Sunday, July 27, 2003

Kiki, being the fabulous person that she is, has suggested that I do some top ten lists, starting with

Top 10 Reasons Why Kiki Rocks

10) She has her own personal lettuce.

9) Believe it or not, she is NOT the one who broke the balcony at Simucon!

8) She never opposes when I "borrow" whatever the hell she's drinking at the time

7) Free tickets to Universal, baby!

6) She sang Big Spender with me in the bathroom at least thirty-eight times in one night!

5) She bought me a box of strawberry yogurt nutri-grain bars from Schnucks at Simucon!

4) she is, and I quote a "Modus chick, but not a ho"

3) She is the Dancing Queen.

2) She is secretly a superhero and has thus enacted a brilliant scheme to keep me from getting any pictures of her. She goes to great limits to prevent this.

1) A moment that will live in Simucon History- that brilliant, poetic, beautiful moment when she walked in.... into the glass door.

Eight Jobs Crystal has had:

#1-Courrier Chick- This is the current one. It's fun because I get to drive around all day listening to good music and books on tape, singing along in my car, stopping for fast food, etc. Also, I only work four hours a day on T,W,T and 8 on M&F. I can take off any time I want to, and get paid any time I want to. However, I drive between 100 and 200 miles a day, which SUCKS, and has put 40,000 miles on my car in a year. It gets boring. It gets lonely. I hate having to be up early on Monday and Friday. I hate having to drive in bad weather.

#2- Cookie Lady- This is my favorite job that I have ever, ever had. I worked at one of the local time-share resorts, where my entire job was to sit in the model unit they did tours of and bake cookies for the people that came through on the tours. There was usually at least half an hour in between tours when I could eat cookies, watch tv, read, whatever. The most fun part was when I got to work with my friend Teela, who had gotten me the job, and we'd use the dish soap to blow bubbles, or shoot suction-cup darts at the refridgerator with a kid's bow and arrow set. We watched Days of our Lives and Jerry Springer and Jenny Jones. We fed gourmet cookies to the squirrels. Those were GOOD days.

#3- Photo Chick Extrordinarre- I was a photo chick at Dixie Stampede for fifty-three years. Okay, so it was just three, but it FELT like many, many more. Essentially, I greeted the guests when they came in, took their souvineer photos, and then sold them during the show. I always wanted to switch over to riding and dancing in the show, but if you're not five feet tall and one hundred pounds, its tough to get a break. The pay sucked, the rules sucked, but the people were a lot of fun.

#4-Office Type Chick- When I worked for the Time Share Resort People, they asked if I wanted to make some extra money working in the office on the weekends (my usual days off). I was saving for a vacation, so I jumped on the chance. My job was to take pictures of the people who bought time shares and make little ID badges for them. It was a really easy job, and I got to play online all day, but as you blogathonners know, sitting at a computer for twelve hours straight gets old FAST. I'm just NOT a sit-at-a-desk-in-an-office type girl! I only did this for like a month before I couldn't take it anymore.

#5-Eyeglass Cleaner Chick- A friend of my family owns a company that makes eyeglass cleaner. I stood at a booth in Wal-Mart and cleaned people's glasses to demonstrate the product. Boring as hell. I didn't last long there either.

#6- IMAX Ice Cream Chick- After quitting the eyeglass gig, I got a job at the sandwich/pie/ice cream place at Imax. I made a damn good cherry limeade. It was a fun job, but I ended up not going back for a second season (they closed for the winter like almost everything here does).

#7- Beverage Girl- This was my very first job at the ripe age of 13. (Child labor laws? What are those?) I worked at a theater in a little theme park, where I dispensed tea, water, coffee, etc to the guests. At that age, you're just excited to have a job!

#8- Ice Cream Scooping Chick- At the ever-so-mature age of 14, I was promoted to the pie and ice cream shop in the same theme park. I think I made $4.25 an hour. Do you remember those days? I built some nice muscles in my right arm from ice cream scooping, and learned how to make a mean funnel cake. Occasionally, I ran a little concession stand gazebo alone from something like 7am until 8pm. I was in charge of keeping everything stocked, making all the orders, and Z-ing out the register at night, and then locking up. Looking back, a) how did they not get in trouble for working a 14-year old for more than 12 hours a day? b) They trusted someone that young with all of that? Nutters!

(side note- after that job, I can not eat funnnel cakes anymore.)

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