Monday, October 07, 2002

Me: You know, maybe its true that birthdays get better as you get older. I mean, I spent my 20th birthday at Disney World, and I'm celebrating my 21st in Vegas. Man, where am I going to go for my 22nd?

Mom: Probably Hell.

(This would be the part where Crystal falls on the floor laughing)

I was just caught quite unaware, thanks to Kymm’s entry, that I will soon have to abandon sandals due to the declining temperatures, and once again have to Now, don’t get me wrong, I love shoes, in a very Carrie-on-Sex & the City-way… they are prized possessions! A girl can never have enough shoes. However, that doesn’t mean that I like to wear them! I would be barefoot all the time if possible, save those rare occasions when I get dressed up, in which case wearing cute shoes is fun.

Is it really wrong that I really want to buy this for Tallulah? It was mentioned over at The Usual Suspects, and it sounds like something that would be worth the money if she will actually watch it. She does dig tv. She just fell asleep on my bed watching TV, and is now laying with a paw over one eye, as if to block the light, and twitching every now and then. I wish I knew what she was dreaming about.

Tomorrow is Monday. Mondays have become, in my world, these hyper-busy run run run, no time to eat, sleep, or breathe, too much to do days. Actually, every week day has been like that lately, but as a result, bills are actually being paid not only on time, but early. My last check was over a hundred dollars more than I expected, which was very nice. Anyway, I’m doing tickets tomorrow morning, which makes me happy because its lots of fun and pays like crazy. Then I have my usual People’s Bank & Kryger runs, and then I get to drive as quickly as possible over to the MK Condo for my Mary Kay Meeting, hopefully having had enough time at some point before then to get dressed for the meeting. Mondays are fun. The funny thing is that I am not being sarcastic, I actually mean that. I am out of the house for 13 hours straight, but its still one of my favorite days. Crazy, huh?

Speaking of MK, I hope that nobody watched that “Hell on Heels” MK movie on CBS tonight. Yuck. It turns out that CBS never contacted MK Corporate offices for ANY kind of info, so the entire thing is basically made up. I recognized some quotes in there that Mary Kay actually said, but they were presented in a very different tone. I was discussing it with some other consultants, and none of us can figure out the point behind the movie. All it did was make Beauti Control look like a terrible company, and show Mary Kay Ash in a bad light. However, the company as a whole has decided not to respond, as all that would do would be to give cbs and the movie a lot of media exposure, so the general idea is to just let it pass.

I’m hoping to make my flight reservations tomorrow, which frankly scares me to death, as I still haven’t been able to set my plans in stone. I’m emailing my travel agent Carole about some hotel changes right now, and will probably plan my flight around that. In the mean time, I am FREAKING OUT. I would normally practically be packed by now, with my little list of PS numbers and OH MY GOSH I haven’t even bought updates for my passporter yet… Eep.

Do you know how many times I have actually considered just canceling this vacation and putting the money towards bills and inventory and such? But then I remember that if I DON’T get away soon, I very well may lose it, and I think about Nate cavorting around in Epcot without me, and that makes me sad. Oh, and I’m really craving a dole whip and some cheddar cheese soup, and I need new Lucky Cats and a bigger Party Buddha. So Basically, I have to go.

I have more to write, but I have to be up in seven and a half hours, and so I guess it will just have to wait.

Oh, and Kelly has been abducted by aliens. Please return her if you find her, and I will give you a cookie.

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