Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Pottering, Part 2 and randon job ramblings

Just when you thought it was safe to come back to I W T H (My mofo word processor keeps changing that to WITH if I don’t put spaces in.), I’m back with more babbling about the Chamber of Secrets movie. I humbly apologize to those of you who don’t know the difference between Hogwarts and Hogsmeade and really don’t care, but I’m apparently back into full-on opinionated mode (Thank GOD!), so I have lots of stuff to talk about. I knew when I wrote the first entry about the movie that I’d probably remember more that I would want to add, but I really didn’t expect another entry.

Again, I’m putting the spoiler sorts of things in white text so that they are a bit easier to not read if you don’t want to. I forgot that my background is no longer white, so I know that they don’t blend in perfectly, but it’s the best I can do until they come up with cloud-colored writing.

Oh, on that subject, does anyone have any really snazzy photos of some dark stormy clouds, or neat lighting behind clouds around twilight? If you could send me some (I have a new design in the works) I would think you were swell.

And without further ado, more Pottering.

First of all, I found it kind of interesting that while they did follow the storyline about the attacker being after Muggle-born wizards, they totally left out the part about Squibs. That makes me kind of sad, because I think that the scene where Harry finds Filch’s letter for the class on basic magic, it adds a lot to Filch’s character. Also, by skipping the scene where Justin tells Harry that his parents are Muggles, it makes the fact that the snake goes after Justin, and Harry’s supposed attack on him seem much more random. I know we have time constraints here, but I think it would have helped if they had clarified all of this a bit more, don’t you?

I absolutely love how sick Ron looks in the whole scene where he is burping up slugs. He’s green! Lovely acting. However, in the book, he’s burping up dozens of them, while in the movie, its just one at a time. How sad. I think his expressions and acting make up for it though.

Another change I noticed between book and movie is that in the book, Harry sees the Snitch above Malfoy, zooms over and grabs it. End of game. In the movie, for obvious excitement purposes, instead of catching it there, a really long chase begins, with Malfoy and Harry neck-in-neck and being followed by the bludger the whole time. Yeah, more exciting cinematically, but I like how silly it made Malfoy look when it was right next to him and he didn’t even notice.

No fight between Mr. Weasley and Lucious Malfoy in the book store! What up with THAT? I mean really, we have basillik eyes being poked out by a phoenix later on, and all sorts of blood and gore, a little bookstore violence isn’t going to kill us. I wanted to see them fight! I think I really just wanted to see Malfoy get his hair all messed up. Sigh.

Hermione asking McGonnagal about the Chamber of Secrets just doesn’t make sense. Sure, it let them combine the transfiguration scene (I liked turning the animals into water goblets better than the book version of bunnies into slippers, I think, although that would have been fun too. Scabbers the Goblet made me giggle though.) with the whole exposition of the Chamber story, and saved them having to do the scene with the History of Magic class taught by the ghost (Never can remember his name). Seriously though, it makes so much more sense for the ghost teacher to tell them the history of the Chamber, as he’s probably pretty excited to have people awake in his class for once, than for McGonnagal to tell it. It just seemed out of character. And speaking of out of character, Hermione interrupting to ask in the middle of Transfiguration? Hello!?

Why didn’t we get to see Young Hagrid’s face in Riddle’s memory? Are we that short on actors that look alike?

For quite possibly the first time ever, I have a pet peeve about Snape. Yes, yes, I’m still all about the Snape love. Don’t think I’m becoming a traitor. Really though, as fantastically sexy and Snapely and all those other good things he is in the dueling scene, what’s up with taking about three years to get out the word “Expelliramus!”? Seriously, Snape dear, Lockhart had time to knit a sweater and bake cookies while you were saying “Expell……………………iramus!” We’re supposed to be taking our opponents by surprise. Then again, this may be why you teach potions and not charms, eeh? Otherwise, kudos to Rickman for some lovely acting in this scene. We are all still giggling about “How about someone from my own house? I don’t know…. (shifty look… nearly comical shrugging of shoulders…) Malfoy?” We heart Snape. And that thing where he did that animalistic crawling across the table with his hands when he is yelling at Ron & Harry for crashing into the willow? Oh my. Keep doing that.

I know I’m picky, but I’m also a bit sad about some of the Lockhart stuff they changed. Originally in the book, the boys are sent out to de-gnome the Weasley’s garden (and WHY didn’t we get to see the de-gnoming? I’m heartbroken.), and Mrs. Weasley consulted Lockhart’s book first. This was SO much better of an intro to Lockhart than just him being in the book store. They also never really mentioned that practically every one of his books was on their list of books for school. Bleh. Also, when he announces that he is the new DADA teacher while he is in the bookstore with Harry, its so much snazzier than him just showing up in class saying “Let me introduce you to your new Defense… teacher, Me!” And am I the only one that thinks Hugh Grant would have made a REALLY good Lockhart? He has that sparkling eyes and cheeky grin thing down. He could have totally pulled it off.

I can’t BELIEVE I left this out the first time, but what on EARTH is up with Ron bashing Lockhart over the head with the rock??? That was just SO out of character, and just plain weird.

And finally, you know the scene in the Gryffindor bedroom where Neville shows Harry that someone has gotten into his stuff and stolen the diary? In the book, his stuff is thrown everywhere and such, but in the movie, it’s a HUGE wreck, with like… papers shredded everywhere. Um, ok, throwing clothes all over the place while trying to find the diary makes perfect sense, but why on earth would Ginny shred papers in the procecses? No sense!

