Sunday, July 27, 2003

Top Ten Favorite David Gray Songs:

1-Forever Is Tomorrow Is Today

2- Falling Free

3- Late Night Radio

4- The Light

5- Lead Me Upstairs

6- Wisdom

7- Debauchery

8- This Year's Love

9- Gathering Dust

10- Gutters Full of Rain

Top Three Favorite Ben Harper Songs (In Order, for once!)

1-Not Fire, Not Ice

2-Glory and Consequences

3-Steal My Kisses

Thanks to Shorebound for making me laugh at this crazy hour!

According to a website, sunrise is supposed to be at 6:15am, so hopefully I will remember to watch!

Did you know that if you're sponsoring me for $10 or more, you can chose a specific pet to sponsor at the ASPCA? The link is here. I like Fred.

Also, did you know that baby rabbits are called kittens? I did not!

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