Thursday, January 02, 2003

Okay, so its about a day late, but I present to you my end of the year summary!

In January… I was sickly and skinny, the car shopping began, I got Woody, and was still abking cookies.

In February… I started going to MK meetings again, discovered the joy of satellite TV, and was damn happy with it, Rich came to visit.

In March…I got Sugar Daddy, Sinatra (my fish) died, there was a lot of rain and a lot of reading, and was mostly unemployed.

In April…I got giggly as the rest of the world discovered Michelle Branch, discovered my arch enemies The Wiggles, started my truth-beauty-freedom-love collage (Its still not finished), made an attempt at breeding my fish, went back to work baking cookies, met Monica, did lots of trail riding, nearly killed a squirrel with a cookie, and painted my bathroom.

In May… I was Marilyn Monroe, went to Pat’s NSD debut, got fingerprinted by the police, became a disgruntled postal worker, battled the great green go-kart of death, I got my magic DVD player and signed up for Netflix, Tallulah Jane was born (Hooray!), I started working for Executive Services, discovered that my horse has a mule fetish, went team penning. (May was a busy busy month!)

In June…I got the two best kittens in the WORLD, Kelly and I road tripped to Simucon, and Simucon kicked our asses. That was pretty much June.

In July…I did the Blogathon again, bought $16 donuts, got my lovely new car, and was a lovely house-sitter for a week.

In August… I discovered my Godiva chocolate addiction, got a random insuancec check in the mail, went through an emotional breakup with the boyfriend, started planning my vacation.

In September…I saw a 10-Story tall Ewan, started belly dancing, did a lot of trail riding, and remembered 9/11.

In October…I went to our MK retreat, did a lot of vacation planning, and frankly, not much else happened.

In November…I took a stab at NaNoWriMo, got a henna tattoo, went to Disney World, watched Japanese soap operas with Katie, drooled over foreign men with Nate, had a tooth issue, and bought my Reese Witherspoon jeans.

In December… I turned 21, got chased by a storm, had a white Christmas, got re-addicted to Tetris and Free Cell, and visited Kelly in Texas.

Ta da! I had a lovely time reading over my archives and remembering everything that happened this year. I have to quote a few favorite posts:

(Somewhere in July) "Cassie is the lovey snuggly one, and Lulu, last I saw, was trying to kill my plunger."

(Not sure when this was)

Me: “And so your road trip alias is what you had for breakfast, and the location of your last vacation.”

Me: So, I’d be Oreo StLouis

Kelly: I’d be Godiva Louis

Me: You know, maybe its time for us to re-examine our eating habits.

And finally, one of my favorite posts:

The scene: Cute, rather disgruntled mail chick driving along the road, getting really sick of Monica yelling at her. She has black ink smeared across her face from delivering flyers.

Cute, Rather Disgruntled Mail Chick: (In a tone that sounds far more evil than one would expect her of being capable of) HEY!!! BE NICE TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!

People walking through their yard to get their mail: (stare at CRDMC)

CRDMC: (realizes her jeep door is open and they can therefore hear her perfectly well.) (Smiles and waves) (pause) (Falls over laughing at the next mail box realizing that the poor people thought she was yelling at them, and what that must have looked like.

If you live on Kays Ave. and thought I was yelling at you today, I really wasn’t. I promise.

Hee hee. I giggle just remembering it.

As you probably don’t remember, one of my resolutions last year was to read 25 books this year. I just counted up all I could remember and got 24, so lets hope I forgot one, and pretend I did it. Yay, me! Lets go for 30 this year.

I haven't written resolutions for this year yet, but I know that one of them will be to do at least 10 things from my Quest list. I updated the list with a few things I had left off, as well as adding links to the lists that have been sent to me so far. More updates soon!

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