Tuesday, December 17, 2002

I met up with Christa for a bit of mall shopping the other day. When we walked in, I noticed that the store to the left was new, so we went in to investigate. I am so excited about this store!! They have all sorts of fun stuff like African masks and art, bonsai trees, music from various countries, incense, etc. Its kind of like the entire World Showcase condensed into one store. Most exciting of all (I literally shrieked with joy right there in the store!) They Sell Party Buddhas!! Now I can finally send them out to all of my friends who have been wanting one. Hooray!

Speaking of Party Buddha, I’ve actually been working on my Disney trip report, and have finally progressed to day 2! I’m hoping to finish it by the end of the year. Wish me luck with that!

VH1 has a series remembering the 80’s, and tonight they are showing 1980 and 81. So far, the #1 thing that people remember about 81 is that cable came out. Why? Because if they poked the cable box just right, they could get porn. The year of my birth is best known for bringing porn to the masses. I am so proud. Also in the year of my birth? The president gets shot, and so does the Pope (bringing along the invention of the Popemobille).

Running out of my throat medicine right before I went to Texas was not a good thing. I went about a week without it, and as a result, have spent most of the past week not eating. Plus, the acid has agrivated my asthma, so I could neither eat nor breathe-what fun! I finally broke down and went to the doctor yesterday, who basically said that everything I knew was wrong was. He refilled my prescription for my asthma inhaler, and suggested that I use some otc antacids to help me eat. I started crying when I asked them how long it was supposed to take me to start being able to eat again once I was back on my medicine. I have this habit of getting very frustrated with being sick all the time, so crying at the doctor’s is nothing new. Anyway, the doc said it should have started working within a day or two, and I had been on it almost a week. He said to try the antacids, and if things weren’t looking up, to come back. Well, it looks like I’ve been reunited with my old buddy Gaviscon (Antacid of choice for cool people like me!). Last time I couldn’t eat, I was seriously eating these things like candy, taking the maximum they recommend of 16 a day. I took three last night plus my inhaler, and managed to eat an almost normal quantity of food for the first time in over a week, which made me very happy. Now all I want is a pizza, because in that week and a half or so that I couldn’t eat, all the Pizza hut commercials taunted and teased me to no end. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get to take care of that craving J

I still haven’t decided how to spend the $25 gift certificate to Amazon.com that my sister sent me. Yes, I have something like 125 items on my amazon wish list, so you wouldn’t think it would be that hard, but it is! I hate buying books without a chance to curl up in BN and read the first few pages to see that I like the author’s style first. In fact, I did just that on Saturday, and found a few that I liked, but I wasn’t really crazy about any of them. I think a lot of my difficulty in deciding comes from knowing how cheap I could get almost any book on half.com or ebay. I’m so cheap.

And simply because I am always amused by how fickle I am, my new crush is Johnny Rzeznek from the GooGoo Dolls. Just because he has a sexy voice and he writes and is a rock star, man. And ooh! Speaking of sexy men, I used some of my birthday cash to buy some dvd’s, including Star Wars Ep. 2. Do I need to tell you how many times I had to pause it during the bonus disk because I was on Ewan hotness overload? They had clips from three different interviews- one where he just looked normal Ewany, one where he had longish RED hair, and one where his head was basically shaved. It was like three different Ewans! How exciting would that be? I’m such a girl.

(End girly drooling here)

Also in the movie theme, the new Lord of the Rings movie comes out Wednesday, which makes me very happy. As usual though, I have nobody to drag along with me, which makes me very sad. Would someone kindly move here and be my movie buddy? I would think you were cool. I think I may have talked Christa into going, but she hasn’t seen the first one, so I’d need to get her caught up. Actually, I finally got her to read Harry Potter, and now that she’s read the first book, I will let her see the first movie. We’re planning on doing that on Wednesday, and then going to see Chamber of Secrets as soon as she finishes that book. I swear, kids today! You have to practically force pop culture on them just to save them from a bleak existence.

You know you are single again when you go to the tack store just to check out the cowboys. I had a very, very nice time. I must do that again. Soon.

Finally, did you know that lady Kelly has her very own domain now? You must go visit her at www.washingwishes.net and share the love!

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