Saturday, July 26, 2003

I've come across a fun charity that I may blog for next year. Its called Future Forests, and essentially, you sponsor trees to be planted. The fun part is that there are a lot of celebrity sponsors, so you can have your tree planted in their forest. May I recommend planting a tree in Dom Monaghan's Forest? Or perhaps David Gray? They even send you a certificate and a map that shows where your tree is! Pretty darn cool.

Also, I never got to tell you guys about my mirror! (I forbid myself from posting to my usual journal for several days so that I'd have plenty to write about come blogathon!)

While mowing the grass on Thursday, my neighbor hit a rock, and it went smack into my passenger side mirror! (Or at least, this is what I'm 99% sure happened. I noticed the mirror was shattered when I got to work on Thurs. There is mirror glass in my driveway. My mom heard a loud something-breaking-something noise while the neighbor was mowing. I think you get the idea.)

Anyway, here's a pic I took of the damage. I love that I took it while driving, and thus you can see the scenery flying by in the shattered reflection. (Ooh, shattered reflection would be a good name for a band, or a website or something)

Speaking of my car, I've been looking at a beautiful silver Mustang convertible as I drive by the car dealership every day, and I finally stopped in to ask about it. The price wasn't bad ($15995 for a 2002), but they only wanted to give me $7000 trade-in on my car! Seven thousand dollars for a 2001 Mustang! Bleh!

Anyone want to hold another blogathon and raise money for the "Crystal Wants a Convertible!" fund? ::whimpers about leather interior::

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