Sunday, October 13, 2002

I almost went to bed without an entry today, but managed to come up some energy at the last minute. Lets see how long I last.

My mom came home from work about a half hour after she had gotten there, so I knew something was up. It turned out that her oldest brother had died, so the mood around here has been pretty somber all day. Its always hard to know what to do in a situation where you know someone is taking something really hard, but I could tell she mostly wanted to be alone, so I gave her that. My dad, on the other hand, ranted about how incompetent he thinks his lawyer is, as he does on a daily basis.

On a much brighter note, this morning as I was getting ready to get in the shower, I realized I needed to call AmEx again before mom went to work. So, wearing a towel (Yeah, we’re talking RIGHT as I was getting ready to get in the shower), I dialed them up for the fifty millionth time, and about fainted—the guy I ended up talking to spoke perfectly clearly. I was in shock. When I handed the phone to mom, she absolutely cracked me up by exclaiming “WOW! Someone who speaks English!”. You have to know how quiet my mom is to get how unbelievably funny this was. I totally don’t mean to be demeaning towards the other people we had spoken with, but don’t you think that if you are hiring someone who will be doing customer service over the PHONE, particularly about something people are as sensitive about as their credit cards, that they should at least be able to speak clearly enough for people to understand them?

Anyway, Guy We Could Understand got all the usual info, and lo and behold, unless this is just another false alarm, I shall have my shiny new AmEx card in 7-10 days. This means I’ll be getting it 2-3 weeks before I leave. Which means that if it doesn’t arrive on schedule, I am going to be very, very screwed and go into total panic mode.

I am getting giddy at how close to vacation I am. I swear, planning is more than half the fun for me. There is no reason any human being should be as excited as I am to buy travel-sized toothpaste tomorrow.

And yes, I know I have been babbling about this upcoming trip for days now, but just be glad you aren’t my boss Lou last year, who got to hear EVERY single morning- “Morning, Lou! 76 days till Florida!” (Um, obviously substituting the right number. I think I actually started at something like 128, though.) Vacation is serious business around here.

However, just for the sake of complete contradiction, I should point out here that the only think I know about my Vegas Birthday trip is that a) it will be at some point during/after my birthday, b) it will be in Vegas, and c) we’ve decided on something like 3 or 4 days. My theory on this is that Vegas is Vegas!! (And when someone says “Hey, what’s up?”…) Vegas doesn’t require the planning that Disney does. People don’t make breakfast reservations at 6am exactly 60 days before for Vegas. There are no parade times to learn or fireworks viewing spots to know, or at least if there are, I’m blissfully ignorant. I suppose the thing is that if I miss out on dining at a restaurant with the best breadsticks in the world while I’m there, I’ll never miss it. On the other hand, if I don’t get my Canadian Cheddar Cheese Soup with Pretzel bread from Epcot, I very well may cry. Mmmm, Le Cellier cheese soup… only 30 days away….

I still haven’t managed to get over to Pat’s house to pay for the retreat next weekend. I really want to go- one of the NSD’s speaking makes $50,000-$80,000 a MONTH, and the others are equally interesting, but I guess I won’t be broken hearted if I can’t go, or else I would have gotten my bootie over to Pat’s already. I will call her secretary Monday morning and see if I can pay then, since I have no bank run on Monday (YAY, government holidays!). I did buy a cute black skirt for the retreat, so it will be a shame if I don’t get to use it.

I got the fall Pottery Barn catalogs in the mail today, and as usual, I would like one of everything, please. I’m getting a very good idea of exactly how I want The Apartment to look. Daybed in the living room instead of a sofa, since I’ll probably end up sleeping there most of the time anyway, bookshelves covering the wall behind said daybed, sheer curtains, etc. All I need is a billion dollars for furniture and a house to put them in, and I will be in business, baby!

Speaking of which, the Great E-Bay Search for Fun Kitchen Stuff continues. I found dinner plates exactly like some of the ones we have today (For $1.99! Woohoo!), but am yet to find anything so undeniably cute that I have to buy it. We’re looking for camel-shaped salt shakers, plates with hotel logos, etc. If you get bored and want to browse ebay for me, go ahead, and I’ll love ya for it. Anyone who can find me the pac-man glasses that Pizza Hut gave away in the 80’s wins my undying love. Find me any of the stuff that I will see once again in WDW and have to pass up because its too expensive, and I will love you even more.

Tallulah played in my bathtub for at least ten minutes today (No water in the tub, just the faucet on really low. She drinks it like a water fountain, then attacks it, then splashes it…). Then she stole the plug out of my bathroom sink and tried to carry it off. She finally had to go back outside when mom walked in the kitchen only to find Lula in the kitchen sink. I think we’ve created a monster.

I have something that I very much need to discuss with Kel, but she hasn’t been around in ages. I could discuss it here, but I’m just not up to that. I somewhat envy the journalers who are able to write about absolutely everything in their lives, but I’m nowhere near that point. Just saying that there is something bothering me takes some weight off my shoulders, at least. And no, please don’t IM me and ask, because unless your name is Kelly and you have found yourself holding a beer from the floor, chances are I’m not going to discuss it. I still love you though.

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