Sunday, January 12, 2003

My comments are dead. Can anyone PLEASE hook me up with the url to a comment system that is accepting new registration? I feel a bit silly asking Rich to fix them, seeing that we broke up like half a year ago and such. I really shouldn’t still have them hosted on his site anymore anyway, I guess.

Tallulah has learned to play fetch. Technically, it’s the Lula version, with kitten rules, which means that I throw her peppermint (she loves playing with wrapped candy. Go figure), and she chases after it, and eventually..(usually within 5 minutes, but sometimes I look down half an hour later to notice a peppermint there) she brings it back. This does, of course, sometimes include a brief nap on her part in between the throwing and bringing back parts, but the important part is that it does come back. My kitten is a genius. One kitten to rule them all.

I think all of Kelly’s brainwashing is setting in, because I’m really starting to want to get a belly ring. And a tattoo. Well, I’ve wanted the tattoo for a while. Anyway, I would love if you would send me your piercing/tattoo stories!

Speaking of sending me things, if anyone happened to catch LOTR: Return to Middle Earth on the WB last month and tape it? I would name my first born after you if you could make me a copy. I’m desperate! My love for you would know no boundaries!

In other news, my Sims are really pissing me off. Little Sim Orlando just moved in next door to the Chicklett house, and for the love of all that is good in the world, I can not get him to meet Crystal! The chicks have thrown about ten parties, and that silly old boy doesn’t show up. He throws parties, Crystal doesn’t come.

Lets stop and think about that for a minute. If Orlando really threw a party, we all know that I would be there like white on rice. Or maybe I’d be on him like… err, nevermind. Anyway, I am starting to consider building Sim Mental Hospital for the Desperartly Insane, because if Sim Crystal is refusing to go to Orlando’s, she is obviously very deeply mentally disturbed.

You may have noticed that I mentioned that my Sims had parties. They are now able to do this without crashing the game, because I FINALLY got my bright sparkly new 128mb of ram! It brings me so much joy.

I'm going to go catch LOTR at IMAX again toinght. Yay! I was going to go last night, but my allergies were driving me nuts, and I didn't think I would even stay awake, so I decided to wait till tonight. Expect lots of rambling when I get home!

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