Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Well, we officially have digital cable now. I was quite amused that the cable guy chose to leave it on the channel playing Moulin Rouge. And of course, true to form, I had to sit down and watch it. I don’t know why, but even when I own movies, I have to watch them when they are on tv. I finally managed to pull away after Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend, and am now on my beloved Travel Channel. And oh! Guess what was on Animal Planet! A family with a pet camel! They are my new idols.

I am reminded that my dream job is to be this chick on the Travel Channel- the host of Great Hotels. Her job is to go around the world staying in these fabulous hotels and telling you about them. How do I get THAT job?

I watched the cast commentary of FOTR again last night. My original intentions were to watch the director commentary, since I haven’t seen that one yet, but I was sucked in by those cute little hobbits again.

Two more Legolas moments I adore:

*He makes a very sexy face at the Council of Elrond when Gandalf is speaking the black speech. Yeah, its supposed to be him being all disturbed by it, but it’s a sex face. Admit it.

*The “Oh man, no the dwarf!” look after Gimli says “You have my ax”

I went grocery shopping last night, and discovered something new which I adore: mango flavored dried pineapple slices. SO good! I stuffed myself on fruit and cheese for dinner last night. Yum!

I can not find my hair dryer, so I am sitting here with a towel on my head. Thank goodness my hair is short so I can do that! (Towel head with extensions is a big no-no- they get tangled and it pulls on the bonding, which hurts a lot!) I think my mom stole the hair dryer. I am off to find out. (Found it! Mom did steal it. Hooray for cute, easy to style hair!)

I am so excited to get to watch Emergency Vets again! I love this show, man. And OH MY GOSH! I forgot all about Jeff Corwin! Oh man, don’t tell me I’m going to go down that road again. (If you missed out on the old days, I have a love/hate relationship with jeff)

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