Friday, February 07, 2003

Would you like to see what I saw driving yesterday? Look!!

What? You say you can’t see anything? Well neither could I! It was White-White-White! Whiter than a white sale at the Gap! Snow was coming down in snowflakes the size of poodles, and my windshield wipers kept getting so caked with ice that all they did was make my windshield more wet. I only wish my digital camera were home from the shop- I could have gotten some great shots of the black windshield wipers against nothingness.

I hate snow. I hate driving in snow. Why do I have this job again?

I would now like to take this time to say… I FREAKING KNEW IT!!! When Kimberly Caldwell was first on American Idol, I squinted at the TV and said “Um, didn’t I go to school with her?” But the tv said she was 16, which would make it impossible. Well, I got my issue of US Weekly today, and it says that she is, in fact 20, and spent some time singing in Branson, so it IS her! HAH! I knew I had some reason for liking her. She better come back as the wild card.

In less happy news, US Weekly also informed me that my dear Orlando is now dating Kate Bosworth, that chick from Blue Crush. Grrrrr. It won’t last.

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