Sunday, January 05, 2003

Finally finally finally! After being delayed by snowstorms, alien abductions, and every other possible delay known to man, I finally got to go see LOTR: The Two Towers last night! Christa and Barret came down from Springfield for the occasion, and we had the great joy of seeing it on the giant IMAX screen. I can’t even begin to tell you how fan-freakin-tastic it was! I am now madly in love with Orlando Bloom and Viggo What’s-his-name (Okay, so I already was after Fellowship, but now I am even more so!) I really think they figured out the sex appeal they had going here, so it was like “Okay, lets put another shot of soaking wet Aragorn being all bad-ass here. The chicks will dig it. Okay, now another shot of Legolas standing on a mountain looking pensive. Goood…”

And it must be said: How gay are Frodo and Sam? Those are some gay hobbits. I am totally hoping for a hobbit make-out scene in the third movie. Give me some hot hobbit-on-hobbit action! I had fun adding lines to the movie here and there. “Mr. Frodo, I love you with all my heart and soul!”

Favorite line ever: “What you say makes no sense to me, but then again, you are very small”. I must incorporate this into my daily conversations.

I finally cashed in on the fact that mom owed me one more dvd from Christmas. It was decided a few days ago that if I didn’t own the snazzy version of Fellowship of the Rings, I would surely die. I felt bad making mom pay $30, so I decided to split the cost with her, and as a result, four whole disks of Ring love will be here within a week. Yay!

Big, big crush on Orlando Bloom. Did I mention that? Just wanted to be sure.

I wish my digital camera were working so that you could see Tallulah right now. I just made my bed, and she is all curled up on the pillows, looking like One Kitten to Rule Them All.

You may recall that about this time last year, I asked for suggestions of which books I should read this year. Therefore, I ask again. Please send me lots of suggestions of books you have loved, preferably including a couple sentences telling what's it about. You can leave them in the comments (if they are working!) or e-mail me, but if you do e-mail me, please put something about books in the title so that I dont think you are porn spam and delete you.

And now I am off to play Zoo Tycoon, because I haven’t played in ages, and it sounds quite amusing right now.

And finally, I put up a nice little album of pictures of the trip Katie and I took to the Rainforest Cafe while I was in FL. Go see them here. I think they make you log in to view them, but its free, so do it anyway.

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