Thursday, November 23, 2006

Turkey Day!

Look, I resisted titling this "Happy Thanksgiving, bitches!" Aren't you proud of me? It took a lot of willpower.

Today's post comes to you straight from the front desk of work- how original! Nope, no Thanksgiving off for me! Two of my sisters plus various nieces and nephews are over at my house right now, stuffing themselves silly. I hope they leave me some leftovers!

Yesterday was my "day off". I put it in quotes because I ended up working for almost 6 hours anyway. But hey! That's less than 8, so it was still good!

My original plan had been to get up early and go to the Springfield library before dance class. Then I found out that we didn't have dance, so I volunteered to come in and work after my library trip.

I stopped at my favorite gas station on my way to Springfield, and as I was washing my windows, a van pulled up just *blasting* Metallica. I gave them a raised eyebrow, which basically said "If you're going to play something so loud that we all have to listen to it, couldn't you come up with something a little better than Metallica?" They left it playing while they pumped gas... "EXIT LIGHT! ENTER NIGHT!"... they left it playing while they went in to pay... "OFF TO NEVER NEVER LAND!"

I finally finished my windows and got back in my car, turning my own music up so that I wouldn't have to hear theirs anymore.


For the record, some songs just don't work well at full blast. (And I discovered that if you're going to use the Beatles for this purpose, Come Together works MUCH better)

And on that note, I am going to totally change topics here and present you with this list of 20 Things I'm Thankful for this year:

1. 39 days till the end of the year. I will survive!

2. My taxes are going to be super easy to file this year. I had only ONE job this year! And it's the easy kind where they give you a W2 and everything! I'm going to be able to do my taxes in like three seconds!

3. Today is Thanksgiving, and not only has it not snowed yet this year, it was eighty degrees when I left the house today! The temperature drops a LOT when the sun goes down, but just having sun this late in the year makes me blissfully happy!

4. I was just sitting here wishing that someone fun would come in, because the last several people have been so grumpy. A few people later, a girl noticed I was watching Gilmore Girls (the Thanksgiving episode, no less!) and asked if I watched it Tuesday. Apparently her DVR ate it, so I got to give the two minute summary, which was surprisingly fun! Not many of my friends watch the same shows I do (Except for KT), so getting to discuss it all girly-like was fun.

5. Tallulah Jane.

6. My momma. She made me brownies a few nights ago! I am so thrilled anytime someone feeds me.

7. Vacation coming up, super soon!

8. Starbucks frappuccino. I would not have survived this year without it! I doubt I would have survived this DAY without it!

9. Music. Music is so therapeutic for me. I am so grumpy every morning (and by “morning” I mean “2:30pm”) when I am leaving the house, but I throw on some good music, and I’m in a great mood in no time.

10. I’ve been able to work a ton of overtime lately, which I reeeeally needed with my upcoming trip!

11. There are supposed to be leftovers waiting for me when I get home. YAY, food!

12. I’m thankful for the creative streak I’ve been on lately. I’ve been very much in the mood to create, and I love when that happens!

13. I am so thankful for my comfy chair at home. This chair is the single best piece of furniture I have ever owned. Everyone who comes to my house wants to sleep in it, even though we have guest rooms. This is one awesome chair, my friends!

14. Speaking of friends, I am also thankful for those! I have one friend that sings me Elvis songs over the phone. It doesn’t get much better than that!

15. I am thankful for Taco Bell, which has been keeping me from starving lately.

16. I am thankful for the awesome jeans I am wearing today, because they look awesome on me, and they even give me a butt!

17. I’m thankful for the point of my life that I’m in right now. I am a little freaked out by 25 being right around the corner, but for the most part, this is a good age.

18. I’m thankful for my awesome car, Apple. She has been very good to me this year, other than that whole needing new brakes thing. Oh Apple, you even go topless anytime I ask. You rule.

19. I mentioned Tallulah, but not Tiger Lily or the birds or the fish, so I’ll add them in here. Lily always makes me laugh when she sits like a person, or flops down like a little drunk kitty.

20. Did I mention that there’s just over a month of work left? And that I get to go on vacation soon? And that they’re even paying me unemployment this year? And that there is just over a month left? And vacation? And and and!

One thing I love about the holidays is that they are always playing a ton of movies on TV, and just in case you happened to miss the fact, I loooove movies!

They’re supposed to be playing the first three Harry Potter movies on ABC Family this weekend, to kick off their 25 days of Christmas. WHY do they always play HP as a “Christmas” movie? Yes, most of them have a Christmas scene, but they are so not Christmas movies! This confuses me so much! Spiderman has a Thanksgiving scene, right? So why aren’t they playing it today? Rent has TWO Christmasses in it, why isn’t that a Christmas movie, then? Two minutes of Christmas does not a Christmas movie make, people! Arrgh!

