Sunday, July 27, 2003

Ode to 5:37am

Five thirty-seven.

That's what time it is.


Five thirty-seven.

Two hours and twenty-three minutes left.

I am listening to David Gray.

Are you?

You should be.

Late Night Radio.

No, that's the name of the song.


I just realized something


no, not shocking that I realized something.

Or maybe at five thirty-seven it is.


Five thirty-nine.


I though I had been eating crispy MnMs

But they are plain.

You would think that the brown bag would have tipped me off

but you would have thought wrong.

She don't mind the late night radio.

People are suggesting showers.

But I just dyed my hair.

So that's out.

The only people not afk on my buddylist

are blogathonners.


Jim says he will come back at 6

Jim lies.

Just opened my window

So I will notice the sun.

Crafty, huh?

I forgot to feed my fish.

Sorry, fish.

My henna is flaking off.

The tattoo is cute.

I've still only watched

one of the four movies I rented.


I think I'll watch the Sex & the City episode

from last Sunday


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