Friday, November 01, 2002

I can’t believe that I forgot to mention that I signed up for NaNoWriMo. I will be attempting to write a novel of 50,000 plus words in one month. One month! With an 8-day vacation smack dab in the middle of the month, and a trip report to write up upon returning from that, I know that actually reaching the 50,000 mark is going to be a very difficult goal. However, even if I only get around to writing 10,000 words, that’s still 10,000 words, and far more than I have been writing, so it will still be cause for rejoicing. The forums on the site are all kinds of fun. You have to be amused that the “I the myself and want to die” forum already has almost twice as many posts as the “This is going far better than I hoped’ forum.

Remember the filling that fell out of my tooth, and the consequential dentist appointment that I thought would be ever so easy- no drilling, just spackle that baby in and go! Oh, the innocence of days of yore. I managed to get an appointment at 10am on Monday, which was just perfect- late enough to not have to be up at the crack of dawn (ie 8am), and early enough that I could still work at 1:30. Well, guess what. The dentist decided that if he were to just refill the tooth, the chances of the filling just popping out again in the future were pretty good (and no, I don’t know why). He decided that what I really needed was a crown. A crown, which cost $740 vs. $200 for the filling. Oh, great joy. I asked him if he could just whack me over the head with something to knock me out insead of giving me novicane, but sadly that didn’t seem to be an option. In fact, he ended up giving me FOUR shots of novicane! Four! I hardly felt them being given, but soon the entire left half of my face, even extending partially down my neck, was very, very numb. The assistant, as last time I was there, was a girl named Amy that I had worked with at Dixie, so I got to make fun jokes along the lines of “wow, how many friends do I have that let me drool on them?” So, I now have a temporary crown, with plans to go back in on Nov. 7th to get it replaced with the permanent one. I’m STILL sore where I got the two shots in the front of my mouth (just behind my lip), but other than that its all pretty tolerable.

Thursday night Update (since I forgot to post this on Monday when I wrote it)

I started off NaNoWriMo at exactly midnight, and wrote 2199 words in my first hour. Not so shabby! If I can keep up my 2000 words a day, I will be ok!

I decided to do some fun makeup in celebration of Halloween, even though I wouldn’t be going anywhere, and was pretty sure we wouldn’t have any trick-or-treaters (we didn’t). I did some major eye makeup (think Rocky Horror), and then broke out my Halloween supplies that I picked up when they went on sale last year. I used the fake skin to make two punctures on my neck that looked like a bite, and dribbled blood down my neck below them (Gel blood ROCKS, by the way.) Then I used some cotton and a BUNCH of fake skin to make a disgusting swollen gash on my hand. I filled it with blood, and drizzled some around it. The fun part of this hideous open wound was that it was portable. I could peel it off my hand and stick it on my forehead, and suddenly resemble Massive Headwould Harry (A favorite SNL skit of days past), or I could stick it on my neck.. anywhere! I ended the night by adding a LOT more blood to my neck, and sticking it there. I took a bunch of photos, but my digital camera batteries are now dead, so those will have to wait.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. I am looking forward to being a bum. Now if I just don’t have a repeat of last weekend and end up working.

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