Monday, January 13, 2003

Oh my. There’s absolutely no way this is going to end well!

I stopped at the dollar store today in search of a cheap kids bow & arrow set for my own general amusement. Teela and I used to have one when we worked at Spinnaker, and would always shoot arrows at the refridgerator in between tours. Well, I couldn’t find a bow and arrows, but I did find some arrow guns, which were the closest thing. For the fabulous sum of one dollar, I got two little guns that look like water guns with mini bows attached and eight suction cup arrows. You pull back the string of the bow and secure it, stick the arrow in the slot, and when you pull the trigger, it shoots the arrow. It came with a target!!! Mom and I played with it for a very, very long time. I can not believe how insanely fun this is! We’re really getting rather good, but the sites on the guns are a little off, so we go from near bulls-eyes to the arrows flying wildly behind the stove. Such fun! Of course, it didn’t take long before we decided to try shooting each other, just to see if it would hurt or not.

This just can’t end well! :)

This morning, as I was brushing my teeth (after 4 hours of sleep, no less...) I realized just why I dont find Elijah Wood all that attractive-- the kid could be my brother. Same brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin. I never could figure out why that cute little hobbit just didn’t do anything for me. Mystery solved!

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