Saturday, February 22, 2003

This entry is kind of disjointed, because I typed it over the course of about four days, so pardon the lack of flow!

I got the very best package I’ve received so far yesterday! A lovely girl from Postcard X sent me some ocean stickers, a Harry Potter card, some HP stickers, TWO Ben Harper postcards, and a LOTR bookmark. I was so very excited and happy! Seeing how happy it made me inspired me to get my bootie in gear, so I got about 10 things ready to send out, which I shall be doing right after I eat lunch.

I decided last night to start keeping track of where I send things, and where I receive them from. Its my goal to both send and receive from every state in the US, and at least 10 countries. Wednesday alone I shipped out to England, Australia, and Malaysia, so I’m off to a good start! I’m also setting up a separate blog to keep track of what I send and receive, so I’ll post that link once I have it up and running.

I just picked Tallulah up, and she had a sweet scent to her, almost like how hair smells after you wash it with fruity shampoo.

Mom is taking the cat to the vet tomorrow whether she likes it or not.

I was just laying in bed, eating soup and reading The Nanny Diaries, and generally winding down, when I heard what sounded like a plunger in a toilet. Wondering how dad could have possibly broken the toilet, I went to investigate, and narrowly avoided stepping in a huge pile of cat vomit. There was Laura, my beloved kitty, standing by the door. I put her out, and looked in my bathroom, hoping not to see what I knew would be there. Yup- big ol’ splat-o-diarhea. Seeing that I didn’t let Laura in, I assumed that dad must have, thus making it his duty to clean up the mess (Isn’t it sad that we have a system to this?) I told him that if he would just clean up the bathroom, I’d tackle the hallway, which was by far letting him off easy. Not exactly sure of how to get vomit out of carpet, I went off in search of cleaning supplies. I asked him what he thought we should do about it. He said something along the lines of “Go find something to cover it up with.” COVER IT UP? There is a huge pile of kitty throw-up in my hallway, and he wants to just toss something on it to cover it up. I really think I deserve some sort of award for not kicking him. He gave me a blank look. I told him to get some paper towels. He announced that the big wrestling match was coming on, and he wasn’t doing anything until he watched that. I decided right then and there that if I did throw up, which I was getting very close to due to the smell, it was going to be on him.

It took me about three seconds to clean up the mess in the bathroom, and considerable willpower not to deposit the dirty paper towels in his bedroom instead of the trash. Grrrr.

Anyway, this is just ridiculous. As sucky as it is for us to have to clean up messes, it has to be a million times more miserable for Laura to be sick. I’ve been bugging mom to take her to the vet on a regular basis, and she keeps saying she will, but never does. I swear, they are going tomorrow, if I have to shove her in the car and drive her there.

Did I mention that the accidents always happen a) by the back door, which is right next to my bedroom door, or b) in my bathroom floor near the litter box? Yeah, my half of the house smells great these days.

I am so worried about Laura, I’ve been doing everything I can to get her to take her medicine, which is certainly a lesson in patience. She’s been with us for such a long time that I hate to think of losing her, but I’m starting to wonder if there’s really much else the vet can do. She’s down to something like two pounds, if she even weighs that. I know the real reason that mom is afraid to take her to the vet is that she thinks that she will hear bad news. I can’t blame her, it’s terrifying, but its just unfair to Laura to not try anything we can.

We had a lovely ride this morning! We only had time for about two hours since I had to work, but it was fantastic none the less. Since Susie was riding her peruvian stud, and I was on a quarter horse, I had to trot when he walked to keep up. My poor legs are a bit sore, since I haven’t ridden in a month or so! Can you imagine two full hours of trotting and cantering? Oh, who am I fooling, it was heaven ;) I can't wait for spring when I'll be able to ride without a coat, and the sunlight will spill through the canopy of leaves overhead and create a stained-glass pattern on the forest floor like it always does. Is it Spring yet? Blessed spring that doesn't give me a mostly-white paint horse covered in mud! (I mentioned to Susie as we fished for brushes in the tack room that its certainly odd that when its muddy outside, she always gives me the horse with the most white or grey hair. Very sneaky, that! ;) But I love to groom, so it’s all good)

Susie has the most incredible places to ride since she lives right on the state forest. You can ride for at least six hours without having to turn and head back. The main trail crosses the creek several times, and there are hundreds of little side-trails, most of which we've made ourselves, that are only about the width of one rider, and almost always lead to lots of cuts and scrapes. What's a trail ride without a little blood? ;) One of my favourites leads up to where the old Bee Creek School was, where my mother went to school. Now there are only ruins- telltale foundations that are still set deep into the ground, and a few piles of stone. Perhaps twenty yards away is a small graveyard, with most of the stones too old and weathered to even read. Fascinating.

