Saturday, July 26, 2003

I'm going to do the two boys in the same post, just so I can use this pic:

Pippin was born 2nd, and has had an eye condition for several weeks that the vet can't quite get figured out. He's had to put up with both oral antibiotics and eyedrops several times a day, so he's earned the title of being my brave little kitten!

For some reason, the kittens think that climbing up my leg is really, really fun.

Trin was the 3rd kitten born. He was the only one to be born head first (the other two came rear feet first, so in comparison, Trin just popped out!). He's the fastest at everything, and always learns to do everything first. I thought he was a girl at first (I know, I suck at this), and his speed and agility and such reminded me of Trinity from the Matrix, and so that became his name. I tried to change it to Elijah when I found out he was male, but that just never stuck, so now its been shortened to the slightly more masculine version of "Trin".

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