Oh, come on, you have got to be kidding me. I was just flipping through the channels to try to find something to watch until Grey’s comes on, and they are playing Spiderman 2. If it were Spiderman 1, I would think that fox was watching what I type. This is freaking hilarious!!! It’s a good thing the lobby was empty when I found it, because my jaw dropped and I said “You have got to be fucking kidding me!” a little too loudly. And then I nearly fell on the floor laughing.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I am in the process of cleaning my house. Not because I am one of those people who actually keeps their house clean, but for two fairly good reasons: Reason One- In forty-seven days, work closes for the season, and I will be spending a LOT more time at home. It is nice if it is in a state that at least falls into the category of “livable”, but “nice” would be even better. I actually got a surprisingly good start on it today, gathering up water bottles for recycling, clothes to launder, dishes to wash, books to shelve. There is still a ton to do, and the majority of the problem is that I just don’t have anywhere to put most of the stuff that is sitting out. I am good about keeping the things that have a place (books, dishes, shoes, photos) where they belong, but the things that have no place (costume supplies, lots of papers, old cassette tapes) tend to sit on my desk or my floor for months at a time, wishing they had a place to call their own, too.

54 days left till vacation, I think. I always seem to block out from my memory just how stressful this part of the whole vacation experience is. No matter how carefully I budget my trip, I always end up about two months before the trip and about eight million dollars short. I start working a ton of overtime, and trying to do anything humanly possible to make some cash. My favorite thing right now is online surveys- one company that I’m signed up for pays $5 survey, which is awesome, but most of the others pay more like 75 cents per survey. Still worth the time, though, and hopefully it will all add up.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tuesday Again

In my purse is a small piece of paper labeled “Sucky days left this year”. On it is a list of six days when work is going to be super busy, and basically suck. I am so happy that there are only six.

I can not stand the bus groups that we have here right now. Actually, there is really just one that I can not stand, the other is pretty decent, as large groups of picky old people go. It is the second group that makes me want to tear my eyeballs out. Or better yet, tear *their* eyeballs out. They complain about everything, and don’t listen to anything. I am very proud that I am yet to bitch slap a single one of them. Anywhere other than in my imagination, that is. They are simply impossible to please. (If you read yesterday’s entry, you will recognize them as the group being led by a total idiot. The other group is led by the hardest working guy EVER. He drives the bus, handles their luggage, and may possibly also be superman in his spare time. Plus, he is nice.) One lady was just bitching because she went to the continental breakfast this morning, and there were no bagels or coffee. This apparently upset her to the very core of her being. However, a) I was just down in the breakfast room a little while ago, and we have dozens upon dozens of bagels down there. There is no way we were out. B) If there is no coffee in the breakfast room, we have coffee in the lobby all the time. C) They have coffee and coffee makers in their damn room. Even one of their fellow tour mates was smart enough to point this out. My only conclusion is that the entire bus group is on crack.

The fun thing is that as they came back in tonight, I noticed that they were all carrying sacks from the local winery. I almost wish I were going to be here later than 1am tonight, to see if anyone gets naked and jumps into the (empty) pool. Almost.

Six more sucky days.

Edited to add- My favorite was the lady who came up to the desk tonight to complain that there was no hot water this morning. I explained that occasionally in the morning, when half the hotel is showering and the laundry is washing, there are periods when it is hard to get hot water. This was apparently way over her head, because she kept insisting that I “make sure that (her room number) have hot water in the morning,” as if there was some giant control board hidden behind the front desk, where I could turn the hot water on and off to each room at will. My very favorite part was when she said that if it didn’t happen, they wouldn’t stay here again. Promise?

(And now I feel a little bad about all of my whining lately, because the nicest man just came down to ask about what he needed to do when he checks out in the morning, and he was so polite and nice, and even wished me a merry Christmas and a happy thanksgiving. Why can’t we have whole bus groups of nice people? Or even just for the nice ones to not be the exceptions?)

blah blah blah Tuesday

Everything is grey already.

I hate winter for being cold, I hate getting snowed in, I miss the sun. I hate that it is dark at 5 pm. But more than anything, I hate that right about this time of year, everything just turns grey. The leaves that were brilliant colors just a week ago are all gone, and all that is left are grey branches. Grey clouds fill up a grey sky, and even the ground manages to take on a dirty brownish grey color. Well, I hate to call it a color, because it is really the exact opposite. It reminds me of Rainbow Brite cartoons where the villains wanted to suck the color out of everything, and live in a world of grey. I just don’t have words for how depressing it is!