I got to ride a great little Quarter Horse gelding named Bailey that I hadn't ridden in at least a year. I adore him! His only fault is that he has a tendency to randomly spook for no reason, but hey, it's kind of fun as long as don’t end up in the mud! ;) He only did it twice today, which from what I hear is an improvement, so we'll call that a success ;) I had been really looking forward to riding Valley again, but Bailey was fun, so I got over it. Speaking of which, if you are feeling generous and would like to buy Valley for me, just click here.

Tonight I FINALLY registered a domain name for myself, and signed up for web hosting! I am quite excited, and already have a new look for the journal designed. There was a huge drama though, because within the past month or so, some horrible person has stolen AND! How DARE they!? Who the hell else would want to have that other than me? Crazyness. I’ll be moving my journal and everything over there once my account is set up, as well as generally revamping the rest of the site. Hooray!

I was driving through town today, and couldn’t help but notice that almost every other building had a “Taking Applications” or “Help Wanted” cry on their billboard. I could honestly get a job at almost any business in town this time of year. Its kind of odd for me to not be faced with that usual end-of-February dilemma of deciding whether or not to return to where I worked the year before. I still don’t know what I’ll be doing next year- probably not this- but I think I’m going to stay where I’m at for now. Its always nice to be reminded that I have options, though.

I stopped at the Library in my spare five minutes yesterday, and picked up a few books on tape, as well as The Nanny Diaries, which I finished today. It was quite different from what I had expected, and actually much better. My books on tape included one of poems read by TS Eliot, but his voice drove me nuts and I couldn’t listen to it.

I am so, so very glad that this week is over! I can’t believe how stressful it has been! On Monday, MaryAnn came down to get her hair done, as you may remember, and I posted about how excited I was to have the whole day off. Well, around 4:15, MaryAnn and I were wandering around Wal-Mart when my cell phone rang. It was work, saying that Dr Kryger’s office had just called because they were ready for me to come by, and were wondering why I hadn’t called them yet. Now if you don’t recall, or were too lazy to read my last post, I called both Dr K and Dr Campbell earlier that day, and got their machines, therefore assuming that they were closed for the holiday. Well this is when it hit me: I had called around noon, and they close for lunch from noon to one. I told MaryAnn that we were going on an impromtu trip, and drug her out of Wal-Mart. On the way to the car, I called Dr Campbell’s office and yup! He was open too! We swung by the hospital, and it was about 4:30 by this time. I had told both that I would be there by 5! A few minutes later, I ran into the elevator at the medical complex where Campbell’s office was, and noticed that the man in the elevator with me was carring a lunchbox with biohazard stickers. I stared at him in awe, and he returned my gaze: we had found our own kind. Couriers have a tendency to be somewhat mystified when we see others like us, mostly I suppose because we are never in one spot long enough to see each other. Courier Guy said that he was running really late, and was supposed to already be in Springfield by now. I laughed and told him that I was supposed to already be in Forsythe. It was nice to know that I wasn’t the only stressed one that day! Although I have to admit that when my sister asked what I had in the box, and I said “Just blood today, I think”, and she freaked out, it made it all worth it.

