Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Today is a breathtakingly beautiful day. Its days like this that I would give anything in the world to be able to have Emmett right at my house so I could just saddle up and ride for a few hours. Its in the high 60’s today, which is such a welcome break from all of the cold we’ve been having. Sadly, by Tuesday, the low is supposed to be 10. At least these little teasers of Spring give us something to hold on to, and a little bit of hope that we will see the sun again.

Between my recent reunion with my beloved Travel Channel, the teasing weather, and time spent reading trip reports on the DIS boards, I am getting very vacation hungry. I’m in that phase where I cry when they have Disney World commercials on tv. Sad, huh? If they don’t stop playing that “Trip to Ireland from $499!” commercial soon, I really may break down and sell a kidney for airfare.

I’m reading a fabulous trip report on the DIS while I write this, going back and forth as I have a tendency to do, and I just discovered something: I have some major Countdown Envy going on. Most people on the DIS have little countdown clocks in their signatures that tell how long until their next trip. I haven’t had my own little clock in months, and I want one, gosh darn it, even if it has an impossibly high number of days on it.

Repeat after me: I will NOT use my tax return to make reservations. I will NOT use my tax return….

But then again, if I don’t put Carole’s (my travel agent) kids through college, who will? ;) Must stay at the Boardwalk this time. And the Lodge. Mmm, chocolate lodge brownies….

You see? This is how it starts every time. It’s a disease that can never be cured.

Saturday was an interesting day, to say the least. I went to bed on Friday Night/Sat Morning around 3:30. At 5:30, work called wanting me to run something to the hospital in Springfield. After saying “I’m going to DIE in a big crash when I fall asleep!” about thirty times, I threw on some jeans and was out the door. As I was driving North towards Springfield, I saw The Sign that I’ve been making fun of all week—its one of those construction signs that said “Temporary Road Closing Saturday between 7 and 8am. Expect 15 minute Delay.” I had been laughing ALL week at the poor suckers who would be out driving at that hour. Guess what? According to my schedule, I would be coming back that way between 7 and 8. That’s what I get!

As if being up at 5:30 wasn’t enough, I got pulled over by a cop right as I got to Springfield! I was freaking out, because I couldn’t find my drivers license- I’d had to get copies made for work the day before, and I couldn’t remember where I put it! Thankfully, the cop was cute (heh..), and he decided that the fact that I was carrying plasma to the hospital warranted letting me go. So, he told me to be sure to have my license handy from now on, to slow down, and recommended a different route for me to take to the hospital from now on that was a bit faster. Hooray for cute cops!

I managed to evade the construction delay, passing through at 7:08 when they hadn’t started yet. I hate what they put up there! You know in big cities how there are those big metal things that go over the highway with the green signs that say names of cities or major roads, with the arrows pointing down into the lanes you need to be in to get there? Well, we now have one that says “Branson” with arrows pointing down into the two lanes of the highway. I hate it! It looks too big-cityish, and its pointless! Grr.

I started typing this on Saturday or Sunday, and its now Tuesday. I’m so on the ball.

I have to tell you about the Gas Station War I’ve been participating in practically every day lately. There is this one gas station in Kimberling City that always has the cheapest gas around. For example, in Branson its $1.49, in Branson West its $1.45, but at this station its $1.39. (Note- Couriers can talk for hours about the price of gas. Put two of us in the same room for more than a minute, and we will be comparing gas prices. Its our life.) So, the problem is, there are only 4 pumps, and one has been out of order for almost a week. Therefore, you have to flat-out FIGHT to get a spot at a pump. I waited for five minutes today! People will sneak around and steal your spot right as you’re going towards it—its evil! I wanted to get out of my car and go KICK a man today, because while 3 cars are waiting for a spot, he takes several minutes to wash his windows! Not just the windshield, but the back and sides too! And he took FOREVER! I can wash a windshield perfectly in under 30 seconds, including cleaning the wiper blades, so I was quite tempted to get out of my car, kick him, and then wash the windows in a more timely manner to get him out of the way.

I think I may be starting to take getting gas a bit too seriously.

I’m now trying to kill time before I leave for my Mary Kay meeting. I was late getting home, because I forgot to drop off a specimen at Dr. Campbell’s, and had to turn around and drive back to his office. Luckily, its only about 5 minutes from the hospital, so it wasn’t too bad.

I have been so excited to get the mail every day lately, because lovely things from other Postcard X people have been pouring in! I have gotten one handmade postcard, one regular postcard with a lovely message, a recipe postcard, and some hand-made recipe cards! (I mentioned on the site that I am putting together a cookbook, in case you were starting to think these people are just psychic.) So now I spend my time waiting at the bank working on making handmade postcards to send back to the people who have sent me stuff, as well as some to send out to other strangers on the list. Its so much fun! I am going to spend some time in the scrapbook stores tomorrow morning when I’m in Springfield to buy some stickers for the postcards I’ve been making. Its so exciting just to get mail again!

And as Rebecca pointed out, I screwed up the link to the best picture in my last entry, but now its fixed! I have this horrible habit of typing img scr instead of img src. Or maybe I just like keeping you all in suspense.

I watched the Ice Storm last night, which I rented simply because it had Elwood in it. My poor hobbit, being stuck in that crappy movie. I’m sorry dear, but it sucked, although the scene where the parents catch him about to have sex with Christina Ricci is amusing.

Am not turning into a hobbit fancier. Am not!

I’m on page 300-something of FOTR, and am a bit confused. I only have about 150 pages of the book yet, but its only half way through the first movie. I can not figure out how they are going to cram the other half of the movie into just 150 pages! (Err, perhaps to be more technical, how they made half a movie out of 150 pages, since the books quite obviously came first. But you know what I mean)

Time to go to my meeting. Hooray? I’m kind of in the mood to just curl up in bed and work on postcards, but I had all weekend for that, so now I should go be responsible and such. Bleh.

On a sad note, my beloved fish Bogart died on Sunday. We are quite sad.

Oh, and I really want to move to London. Anyone want to come with me?

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