Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I am a bit disappointed in Dave Berry. Not only is he months late with this, I've seen it done so much better by amatures. But, for linkage sake, here is Dave Berry's Condensed Two Towers Script.

I went bowling last night with a bunch of Dixie people, and had all sorts of bowling fun. Tiffany, Laura, Irving, Mallory, and I all played the first game, while Alyssa watched. There was some darn fine bowling going on: That is to say that nobody broke 100. For the second game, only Tiffany and I stayed. I got 48 that time, while Tiffany blew me away with 198. It was nice just to see everyone again, as well as being semi-hit on by Cute Super-Bowler From Two Lanes Over. Hooray!

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