Saturday, October 12, 2002

I have such admiration and envy for journalers like Bev, who manage to post articulate, funny, interesting entries every day. Every single day! How do they do it? I have much to learn. They really need to teach this stuff somewhere.

I am very sweaty. For some reason, I finally got in the mood to do some form of exercise tonight. At first I was leaning towards yoga, because heaven knows my muscles could use some stretching, but decided on belly dance at the last minute. That ended up being perfect- I feel worked out without feeling like the video kicked my ass. When I want a good old fashioned ass kicking, I turn to Buns of Steel. I love that video in ways words just can’t describe. Probably because I haven’t done it in over a year. I did the Basic Dance video tonight (I have Basic Dance & Beyond Basic Dance). I’m actually getting better at it, and I set up a mirror by my tv tonight so I could see how the movements looked. Being able to watch yourself is priceless, in two ways. First, you can see how what you think you’re doing differs from what you’re actually doing, and second, if you’re me at least, you get to watch yourself flop around like a drowning earthworm trying to look graceful. (Not my best simile ever, I know, but that’s what came to mind. Maybe they also need to teach “descriptive figures of speech” along with “Writing Good Stuff Every Day”)

Veena and Neena live in my dvd player, but I just found out they teach classes in LA, so now I have to move there.

One thing I am really looking forward to about my Disney trip (just one?) is that in Morocco in the world showcase in Epcot, they have a belly dancing chick. I promise I will not swoon, as she is about eight million times better than I am. But don’t think I won’t video tape it and try to do what she did when I get home. I want to buy one of those scarves with the little metal coins that you tie around your hips, too- the kind that makes fun noises when you shake your hips. I remember them being in one of the stores in Morocco the last time I was there, so they are on my Must Buy list this time. (Keep in mind that my souvineer budget for this trip is like, $2, so they better be cheap!). I adore the Morocco pavilion, if you can’t tell. It’s the only one in Epcot that is actually sponsored by the country itself. Apparently when the World Showcase was being built, they origionally planned on including one pavilion to cover pretty much all of Africa. Well, funding fell through, or something like that, and when the King of Morocco heard about it, he sent some of his people over to create a pavilion of Morocco. I adore it. It is set up to portray the cities of Fez, Marrakesh, and Casablanca. If you read my journal last year, you will know that I met a cute Moroccan guy whose name was Ali. He said he would take me to Morocco to see the camels. Think I can still hold him to this? Oh! And they have henna tattoos there, too! In the pavilion, that is! They are like $40, but I have already put one into my budget. YAY! I am way, way excited about the henna tattoo.

And yes, I am the same girl who wrote that big long post a few months ago when Pat, my NSD, got back from Morocco, where I ranted about how few rights women have there, and how screwed up the status quo was, etc. etc. etc. So, they have some stuff to work on, but a place with henna tattoos and belly dancing and camels and guys named Ali? I’m so there.

One update on the vacation panic/AmEx struggle- After the lady said she had re-activated my card last night, and it still didn’t work, I decided I would just call back today. Well, the guy I talked to said that my card was no longer good, and I would have to get a new one. For that, he needed the security number off mom’s card, since my account is under hers. My mother, being related to me and all, obviously hadn’t seen her AmEx card since about two years go, so she’s in the process of searching for it. Luckily, once we find it, my new card will be here in about a week. That still puts me way closer to my deadline than I’d like, but it will still be soon enough to pay the deposit on my Disney Ghetto Hotel room, and book a flight without paying too much.

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