

Voice of the Green Fairy: Ozzy Osbourne

Um, WHAT? I went back and watched the green fairy scene, and its definitely Kylie singing, and the only part that I’m guessing could possibly be Ozzy is the demented scream/laugh at the end. That credit is false advertising- I want Ozzy singing the sound of music.

This has been a very long entry about nothing. Imagine that! So now I’m either going to go to bed (ha!), read some of the books I have to take back to the library Saturday, or watch Star Wars Ep. 1 for a little more Ewan action (I very much need this movie on dvd. Would someone like to buy it for me?). I have a feeling its going to be a long night.

I have to close with this quote from Monique’s journal, which completely sums up my life lately.

“There are days when I take pride in crossing things off, when I use my ten minute work breaks to run to the post office, when I wake up early and go get an oil change before work. Yes, on some days, I am a productive participant in my own life. Then there are days when I look at the list, tilt my head, blink a couple of times, and then wander off to find chocolate.”

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