Saturday, July 26, 2003

For absolutly no reason other than that it cracks me up like crazy, here is a picture of Lula's feet.

I didn't have time to tell you about my trip to the grocery store in the last post, so I'll tell you now!

They didn't have any major-brand batteries near the checkout, and I was too pressed for time to run around the store looking for them, so I just grabbed an eight-pack of cheapie brand batteries, which I'm sure will do. I also noticed that they had brie cheese on sale, so I grabbed a wheel for blogathon snacking.

Now, I have to admit something. Last night while cleaning out my closet, I found an old Seventeen magazine. I flipped through it, and man was it entertaining! I love the "humiliating stories" things where someone thinks that tripping in front of their crush is the most mortifying thing that could ever happen. So, I decided while I was at the store today, I should pick up a Seventeen, and any other teen type things they had. My plan was to use the self check-out thing to avoid embarassment (Not that the age of 17 was all that long ago, or that its particularly embarassing to buy them, but I still felt silly buying them!). Now of course, ,as luck would have it, as I was getting ready to grab a copy of YM, my friend that works there saw me and told me to come through her line. Have you ever tried explaining why a) you're in a big hurry because you're doing a charity event with 500+ other people and have to rush home, and b) why you're buying these things? Amusing, to say the least. I think she thought I was nuts. She was right.

I came home to find an update from Rick of, which made me super excited. I am so jealous of his escapades, and am living vicariously through him.

Also, I can not get the song "Safety Dance" out of my head. If you are a LOTR fan, you should see the video that this chick made of the hobbits set to that song. Hobbit Safety DanceClassic. (I hope I dont overload her bandwith by linking to it!) Also check out the unbelievable Sam doll that her friend made to give to Sean Astin at Comic Con. I wish I were that talented! Really amazing!

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