Friday, January 17, 2003

This made me laugh far, far more than it really should have. I also adore Orli's Middle Earth Diary

And almost as much, I enjoy Top 10 ways FOTR would be different if made my Holy Grail fans.

My comments are working! Counter and all! Three cheers! Now leave me comments!

We are getting digital cable on Tuesday! I will finally be reunited with all of my beloved channels. Can't wait!

GRRR! I just checked my online banking, and I have bounced two more checks, totalling 6 in the past month or so! I really need to be more careful. The thing is, one wasnt even a check, it was with my debit card, so why didnt it decline it? That annoys me. There goes more hard-earned cash to my stupidity.

However, losing another $40 in overdraft fees was almost made better by (I was trying to link specific images here, but they dont like me, so just go here and check out the Sting and Bush ones)

AOL has been a complete pain in the ass lately. I've been getting kicked off approximatly every 5 minutes for over a week now. Its unbelievably frustrating, and I'm very tempted to switch to one of our local services until we can get dsl. My kingdom for dsl!

Bleh. I had a bunch of non-lotr stuff to write about, but I forgot, dammit. And here I had such high hopes for this entry!

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