The bright side, of course, is that there are all sorts of good things right around the corner. No work in 48 days, and Florida (which is full of sun and palm trees and color!) in 56 days. I keep reminding myself that in just over a week, the worst part of the year will be over, but oh man, if the days keep continuing like this, that week is going to be LONG!

We have two bus groups at the hotel right now- another one just came in last night. We are pretty much sold out from now till after thanksgiving. Whee! The thing that annoys me is that a lot of the stress we have with bus groups could have been easily avoided if the tour operators had just done their jobs. There was a note on the desk today that totally cracked me up. First, for backstory- as soon as the bus group last night checked in, we started getting calls for hairdryers. Our rooms don’t have hairdryers in them, but we keep a few at the desk to loan out. Well, the other bus group, that has been here a few days, apparently had them all, so we were out. The new bus group was not happy about this. I spent some time grumbling that if the tour group leader had done her job, she would have called ahead and checked to see if we had them. (She called the hotel *on the way here* to ask if we had a restaurant. Shouldn’t you do that kind of research when you are selecting the hotel for your group?) Plus, the bus group didn’t get here until around 10pm, so no stores were even open for us to go buy extra hairdryers from.

So, to get back to the note, Sara left a note that someone had called her for a hairdryer last night, and was upset that we didn’t have any, and she made the comment that she was surprised that their tour director didn’t tell them that there were none in the rooms. The lady’s response? “I AM the tour director!” ROFL! She said something about she didn’t like Sara telling the people that it was her fault, asked for her name, etc. We thought it was hilarious.

I’ve been really tempted lately to go back to my old blog format (see, if you don’t remember it!). I miss the whole having a separate page for each post, and I miss my cute little sidebar. However, I don’t miss not being able to post from work, nor the extra work the html takes for each post. Opinions? Which do you prefer?

Did I mention that we’re having employee issues at work? Well, not that that’s anything new, really. It seems to go in cycles- first we won’t have enough housekeepers, and then we’ll hire a bunch of those, and something will happen and we will not have enough front desk people. Wash, rinse repeat. We’re just getting over a “we have like two housekeepers left” phase, and now we’re a little short on the desk. One person is in the hospital, and the other got in trouble, and may end up getting fired if the corporate office says she needs to be. The third actually got fired a few days ago, but got her job back, luckily! Anyway, thanks to this shortage, I should have no problem getting the 20 hours of overtime I need this month. Tonight, for instance, I’m staying a few hours late to close down the office, since our night audit person is sick, but there’s no way I can stay here till 7am and still function tomorrow.

Holy crap, I really have no life outside of work these days, do I? Okay, in totally non-work news, we’re considering getting a parakeet, or two parakeets (a pair of keets!). I’ve been wanting a new pet for a while, and I’m starting to get tired of fish. I would love a rat or a guinea pig or something, but I just don’t trust them with “Lily, the Chipmunk Hunter” in the house. Then I came across the pet store’s sale ad in the paper, and it mentioned that they have parakeets for $15. It is the same store where we got our baby cockatiel, Rosie, and she has turned out really well, so we trust their birds. I still really, really want a sun conure, but they are still really, really $600, so that’s out. $15 for a parakeet (or $30 for two), $15 for a cage, and a little extra money for food and toys and such, is way more affordable. We’ve discussed making it a Christmas present to ourselves. It’s still up in the air, though- I don’t believe in just buying pets on a whim. Well, okay, I’ve bought a few fish spontaneously, but really thinking it over is a much better way to go.

My other non-work activity right now is trying to come up with fun Christmas stuff that won’t cost a ton of money. There’s no point in working five zillion hours of overtime to get money for my trip, only to blow it all on Christmassy stuff. I’m trying to come up with cheap, crafty presents for family and friends that are not going to cost much, but will still be awesome. I also have a horrible need to make some new decorations or something, as a way of combating my winter depression. Who can be sad when you are gluing stuff to other stuff?

The opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation

(This was actually written on Saturday, but I can't remember how to change the date on here!)

Fuck it all, I may just count this really long journal entry as part of my novel. That may be the only way that I do not get overly depressed about how slowly this novel is coming together, how little it matches the novel that is in my head, and how I never, ever seem to be able to finish NaNo. At least I can pretend that this counts towards my word count, and then replace it with something that actually fits into the novel. Or hey, maybe the main characters can just stop along their way for a break in an internet café, and read my journal. Crazier things have been done during NaNo!

Today, I entertained myself at work by making a tiny little countdown calendar, where you tear off a page a day, to count down to the end of the year. There are 51 days left in 2006, if my counting is correct. The end of the year is pretty exciting for me this year. First of all, the hotel closes Dec 31, and stays closed till mid May. That means I have ten whole weeks of no work, AND I will actually be getting unemployment this year! According to most of the people here I’ve talked to, they make almost as much from unemployment as they do while working, so I should still be able to get by for those two and a half months. Hooray!

