Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Warning- This entry was written when both very sleepy and yet a bit drugged up by frappuccino's sweet sweet caffeine. Just so you know. It shows.

I took a quiz at, which tells you where you should live based on about a billion questions. Here's what we came up with.

1-Little Rock, Arkansas Where America Comes Together- Isnt that a horrible slogan for a town? Or maybe a really good one... Anyway, I dont want to live in Arkansas. Nuff said.

2-Las Vegas, Nevada Entertainment Capitol of the World- That could be fun, but I think I would lose my mind, or my money, very quickly.

3-St. George, Utah Utah’s Dixie I have never considered living in Utah, but who knows?

4- Tulsa, Oklahoma A Blend of the Best-- Eeh, nah.

5-Las Cruces, New Mexico City of the Sun -- Doesnt sound all that bad. I dig that they have a lot of native american culture. That be my people, yo.

6- Alexandria, Louisiana The Crossroads of Louisiana --I think I could live here. The weather looks perfect.

7- Shreveport-Bossier City, Louisiana Cities of Three Flags--I kinda dig Louisiana.

8-Hickory, North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountain Home - Maybe.

9- Norfolk, Virginia Heart of the Hampton Roads.---Ummm, no.

10- El Paso, Texas Where the Sun Always Shines--This makes me want to break out into song, or buy salsa. I'm not sure which.

11- Greenville, South Carolina The Rising Star of the South--South Carolina could be cool.

12-Jacksonville, Florida Florida’s First Coast-- Heh, no.

13- Ocala, Florida Kingdom of the Sun--Horses! Florida! Yay!

14-Phoenix, Arizona Valley of the Sun--Nah.

15-Henderson, Nevada A Place to Call Home--Sure, *a* place to call home, but not necessarily *the*.

16-Gainesville, Florida The Heart of Florida -- Why not the liver of Florida? Anyway, I could totally live here.

17-Clarksville, Tennessee The New South--Aww, I'm an old south kinda girl myself.

18-Biloxi-Gulfport, Mississippi The Sparkling Gulf Coast--Hummm...

19-Athens, Georgia The Classic City- I know someone who lived there!

20-Tuscaloosa, Alabama The Big Apple of the South --I am moving here just for the name. Then my kitten could be Tallulah from Tuscaloosa! You cant get any better than that!

21-Orlando, Florida Florida’s Entertainment Capital---Yeah, baby! I could live here. Well, not right in Orlando, but maybe in Winter Park or something. Although I really am digging the name of the city even more these days...

22-New Orleans, Louisiana The Crescent City ---Yeehaw! Nawlins!

23-Truth or Consequences, New Mexico City of the Sun---How about Truth or Dare? Although they seem to have hot springs there, so that's a selling point...

24-Charlotte, North Carolina The Queen City--Queen City! Sounds like the kind of place where I would make friends easily.

Well, then I went back and changed my answer to small towns only, instead of big, medium, and small. This gave us...

1->Truth or Consequences, New Mexico City of the Sun---Didnt I just talk about this?

2->Holiday Island, Arkansas Where Every Day is a Holiday--Hee hee!! Holiday!!! Island!!! Do you think its even really an island? Do you think I would get cards like, every day, since every day is a holiday? Are the banks EVER open there? I am fascinated. Time to pack my bags. And OMG! Its on Table Rock Lake! ***I*** Live on Table Rock lake!!! Who knew this fabulouly named place was so close? Rock on.

3- Springs-Hot Springs Village, Arkansas America’s Natural Spa---Hot springs! Nuff said!

4-Salisbury, Maryland Maryland’s Secluded Retreat--Didnt I say no Northeast? Crazy kids.

5-Fredericksburg, Texas City of Steeples--Nah.

6-Morganton, North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountain Home--You know you watch too much LOTR when I thought that was Dom's last name at first. Not even close.

7-Mountain Home/Bull Shoals, Arkansas Gateway to the Ozarks--Too damn close to where I already live

8-Eureka Springs, Arkansas Playground of the Ozarks--Too haunted, freaks me out.

9-Hopkinsville, Kentucky Friendliest Place in Kentucky --Humm, just how friendly is it?

10-Kerrville, Texas Hill Country Shangri-la--This looks cute.

11-Paris, Tennessee A Hidden Lakeshore Treasure --Isnt there a Kenny Chesney song about this town?

12-Crystal River, Florida Manatee Haven--Wow, they named it after me! And they have manatees! I'll go there.

13-Heber Springs-Greers Ferry Lake, Arkansas A Natural Paradise--I think I can sum my feeling about this one up in the one-sentence description they included--"The annual World Championship Cardboard Boat Races are held in this Arkansas town…" Cardboard boat races!!!

14- Cherokee Village, Arkansas Vacation Living at its Best--Cherokee! That's me!

15-Marble Falls, Texas Hub of the Highland Lakes --Humm, ok.

16-Deland, Florida The Athens of Florida--I wonder if they mean that in relation to Athens, GA or the real Athens. And if its the Athens of FL, why didnt they name it Athens instead of Deland? and really, Deland? Did French people look and say "Regarde! De land!" Pft.

It all went downhill from there, so I'll just stop.

PS- all of that bold and italic stuff was a pain in the bootie, so you better appreciate how pretty it all looks.

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