Saturday, July 26, 2003

At some point in the next, oh, twenty-three hours I want to get a page up that links to the people I've sponsored as well as a few other charities that have sparked my interest, as well as someof the blogs I've found on my trip around the webring that I think are especially good.

I am going to be so poor after the blogathon, but only in terms of money. I keep finding people who I just can't resist sponsoring, and next thing you know, I'm clicking the little link!

I can't believe that I'm actually awake for MST3k, and yet I'm not watching it. My brain is sort of on overload this morning, and I'm browsing through so many web pages, I think I would explode if I added snarky sci-fi movie comedy to the mix.

I've started working on my piece of Alhena's blogathon quilt, so that should keep me occupied for a while, at least!

Off to find some pants and then feed the chickens! (More about them soon)

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