Monday, January 20, 2003

Man, I was trying to put some cute Ewan icons here, but it wont let me link them. Damn.

Which reminds me of this clip from Taiwan that I was watching, at the Black Hawk Down premiere, where Orlando kisses Ewan on the cheek. Wouldn’t I like to get in the middle of THAT!

I am currently kicking myself for losing the link to the fantastic Two Towers parody that this came from, but hey, its still funny.

ARAGORN: Hmm. This must be a dream.

ARWEN: Why do you say that?

ARAGORN: Because you're not even supposed to be IN this book.

I also found a page which has posted some absolutely hilarious messed up captions from FOTR. I particularly enjoyed the ones on the mines of moria page (Damn oxen!)

LOTR lines taken out of context are hilarious. Read the best here.

I am fascinated at how well marketing works on me sometimes. Today I found myself looking at the top of my tv, thinking how cute it would be if I could just put my dvd’s up there with some bookends to hold them up, which of course led to me thinking “Oooh, I really should have bought the extra-snazzy FOTR dvd set that has those bookends…”

Do not let me buy it. Please. Unless I wear out my current dvd’s. Then its ok.

Someone mentioned in a journal somewhere (I’m so accurate) that Elijah Wood never seems to be in a bad mood. I am realizing that is so true! When he is talking about his 5am call time? He’s all “Look! What a pretty sunrise! We are so lucky!”. This just amuses me. Almost as much as that time he was on the Osbournes and introduced himself to Ozzy as (whatever his sister’s name is)’s brother. Heh.

Oh yeah, forgot I am not a pervy hobbit fancier. Am pervy elf fancier. Right.

I spent the evening watching the Golden Globes. I was sad that PJ didn’t win best director, but hey, that’s what ROTK is for, eeh?

What I really spent the day doing is flipping my new short hair around. Ok, so it isn’t really short by conventional standards-a bit below my shoulders, but I took my extensions out to dye it, and then got it trimmed about 3 inches, so its about 7 inches shorter than usual. I forgot how much fun flippy hair is. I might just keep it like this for a few days.

Pardon the crappy webcam quality, my digital camera is still in the shop.

I did Buns of Steel on Friday night, for the first time in ages, and two days later, I am STILL sore! I didn’t even do the whole video! I swear, if you want the workout from hell, get this video. Not the newer version, but the 80’s one with the skinny Walker Texas Ranger look-alike that tells you to “Squeeeeze those cheeseburgers out of your thighs! And those fries!” Back when I used to do this video several times a week and didn’t feel it much anymore, I used to giggle at that line. Friday I just told him (in between screams of pain) to go to hell, because I don’t even eat cheeseburgers or fries! Fantastic the way things change—at 17 in aerobics class we just cried out in pain the first time we did this video. People passing by would stop and wonder what the screams were for. At 21, I just use every swear word possible to damn him, his brother, his dog, and his lover. Then I go after the people working out in the background. Maybe I’ll do it again tonight, just to ensure I will never walk again. My legs felt like spaghetti after I did it on Friday, I could barely walk. I think that means its working.

Brooke has enticed me with tales of a makeup artistry school in Hollywood, so we are discussing going there for a 3-week class next summer. I am terrified of living in big cities, but I think I could survive 3 weeks. Plus, hey, Orlando has a house in LA, so maybe I would run into him… (and here you thought I got away from that topic for once! HAH! Just when you think it is safe…)

19 whole days of this year have passed without me doing a single thing on my list of things to do! At least if nothing else, I have inspired 4 other people to write lists. Yay, me!

Having a kitten curled up in your bed when you are having a bad allergy day probably isn’t the best idea, but she looks so very cute there, I cant bear to put her out. She was sleeping in the sink earlier- that seems to be her new favorite spot. Crazy cat.

While at K-Mart last night in search of hair dye, I ran into Tiffany, and we spent a while shopping together and catching up. We have plans to go bowling next Monday night. Hooray!

I also got a 30-pack of CD-R’s, and a new cd case, as my old one was lost in a tragic frappuccino accident. I wanted the big square one because it reminded me of the one that Elijah has on the LOTR bonus dvd’s. How sad is that? I laughed at myself for having cd case envy, and bought the smaller one. Will allow myself to buy the big one when I am a movie star, or grow hairy hobbit feet. Anyway, I burned 3 new cd’s, which will make me very happy working this week. My favorite new songs?

Let That Be Enough-Switchfoot (LOVE this song)

Forever Is Tomorrow Is Today-David Grey

Glory and Consequences-Ben Harper

Steal My Kisses-Ben Harper

Concrete Girl-Switchfoot

Helm’s Deep-Two Towers soundtrack

Jenny from the Block-J Lo (WHY do I love this song so? I don’t know.)

I don’t know why, but I could not stop laughing at this. Dammit, now I’m hungry for marshmallows. (and yes, I went and roasted mini marshmallows on a knife over my kitchen stove after writing that)

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