Wednesday, October 09, 2002

Tallulah Jane has a new hobby. If you turn the water on in the sink, she climbs in and bats the water with her paw and bites it. I think she has actually figured out how to drink it water-fountain style. Last night mom found her in my bathroom repeatedly taking out and replacing the plug in the bathroom sink. I don’t know if she is gifted or a plumber in a former life. And, um, just for clarification, aren’t cats supposed to.. dislike water? She gets her whole head soaking wet while playing, and doesn’t appear to care. I love my kitten.

My dad was watching wrestling the other night, WWE, I think. He watches it every week, but I was in the kitchen making enchiladas this time, so I was actually there to witness some of it. They had what they called the Women’s Championships, in which the first girl to strip the other one down to her bra & panties and then spank her with a paddle won. What kind of out-of-work porn writers come UP with this stuff?

Monday night, Deb and I were the only seasoned consultants at the meeting (ie non-newbies), so we got to hang out in the living room and discuss ideas, and play with the new products and such. We got on the subject of our awful memories again (Focus Factor!) and she confessed that she had a note by her computer that says “Before 10am or after 8pm”. She has no idea what this is in reference to. Woman after my own heart.

Tuesday. After dropping off my delivery at the bank, I did something unspeakable: I went to McDonalds, and got a cheeseburger and fries. I have not eaten a cheeseburger in at least a year, probably much longer. It was pretty horrible, but my body was craving meat, so it worked. Eating it brought back memories of my high school speech tournament days. We ate a lot of fast food back in those days. A lot. I kinda miss it. Then again, I got an ulcer about that same time. Maybe not so much of the missing.

I am sick. I woke up yesterday morning with my nose running and feeling awfulIt was about 60 degrees today, and very overcast, the kind of day that makes bed irresistible. I typed up most of this entry in between jobs, but was silly enough to forget to post it, so now I’m going through and changing “today’s” to yesterdays, etc. I’m somewhere between feeling better, worse, and the same today. All at once.

In terribly exciting news, I ordered new checks (I’m down to three), and new business cards last night. I got my checks from MK, so they have cute lipstick and such on them. I haven’t had business cards with my correct address on them for like a year, so I think that ordering new ones was justifiable, too.

I have to run by Pat’s office tomorrow, because apparently I’m the only one who hasn’t gotten around to paying for the retreat yet. I’m such a delinquent little beauty consultant. I wasn’t really going to go, but then I realized that not going would be stupid, since people are flying in form all over the country for these seminars, and I live 5 minutes away. Classes from people who make more in a month than I have made in my entire life are always a good thing. Maybe some of it will rub off.

I know that just a few days ago, I was whining about having to give up sandals and bare feet, but I am rediscovering the joy of boots. Did you know that I am about 6’2 in most of my boots? I have forgotten how much fun that is.

This morning, before I started feeling all sickly, it occurred to me as I was driving that it was Wednesday. At this realization, I bounced up and down in my seat and clapped. Why you ask? Because Wednesdays are free pizza days? Nope. Because world peace will come on a Wednesday? Nope. Because Wednesdays are Dawson’s Creek days, and that means Joshua Jackson. I have an addiction here. And then they go and stick him in all this sexy business attire this year and stick sexy-manly facial hair on him and its just more than I can handle. I have started taping the show. And you will use this all against me sometime in the future, won’t you? Yeah, I know.

I have 4 dvd’s out from Netflix, and I just haven’t been in a DVD kinda mood. This is very unlike me. I only have one episode of Sex & the City left to watch on my Season 3-Disk 2, and I think I’m putting it off because once I watch it, there will be no more new Sex & the City for me until Season 4 comes out on DVD. This makes me very sad –probably sadder than it should.

While I was walking through the mall today, a chick from one of those random booths selling stuff in between stores asked if I’d like to try this manicure thing. I glanced at my ghetto-looking chipped nail polish, and figured it couldn’t hurt. This woman was a Nail Goddess. Somehow, with the use of this rectangular thingey, my nail looks almost fake. It is smooth and shiny, and doesn’t look at all like something that should be attached to the same hand as all of these other nails. I must go buy this thingey, and then recruit the girl to work for me.

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