Saturday, November 23, 2002

Why couldn't it be follow the butterflies?

I finally made it out to see the new Harry Potter flick tonight, so of course

now I have to tell you all about it. Before we go any further, I'll warn

you now: General stuff like how much I adore Snape will be in regular text,

but I shall be nice and put anything that's a spoiler in white text so that

you will have to highlight it if you want to read it. I'm hoping this doesn't

screw up on anyone's browser, so don't yell at me if you accidentally read

something you didn't want to (They all DIE in the end!! Ok, maybe not.)

One of the first things noticed was John Williams's beautiful music accompanying

the film again- he rocks (Em, not literally. I suppose the literal term would

be "He classicals!" but that just sounds silly now, doesn't it?) The music

is ever-present, but it blends in seamlessly. Perfect.

**and the word "perfect" reminds me of "prefect", which

reminds me that I must say- Percy with his hair sticking up made me giggle.

Just so you know

The actor chosen for Lucious Malfoy may be one of the best casting decisions

they have made since some brilliant person cast Alan Rickman as Snape (mmm,

Snape…) The part fit him to a tee, and he did a wonderful job with it.

And lets all face it, his hair is just fun. Plus, he looks just enough like

Draco to be believable. Lockhart was good, but I think he needed to be just a bit more over the top. He just wasn't quite annoying enough.

**Moaning Myrtle on the other hand kind of… disturbed

me. At moments she was absolutely perfect, and I thought her voice was right-on.

However, at other times, she was just a little.. psycho? I don't recall the

Book Myrtle randomly getting all vicious. And Movie Myrtle just didn't cry

enough. I'm also kind of amused that they did the brewing of the Polyjuice

potion in the sink instead of one of the stalls, like they did in the book.

Three kids in a bathroom stall just wasn't cinematic, I suppose, ,but I adore

when Myrtle said "Harry, if you die down there, you can share my toilet!"

(Even though she was supposed to say that AFTER he made it back, but you

cant win them all)

And ooh! On that track: Fawkes is supposed to heal

Harry while Tom/Voldy is still there. And what the hell is up with Tom just

standing around while all this is happening? I mean, I know he isn't at full

strength or anything, but he was such a spectator! Gah.

Watching Dumbledore made me rather sad, remembering that the actor that played

him (His name is Richard Harris, right? Sorry if I have that wrong) died

just a while back. He definitely seemed much older in this film than the

last. I wonder what it was like for him knowing he didn't have long left,

and doing all the lines about the phoenix knowing when its time for it to

die, and being reborn and such.

Oliver Wood's accent is damn sexy. Heaven help me for finding some kid sexy,

even if its just his voice, but that's the way things go.

I was more impressed with Draco this time around, too. His hair didn't look

as creepy, and he's actually a pretty good actor.

Fawkes was perfect too. He's one of my absolute favorites, and he didn't

disappoint. **And I admit it, I got all teary eyed

when he cried on Harry. I'm such a girl
. **

Some scenes were definitely spiced up a bit for the visual appeal of the

movie version, particulary action sorts of scenes ** ie

Harry nearly falling out of the car in the movie. Although that led to the

gread added line "I think we found the train!" which was not in the


In general, I thought this installment stayed much truer to the book than

Sorcerer's/Philosopher's stone did. There were a few instancecs when I wanted

to kick it because they had changed something so obvious, but nowhere near

as often as with Stone. I think a lot of the problem with the movies is that

they tend to skip out on the subplots, as well as trying to fit into time

constraints, which squishes things together a bit too much, and makes it

feel like its all happening a bit too fast. That's why I prefer the books-

you can take time to drink it all in and come up with your own conculsions.

I have to wonder if people who haven't read the books really keep up.

I am, however, glad that they didn't spend too much time giving the backstory

from the first movie. It was more like "Well, if you're late, that's your

own fault. Try to be here for the beginning next time, you silly person you."

I have a feeling that if I hadn't seen the 1st movie (I keep wanting to call

it Episode 1. This is not Star Wars, Crystal, let it go.) and hadn't read

the books, I may have been squinting by the end saying "Volde-who?"

Snape was his usually sexy self. What IS it about Snape? For those of you

who don't follow along, there are mass crowds of female Potterheads who simply

adore Snape. Maybe it's the Bad Boy thing, maybe its Alan Rickman's silky

voice. We don't know. We just know we want in on the Snape love. The dueling

thing in this movie was sexy, along with the fact that he actually SMILED

at least once, but I'm not sure anything can top that scene in Sorcerer's

Stone where he bursts into the classroom with that whole speech about "There

will be no fooling wand waving.."etc. That one gets me every time.

Numerous times throughout the movie, I found myself thinking "I can't WAIT

till Azkaban comes out!" And just because I can't say it enough, if Ewan

isn't cast as Lupin in Azkaban, I will CRY. Its so perfect! You can't deny

it! Come on!!

Ok, sorry, but this is where I have to get very spoilerish, so go out and

see the movie so you can read the rest, ok?

**I was sad that they left out Nick's deathday party,

as I thought that would have been fun to see. They also left out the VERY

important part of Harry getting warned for the magic that Dobby did, which

led to the Dursleys finding out that he couldn't do magic away from home.

Important stuff, here!

I was feeling a lot more of a Harry/Hermione vibe this

time around, even though this is where her little thing with Ron starts.

No, I'm not shipping any particular couple, but that's what I saw.

I know we all want to ask. WHERE IS PEEVES? Why oh

why have you left him out for two whole movies? (err, em, he wasn't in the

first one, was he? I may be losing my mind.)

Is it just me, or is Ron now a girl? I mean that in

the most loving way possible, I really do, but the poor kid spends 90% of

the film crying or making terrified faces. Poor Ron. What happened to the

witty, snarky,  best lines in the book Ron?  And poor Fred and

George were silent the whole time!  Someone is anti-Weasley, I tell


Poor Errol. He's supposed to be half-dead, not just

stupid! Poor, poor Errol. Hooray Hedwig for being her sassy self again though!

I dig how they still stuck some minor characters in,

like how we got to see Scabbers even though he didn't have a role in this

movie (But oh, just you wait!)

The special effects were fabulous in some points, but

a lot with the flying car left something to be desired. I got that toy car

on fishing wire feel a few times. Come on, y'all, don't try to tell me you

don't have the budget!

And finally, what the HELL is up with that whole standing

ovation for Hagrid scene at the end? I love Hagrid as much as the next guy,

he's actually one of my favorites, but THAT WAS NOT IN THE BOOK! And, um,

I know we're all happy that Hagrid is back and out of Azkaban and all, but

WHAT UP with the STANDING OVATION? I guess they needed some way to end the

movie, and that ended up being convenient? Am I missing something really

major here? Um, help?

So, I know I got very critical here, but that's just

out of love. I actually think they did a fabulous job with this movie, but

it still doesn't hold a candle to the book. Yes, that last scene left me

scratching my head (I still am), but that's the only thing that really got

to me.

Have I mentioned I can't wait to see Prisoner of Azkaban?

If they don't cast Ewan as Lupin, who on earth would they cast? And what

about Sirius? Seriously, y'all, the entire adult female fan base will be

after you if they aren't sexy. We have needs here.

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