Saturday, July 26, 2003

Here we go again! Let's get this show on the road!

At seven minutes before 8am, here are the stats:

537 participants; 2463 sponsors; 71,192.09 raised

WOW! Just a couple of days ago I was amazed that we'd passed $50,000 and now we're over 70! Plus, its such an incredible thing to know that there are five hundred thirthy-six other people getting out of bed and sitting down at their computers *right now*, all about to do the same thing. Its been fun to watch people sign on AIM over the past few minutes as they all wake up and get ready for action.

My lovely cat Tallulah Jane is up as well, and is running around the house like a maniac with all of her early-morning energy. Its going to be quite a day!

Happy start of Blogathon, everyone! May the force be with us all! ;)

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