Sunday, January 12, 2003

Another lotr-related entry. Sorry. Or you're welcome, depending on your level of geekyness.

So very sleepy. Want to post anyway.

I've essentially spent all of my time since Wednesday evening watching the LOTR extended dvd set. I swear, it has power over me. One DVD set to rule them all. I get caught up in watching it and forget to do things like eat and sleep. I'm sure this has nothing to do with that Orlando fellow they keep showing.

I have to admit, I’ve fallen and its all downhill from here. Just know that you’ve been forewarned. It started as usual when I first saw the movie with “That blonde elf guy is hot.” It grew, of course, and then I got the dvd’s. I was kind of worried that he would be disappointing- one of those good looking men with nothing to say. However, oh my, he certainly didn’t disappoint. Why couldn’t he have just sat there and looked pretty? Why did he have to go and have a brain? He turned out to be articulate and insightful, and frankly completely captivating. Damn. I adored what he said about the ring wraiths: “Do they not just embody evil and fear? They’re ghosts, they’re shadows of who they were. Its like if you don’t confront your fear, you become it.”

Can I keep him?

I have new love for Ian McKellen, who played Gandalf, because he supports my hobbit love theory. Thanks, Ian! He was talking about how he reminded the guy that plays Sam to hold Frodo’s hand when he is waking up, because some fans would be watching for that. Then he was saying how important that was to gay fans like him. See? Hobbit love. Even Gandalf says so.

The only thing this dvd is missing is some coverage of the transformation from brown haired brown-eyed Orlando into long blonde-haired blue-eyed Legolas. I was really hoping for that, not just because of my elf-love, but because its such a dramatic change. They show the hobbits getting wigs and feet and such, but no elf. Damn. Maybe on Two Towers.

Christopher Lee is certainly an interesting fellow. At first I couldn’t watch him without saying “Its Count Dookoo!”. He really could teach a class on Tolkien, though. He really has a fantastic grasp on the literature, its really interesting to listen to him talk about it. I would totally take a class if he taught it. But then again, he’s Christopher Lee, who wouldn’t?

One thing I have noticed is what wonderful storytellers all of the actors are. I suppose that acting and telling stories really go hand-in-hand. Dom always immitates whoever he is talking about, which is hilarious. John Rhys-Davies's story about the boating accient is priceless. You have to picture him with his very distinguished english accent...but it essentially goes like this.

*deep breath*

(in all seriousness)

It grieves me to talk about this because in a boat situation when there is an elf and there is a dwarf in a training boat, and the boat capsizes, ::dramatic pause:: let us say that the blame was placed on the dwarf.

But there might just have been an element of…


Grim satisfaction in the dwarf’s face when he heard of another boating accident which also involved the elf.

*cut to shot of breathtakingly good looking young man*

(shaking head)

“I cant believe that John would say that was my fault, did he really say it was my fault? He’s unbelievable then!”

So, em, yes, to sum it up and stop myself from telling you 80 more stories, I love the dvd set, and you should buy it too, because its fabulous.

I went to the used book store today, which is always so much fun. I wanted to pick up some books from the list of books I want to read this year, and I knew they had most of them. Calvin the cat, after whom the store is named, was sleeping high atop a bookshelf today. I almost forgot he was there until I heard a meow and then a soft thud as he jumped down onto the desk, and then set off on his rounds to be sure that everyone in the shop petted him.

I found Travels with Charley, which I was excited about since I’ve had the book out of the library for months, 1984, Catcher in the Rye, and a book of Edgar Allen Poe. I only had $5 on me, so I had to leave the Poe book behind, as I didn’t want to spend all of my money. The owner ended up giving me Travels with Charley for free, so I only spent $1.88 total for the three. Can’t beat that!

I stopped at Maurices to pay my credit card bill, and they were having a half price sale, so I got a shirt and a jacket. Yay! I felt silly charging stuff after being there to pay my bill, but c’est la vie.

Given my new elf-love, I of course do the geeky girl thing and looked up some interviews and such online. I haven’t been around the whole fan-girl culture since I was 16 or so, and very much one of them. Its really weird to look at it a few years later, and think that I used to spend a lot of time with this stuff. Now reading through most of their obsessions go back and forth between being scary and sad. I just read a thread about Orlando on a message board where someone mentioned that he liked blondes, and all of these girls were freaking out because they didn’t have blonde hair, talking about dying it and such. It is kind of interesting because I remember being at that age, when you would do anything to get the boy. I remember actually wanting a certain pair of shoes because the current crush had some like them. Isn’t that crazy? Thank God that with age comes the attitude of “I’m an auburn-haired goddess, and if he doesn’t dig that, his loss.”

I also read on a different message board the tale of a girl who says that upon meeting Orlando, she asked if she could lick his hand, and he let her. The story sounds made up, and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was made up for attention, but if it’s not… who really wants to lick someone’s hand? My goodness, if you’re going to ask for something, ask for something good ;) And how much does that completely de-humanize the person you’re asking? If someone asked to lick my hand, I would most likely give them a very fearful look, and run away quickly. Or bitch-slap them. Crazy crazy fan girls.

Several people have asked me about the t-shirt I posted the other day. First, for those who couldn't see it clearly enough...

And if you have to ask why? Heh.

I adore when it started to grow out, and was still kinda mohawky. Silly elf boy.

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