And that’s all I have regarding the movie for now. However, I just read in an article that JKR said that there are a LOT of clues in Chamber of Secrets that foreshadow things that will happen in books 5-7, so now I am RE-re-reading it, even though I just read it Satuday. I fear I’m getting just a tiny bit TOO analytical now, because I’m completely over-analyzing every sentence. Its like “Oooooh, they’re eating PANCAKES for breakfast! I bet that means that in book 6, Voldemort will open a chain of pancake restaurants and…….” Seriously, its almost that bad.

I’ve also been reading the HP message boards at the Harry Potter Galleries again. I adore people who are as over-analytical as I am (It all goes back to Mrs. Logan, I tell you!) I have been on the line about the whole “Snape is a vampire” theory, but I read a theory last night that he’s an animagus, which I’m starting to like. There’s definitely SOMETHING up with him.

I’m really really hoping that my nephew comes here for Thanksgiving so I can take HIM to see C of S, as an excuse to go again. Not that I haven’t already crossed the line of being pathetic, but I like to believe I have some dignity left.

Prisoner of Azkaban isn’t due out until mid 2004. I am going to go crazy waiting, as this is the one I’m REALLY looking forward to. At least we’ll have Order of the Phoenix before then!

Along the lines of the movies for Azkaban and Goblet of Fire, they are either going to be VERY long, or split into two movies, or I’m going to end up being PISSED when they cut out too much. Seeing that Chamber of Secrets is around 300 pages, and is 3 hours, if you stuck with 1 hour per 100 pages, Goblet of Fire would be seven and a half hours. If they dare to try to squish it into 3, I will cry. Either make a six hour movie and get it over with, or split it into two parts. Really, most of us wouldn’t mind sitting in the movie theater for seven hours if you gave us an intermission or two. Especially if you cast Ewan in Azkaban. I will sit there for 12 hours. Really.

I started re-reading Goblet of Fire last night, and I know that JKR says that the books re intended or ages 8 and up, but had forgotten how intense they get, especially 3 & 4. But really, even in Chamber of Secrets--- “Blood! I smell blood! Let me rip you! Let me kill you!” Ummm, I don’t think I would have been down with that when I was 8. Maybe I’m just old and have forgotten what kids can handle. Anyone else have opinions on this?

On a non-HP note (Who knew?), I started thinking about jobs and careers while I was driving today. I found myself starting to think about possible ways of taking January off- in a town like this where everything shuts down from January to March, we’re pretty used to having two months off, so not having that will be very weird. So, thinking about a month off made me start wondering, if I did that, would I come back to this job next year? I mean sure, its technically really easy money and short hours, but its not something I’m passionate about. I don’t get any sense of being fulfilled from it, I never get to do anything I’m excited or proud of, it gets very boring, ,and I don’t even get to work around fun people, because I’m mostly by myself.

So, then I started thinking about the University of Findlay, which is the only college I’ve ever really really wanted to go to. They have an incredible equine program, and if any class could make me WANT to get out of bed early in the morning in freezing temperatures, it would be riding. However, I do NOT want to move to Ohio. Missouri is far cold enough, thank you. Its still tempting to try out for a semester though.

Perhaps I should look into the local colleges and see what kind of equine programs they have. I’ve done some research into that before, and they all generally SUCK compared to Findlay, but I may find something that’s better than nothing.

In short, all of these musings made me realize that I don’t know what I want to do and that’s pretty scary.

I continue to find myself fighting the urge to just go back to Dixie. People are always begging me to come back, and it would be so EASY to go back, but I just can’t let myself do it. Its still an insanely stressful environment, they don’t treat their employees well, and the pay is total crap. Bleh. Of course, I always start thinking “Well, I would go back if I could do the show”, but I think the main reason I even want to do THAT is because I cant. Its hard to remember that its not a play where you rehearse for two months, and then do the show three nights, have a cast party, and move on. It’s the two months of rehersals and then ten MONTHS of doing the same thing. I would LOVE to do the show for about two weeks, but I don’t think I would want to after that.

So then I started thinking about what it is that I’m actually interested in and what I have a passion for, since that’s obviously the direction I need to go. The first thing that comes to mind is naturally horses, but I’m still not to a place where I’m experienced enough to make any money off of that field. Next I thought about Disney, but I really don’t want to work there because it would completely ruin the magic. Disney made me think about resorts, which got me thinking about how much I adore hotels, and that I could run a hotel if it were a really snazzy one, but I’m just not interested in it enough to go through all that would require. So then I started thinking about the travel agent gig again

But would it be worth it and be something I’d end up enjoying? I do love trip planning, but I’ve never really planned for someone else, and I don’t know if I would get as excited about that. Still, all of the travel discounts and such would rock, so that’s a big maybe.

So, while thinking about all of this, I suddenly find myself cruising down the highway with a fantastic song on the radio and I start thinking “This is so much fun! Why am I even worrying about getting a different job?” Its such a vicious cycle depending on my moods. I know I don’t want to be a courier forever, but does that mean that I shouldn’t take advantage of it now? I think the worst part is that it doesn’t pay enough to make a real living off of, but its too exhausting to combine with another job unless I was only doing, say, tickets instead of all of my runs. But if I don’t want to do it forever, whats the point in doing it at all?

Bleh. That’s all I can say.

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