Tuesday, I set off with the idea that hey! At least it had to be better than Monday, right? I left a bit late for the bank, knowing that since they had been closed on Monday, it would take them longer than usual to have their stuff ready. I drove the 30-something miles to Kimberling City singing along to David Grey songs, but the exact second I pulled into their parking lot, it hit me: I didn’t have the bank bag. Every day, when I drop the Kim City bank’s bag off in Nixa, they give me one that I return to Kim City the next day. Usually, the bag just stays in my car, but since George had done my bank run on Friday while I was in Kansas City, he had brought it by the house over the weekend. I had stuck it on the Kitchen table where I wouldn’t forget it, but mom had moved it to make room for MaryAnn. I had, of course, completely forgotten that it wasn’t in my car. Utterly humiliated at my stupidity, I went into the bank to say “Um, Hi. I’m here, but I seem to have forgotten your bag. I’ll be back in an hour.” I tried calling home to see if mom could meet me half way, but she wasn’t there, so I got to drive a half hour home, grab the bag, and turn around and drive back. Yuck! Then I had to explain to the lady at the Nixa bank why I was 45 minutes late. Good thing I could laugh about it!

Well, all of this naturally put me late for my doctor’s runs, too! Arriving at Dr Kryger’s office a half hour late for the second day in a row, I collapsed onto the chairs in the waiting room and relayed my pitiful story yet again.

Wednesday, things were going pretty well according to schedule until I got to Dr. Campbell’s office, and ended up having to wait half an hour. The result? Half an hour late to Dr Kryger AGAIN! It’s a good thing they love me over there.

Thankfully, I was actually on time everywhere on Thursday, but I did show up in jeans and a sweatshirt covered in mud and horsehair, and wearing absolutely no makeup. I was pretty. I knew I was smelling pretty bad when I stopped home for a ten minute nap between the bank and the doctors, and Tallulah Jane crawled into bed with me to cuddle, but sniffed my hand, and then ran away.

Did I mention it was a long week?

American Express will soon own the shirt off my back, I am afraid. They raised my credit limit a thousand dollars. At first, I was determined not to touch it. However, I needed to register for Simucon before the price went up, so I charged that. Then, I decided that I would allow a little shopping for some basic things like stamps that I have been putting off getting due to lack of funds. Then I decided I should finally get my November vacation pictures developed from my memory card. Then I decided to use it to pay for web hosting. Then I got the estimate from the Nikon people for my camera, and will be charging that as well. Grand total? Nearly $500. Damn! On the bright side, however, I now have an alarm clock that actually functions! My old minute button was stuck at 38, so you had to get up at 9:38, 10:38, etc. This new minute option fascinates me to no end.

I found a sticker at the Scrapbook Store with a quote I adore: “To know life is to love many things”-Van Gogh. I painted it on my bathroom wall tonight. It is lovely.

The holiday system is out to make me fat. I was just getting over the Christmas weight when Valentines day reared its ugly head, full of red frosting brownies and candy in heart-shaped boxes. That was nearly forgotten when the Easter candy hit the shelves, which I can sum up in two words: Cadbury Eggs. Then tonight the lady at Dominos told me that she had accidentally made an extra medium pizza when she made ours, and did I want it for just four dollars? (hell yeah!) Thankfully, I don’t think St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, or the Fourth of July are out to get me, so maybe I’ll be able to find my waist again, soon.

While we’re on the topic of body woes, I must tell you the story of my bra shopping. While I was stocking up on randon necessities at wal-mart with my newfound credit limit, I stopped by the fitting room to say hi to mom, and was lured into lingerie by a huge sale. Oh so many bras under $10! I decided that I’d take the opportunity to figure out just what size I was now, since the ones I had tried on at Victoria’s Secret a week or so ago had just plain not fit right. I grabbed my usual size, just to check, and set off to try them on. A few minutes later, I was giving them back to the lady at the desk, proclaiming that “My cup runneth over”, and sarcastically thanking mom for her genes. I went back to pursue the racks, searching for slight variations of my old size- going up in inches or cup or both. For the men who didn’t stop reading six sentences ago, there is a simple fact of bra shopping that you may not know: they stop making the cute bras at 36C. Having been a 38C for a long long time, I occasionally got lucky when one company or another was feeling generous and still had cute bras in that size, but let me tell you, any bigger than that, and you’re lucky if you don’t end up with one of those awful beige lace numbers. Where is the love for the big-chested chick? We like pretty things, too! I ended up with an olive green one that isn’t horrible, but far from being cute at all. It was on sale for $6 though, so who am I to complain?

Freakazoid is on Cartoon Netowork. My word I had forgotten how much I loved this. Thank you, Cable People.

And now, its 4:22 am and the rain is pouring down outside, which is quite certainly an invitation to crawl into bed and dream.

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