Friday, February 28, 2003

Okay, Sean, I love you dearly, but you have GOT to do something about your official home page. The photo? And um… all of the content in general? Needs help, man. I say this with love, I really do. I mean really, have you even SEEN this page, Sean dear? Its so bad. I would totally redesign your page out of the goodness of my heart, but if you felt like repaying me by hooking me up with certain former costars of yours, I’d be fine with that, too. Preferably that British fellow. No, not Ian McKellen. Seriously though, please get help. If your page were a movie, they would be talking over it on MST3K. Really, look at Billy’s site. Its nice! Maybe you can get his guys to work on yours? His diary is cute! And the pictures are lovely! Just a suggestion. Thanks.

Something happened at work yesterday that rather pissed me off. I was organizing the paperwork going to one of the doctors offices so that everything would fit in the one big crate, when I heard the woman in the office behind me on the phone asking “Has anyone ever thought to have the couriers sign a confidentiality agreement?” With me standing right there! It made me feel like the very sight of a character as shady looking as I, with my pink fleece shirt and braided pigtails, had evoked a fear of secrets being leaked that had shaken her to the very core. I took one box of stuff out to my car, and when I came back for another, I heard her saying “Well, those are in the coolers, so you can’t really see them, but do you think we need to put them in a sealed envelope?” I can only assume it was the same conversation. I wanted to stick my head in her office and inform her that not only had I already signed an agreement, but first of all, we are far too busy to spend time doing things like reading the paperwork we are delivering, or squinting to read names on vials of blood. The stuff we transport is generally of no interest of all to us, its just a box of stuff that is taking up room in our car while we are driving around singing Big Yellow Taxi. Not interested, I promise. Secondly, do you REALLY think that if we did read it, we would be running around town saying “Jane Doe had blood sent to the hospital today! Ooooh!” or “Jim-Bo Baggins got tested for thyroid problems and it came back negative! Ahhhh!” Please, dear Lab Lady, have some faith? The only time we talk about anything lab-related is when we make fun of you guys for not being able to get paperwork put in the right box, and for stupid-stupid-stupidly taping those big labels over the handles of our crates. Did I tell you that? We carry things around in big plastic crates, kind of like a longer, lighter version of a milk crate. They have one handle on each end, and when full of stuff, are often very heavy. So what does the lab do? They tape these big plastic signs over one of the handles to label the crates with their corresponding office’s name. How the hell am I supposed to carry a 20-pound crate of stuff with only one handle, while trying to open doors and such, too? For the love of Pete!

Oh, but, anyway, back to my original point, if she thought that the courier sort of people were so very untrustable, couldn’t she have at least had the politeness to wait till I was out of hearing range to start discussing it? Lab people!

I know I am whining a lot, but please allow me a bit more? I am really quite upset with my web hosting company. I emailed them to let them know that I had not received the emails with setup information that I was supposed to have received a few hours after paying for the account (it being several days later). The guy emailed back and said he had sent them, and would try again. I waited. Nada. I emailed to let them know I still had nothing, and got an email back saying he had tried at least five times. So, instead of trying to work it out, or possibly asking for an alternate email to try? He CANCELED my account and refunded my credit card! Not exactly an overachiever, are we?

Tallulah woke me up around 1:30 last night, after I had crashed at 10 or so. Sadly, I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I decided to search for new web hosting. I settled on Total Choice Hosting, and my account is now all set up! I hit one snag along the way- where I registered my domain name, wouldn’t allow me to transfer it over for 60 days, so I registered a new one with the hosting company, so life is good again! Now if I can just, you know, not be stupid, I’ll have everything ready to move over there quite soon!

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