Monday, December 30, 2002

She thinks my hail damage is sexy…

Okay, I will most likely NEVER say this sentence ever again, so take note.

Why can’t I just have a nice office job?

I heard my dad mumbling something about storms as I left for work today, but after I left the bank, I noticed things were getting really bad. Really bad as in I couldn’t even see the car twenty feet in front of me. I turned on the local radio station, and sure enough, not only was there a severe thunderstorm warning, but “The heaviest part seems to be right around Reeds Spring right now…” Guess which town I was driving by? Reeds Spring.

I was doing about 40mph in a 60 zone, which is an odd change for me seeing that I usually do 80. The rain was slamming into my windshield with such force that I was surprised it didn’t break the glass or something. I finally gave in and pulled over, when I could no longer go over 30 without running off the road. It was there, on the side of the road with hazard lights flashing that I realized it was not rain hitting my car with such a racket, but dime-sized hail. I sat there thinking that I really should have known something was up when the power on the stop light back in Kimberling city had blinked. Have you ever seen the power on a stoplight go out before? I sure haven’t.

A few minutes passed and the hail had stopped, so I eased back out onto the drenched road. I called home to tell my mom about the weather, and the irony of being in Reeds Spring right when the storm was, but my call was cut short as I said “I should go, it looks like its pretty bad up here.” Apparently, I am a smart girl, because “pretty bad” turned out to be lots and lots of hail. The road was covered, and I was a bit surprised that I wasn’t sliding around more than I was. The radio guy came back on to say that the storm had moved on a bit and was now about 20 miles north of Branson along highways 160 and 65. Guess where I was? About 20 miles north of branson on 160! The storm was freaking FOLLOWING me!

My new plan was to outrun it, which was pretty successful, because a little ways further the rain stopped. I walked into the bank in Nixa with what I’m sure was a very wide-eyed look. The guy there actually asked me if it was storming. He refused to believe it was as bad as I told him. Crazy.

Now came the fun part! I got to turn around and head South back to Branson, therefore going right back through the storm I had just driven through! Luckily it had died down a bit, but it was still absolutely crazy. I am very lucky that I had my secret weapon in my car: Kenny Chesney CD’s. You see, Kenny Chesney does for me what spinach does for Popeye. I spent the drive, in which I literally could see no more of the other cars than a wave of water flying behind them, listening to Kenny’s “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems” cd and “Everywhere we Go”. I had fun shouting the lyrics to “No Shoes..”, especially “Aint no better time than now for Mexico!”. The funny thing was, with good music and the worst of it behind me, the drive through this crazy storm became FUN. I’ll never be able to explain it, but I was having a great time out there.

So, here I am at home on a 20 minute break before I go off to the hospital to pick up stuff for the doctors. Probably no more big adventures today, but I think I like it that way.

In very exciting news, I have finally posted my adventure list! It’s a list I’ve been working on for years and years of all of the things I want to see and do in my life. Its constantly evolving, so Ill still be updating it, but here it is. The best part is that in the one day its been up, two of my friends have already been inspired to write their own lists, which I’ll add links to soon! In fact, nothing would make me happier than if you would write your own list and either send me the url or the list itself. I would giggle and jump up and down.

A big end of the year entry is on its way, complete with New Year’s resolutions, and a fun recap of the past year. Stay tuned!

Finally, there is a new subdivision sort of thing opening just north of Branson called Saddlebrook. They have hundreds of acres of trails, and both indoor and outdoor riding arenas. Would anyone like to send me a few hundred thousand so I can get a house there? Thanks!

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