Friday, October 11, 2002


If you can’t tell, I’m a bit stressed ;-) I decided to go ahead and buy my plane tickets tonight, and was pretty excited about that. I found a good rate on of $189, and life was pretty good. Well, then the website declined my credit card. I tried again- declined again. I called American Express to see what was up. The lady I talked to had a VERY heavy accent, but I managed to find out that the primary card holder (my dear mother) had canceled my card. (Mine is under hers—apparently AmEx is smart enough not to approve people like me, so I had to be one of those “additional card for..” people)

Well, I decided to grab mom and call back, since they needed to have her approve it, and I was hoping for someone who I could understand. I got a different lady this time, with, if possible, even MORE of an accent, and who seemed to be having almost as much trouble understanding me as I did her. She finally said that because my card was less than a year old, I’d have to call a different number to get it activated. I wrote down the number she gave me, and even read it back to her to make sure I hadn’t misunderstood it. Well, when I called, it was the pay by phone number. I pushed 0 to talk to a person, and the guy informed me that “This is the pay by phone department, we don’t cover that sort of thing.” No offer to connect me to someone else, or another number, or anything. Ick. Well, very hesitantly, I called Customer Service again, and got a lady with a different accent, but who spoke clearly enough to understand. Yay! She activated my card for me, and there was much rejoicing. Well, then I went back to hotwire to buy my tickets, and it still declined my card. I think I’m going to give up for tonight, and try again tomorrow. The only problem is that with Hotwire, you cant do the same search more than once every 48 hours, so I will have to either find equally cheap tickets elsewhere, or wait till Saturday night. YUCK.

So, there’s my whiny entry for now. If this is the worst problem I have regarding trip planning, I guess life isn’t so bad. I am not particularly thrilled with mom for canceling the card that I am relying on to pay for like 70% of my trip, and not actually mentioning this to me. I am more than a little worried that I wont get it straightened out in time. I think right now I’m just too mentally exhausted to deal with it. Perhaps someday I will actually have enough money to pay cash for a vacation, and not have to deal with this stuff anymore.

On a more amusing note.. today Susie called me right as I was pulling into the gas station to fill up (an every-other-day occurrence, thanks to work). Apparently you aren’t supposed to use cell phones while you fill your tank, so I was finishing the conversation standing next to the gas pump. Well, years of riding and riding lessons have given me the habit of stretching my calf muscles any time I get a chance—you know when you stand on the edge of a ledge like a staircase or something, with your heels hanging over the edge, and just let your weight stretch the muscles? Its hard to describe, but anyway- I was doing that out of habit, standing on the little ledge around the gas pump. Well, apparently my shoes were slippery, because instead of stretching, I slid right off, and slammed into the gas pump on my way down. Being metal, the pump made a loud noise as I crashed into it. I’m not sure if anyone saw, but I felt pretty stupid, and I’m hard to embarrass.

When I went in to pay, I got into a conversation with the guys working there, who had been sitting there admiring my car. I couldn’t help but wonder if they had seen my lovely display of grace while they were looking at it, but they didn’t mention it if they did. On the way out, I overheard the lady at the next pump saying “When someone says ‘Hey, what’s up?’, they mean ‘Hey, what’s up?’”, and the person with her agreeing as if this was some profound statement. I sure wish I could have heard the rest of that conversation.

Despite my credit card issues, I’m still way excited about trip planning. I spent most of my free time today reading trip reports over on the dis boards. There is nothing like a well-written trip report to really get me in the mood. Here is some of the stuff I still need to do before I go:

*Buy plane tickets (Was going to be accomplished tonight, but we see how that worked out)

*Reserve All Star Music Resort for the first night of my trip (Affectinatly known to me as the Disney Ghetto Hotel. Its not bad by any means, but All Stars are the “value” resorts, so being a Deluxe Resort girl at heart, its in my job description to make fun of anything without a monorail)

*Make reservations for “Undiscovered Future World” tour at Epcot. Maybe. Or make reservations for “Wild By Design” at Animal Kingdom, or “Undiscovered World Showcase”.

*Decide which backstage tour to take, dammit. (See above)

*Buy rechargeable batteries and battery charger

*Find out what Nate’s itinerary is, and plan my own accordingly

*Decide if I want Priority Seatings for any of my meals, and make them if necessary

*Finish making new pockets for my PassPorter. (I was just going to order new ones, but they are $6 and shipping is like $7, so I decided to try making my own. You should still turn to PassPorter for all your Disney guidebook needs, though, as they are quite lovely.) (If I promote it enough, will you guys buy me a drink next time, Jennifer & Dave?

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