Monday, January 13, 2003

An entry full of spoilers, but if you haven't seen Two Towers by now, it's your own damn fault.

Orlando is captivating.

I stand utterly fascinated at this movie yet again. I was going to take notes so that I could remember the things that I wanted to say, but forgot my notebook. I’ll do the best that I can, though.

Legolas’s moves are so very cat-like, swift and powerful. He portrays so many feelings, so much emotion with his eyes. The precision with which he fires arrows is breathtaking. Drawing his arrow to defend Gimli, which results in hundreds being aimed at him? Hot. Speaking Elvish (Sindarin) with such beauty and so well it seems effortless? Hotter.Grabbing shield and sliding down the steps on it at Helm’s Deep? Wow wow wow.

How cool is it that the King’s clothes and armor have horses on them? You have to look closely, they are part of the design. So cool.

I want to keep Shadowfax. He looks like an Andalusion, but I’m not sure. Very cool horse. I adore the one Aragorn rides, too- the bay with the star.

I still can’t look at Gandalf appearing in the woods without thinking of laundry detergent commercials. Tolkien Detergent! Turns those old grey robes sparkly white! Our whites are brighter!

How much ass does Legolas kick? Even if I weren’t a pervy elf lover, I would be in awe of his bad-assness. The whole thing where he shoots out the support of the ladder, and all the orcs go squish? Squish! I love it!

Love love love the soundtrack. I can’t recall the name of the composer, but he’s done a fabulous job. The music blends in seamlessly, and yet adds so much to the emotion and telling of the story. Fantastic. I may actually break down and pay money for this soundtrack. It’s that good.

Love that look Viggo/Aragorn gets in his eyes. As Elijah puts it, “Something clicks, and he goes slightly mental”. Fabulous to watch. And his voice! I guess I only notice it now because I have been watching the bonus dvd’s so much, where he speaks with his normal Viggo voice, but his Aragorn voice is a bit higher somehow, and not as raspy. Not as soft. Way to act, Viggo! I can’t quite figure out what’s different about Orli’s voice as Legolas. There’s some quality to it, maybe it’s just a slight change in the accent, but there’s something. Dead sexy either way, of course.

Anyone know yet when Two Towers comes out on DVD? Please let it have bonus disks! Pleeeease! Sean hinted that Orli had screwed up quite a bit in the Helm’s Deep battle, and I’d adore to see it ;) I love when (I think it’s Elijah) says in the bonus dvd “What do you say about the guy who can do everything? Well, he couldn’t kayak!” I must add this new precious dvd collection to my shelf, next to my current precious. Em, if I start running around in a loincloth with the dvd’s around my neck on a chain, someone will get me to snap out of it, right? Because that could really be bad for the dvd’s, you know.

Despite all of the blood and rage, there is something beautiful about the battle in this movie. I think it lies in the romance of the sword and the bow. Today our weapons are based in the idea of mass destruction, they are technology wielded in the hands of men to destroy millions of nameless, faceless enemies. But these weapons, there is such grace in the ways of archery, and beauty in the swinging of a sword. It seems so much more honest a way of fighting.

This is so very out of order, but how captivating is the beginning of this movie? Starting out with Gandalf’s battle… it automatically pulls you into this level of darkness and suspense. Its high-action from the very beginning. Very cool way to start out.

I need to find the movie script somewhere online-- there are so many fantastic lines that I can't remember. I love when Legolas says something like "The red sky- blood was spilled here tonight." and of course Treebeard's "What you say makes no sense to me, but then again, you are very small" Plus I could use it to learn the elvish from this movie. Its so hard to find Sindarin resources online, most of the elvish you will find is Quenya.

Off to update some other parts of my page that haven't been looked at in a while. Expect cast list, about me, and other links to be updated soon.

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