Having the winter months off is something so great to look forward to! I actually do some cooking in the winter- probably because I actually have time to grocery shop more than once every three months. I get to watch all of the TV that I miss during the year. I get to play computer games like the huge nerd that I am, watch a lot of movies, and basically do a lot of nothing. My house gets cleaned, because I am actually getting to spend time in it for once. I have time to talk to my friends! I get to sleep whatever hours I want! Last year I fell into a fairly solid pattern of watching the BBC News at 5am, and then going to sleep. I will have time for dance practice! Maybe I’ll finally master full time glutes on top of pas de bourres! (They are still evil.)

I love having time in the winter for the fun little things that I just don’t get around to during the year. For instance, I want to go back and count how many journal entries I’ve posted over the years. My guess is around 1000, since I’ve done the online journal thing for over 6 years now. I’m just curious more than anything as to just how many posts there are. I am mostly excited just for the chance to get caught up on my life in general! Remember like three weeks ago, when I knocked my coffee across my car, and it splattered everywhere? It is still there. I’m still yet to find a free moment to just grab a freaking paper towel and go clean it!

So, as if that is not enough reason to look forward to the end of the year, I am also leaving for vacation a week after work closes. This is what keeps me going through these super busy weeks at work- I just think “Okay, three more weeks of really bad work days, and then I get to sit around and do nothing at work for all of December, and then vacation!”

Oh, vacation! One of my very favorite words! I can not freaking wait. The only thing clouding it right now is that I am way short on $ from what I really need for the trip.

Write about tip envelopes. I wanted to ask your opinion on this. First, have you seen tip envelopes in hotels here in the states? Second, do you think they are tacky? Third, do you tip your housekeepers like a good human, or do I hate you?

“Do you stay open year round?”

“No, we close in the winter”

“Oh. Do you lay the employees off?”

In my head: “No, we just make them re-clean the same rooms every day.”

Actually said: “Um, yes, we lay them off while we are closed.”

The other annoying interaction of the day was a man that is here with a bus group. He came up and said he wanted another room, that his was unacceptable. When I asked what was wrong with it, all I could get from him was that the floor was dirty. I didn’t get a chance to check it out for myself, so I am pretty curious about just how bad it was. I do know that nobody has been in that room lately, so it should be really clean. However, it is a smoking room (as he wanted), and they are all a little more worn than the nonsmoking rooms. Anyway, he then went on a rant that we didn’t have refrigerators in the rooms, “like your website says.” The funny thing is that I was just looking at our website the other day, mocking it, because I’m still mad that they paid someone other than me to do it, and it sucks, and the photography sucks. I could do a MUCH better job building one, it would be much more informative, and the photography would be much better, and I could really use the money.

Anyway, since I was just on the website a few days ago, I was sure that our website did NOT say this. So I pulled it up right there in front of him so that he could see that it didn’t. (I didn’t want anyone to think we were posting lies on our website!) Well, it turns out that it wasn’t our website he was looking at, so I spent some time on google trying to find what he saw (because I would really like whichever website it is to correct it!). I still haven’t found it, but I did find a few mentions of us. (We’re fairly small, and not a chain, so not that well known.)

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Best Spam e-mail title of the month:

"How's yourself Mr. crystaltips,Passed over again for that promotion dogfish"
I've been sorting through all the eight million billion files on my desktop computer, trying to do a little cleaning out. I have a ton of crap on here!

There are some gems, however. Take, for example, these saved IM conversations!

Kel: My hip hurts.
Kel: I think I have amnesia.
Kel: No... no. That's wrong.
Kel: Arthritis.

Kelly: I'd become a nun, if it were't for that whole no sex thing.
Kelly: And uh, no material items thing.
Crystal: yeah, all that stuff
Kelly: And, well, the whole nun thing.
Kelly: But man, if it weren't for that...
Crystal: yeah, the whole nun thing REALLY screws up the idea of becoming a nun
Kelly: It does. The nuns need to get a better PR person.

kiki: you could take your digital camera, a santa hat, go out into the woods, find a moose, shoot it was a tranquilizer gun, put the hate on, wait for the moose to wake up, snap a picture while it is still groggy, upload it to some web space and put it in an entry
Crystal: rofl, put the hate on it
kiki: oops
Crystal: ::dies::
Crystal: I am keeping that.

Kelly: So I've been looking at cathedrals.
Kelly: And I saw this one carving, called Torment of the Damned.
Crystal: lovely name
Kelly: It's supposed to be what happens to those who lust too much.
Crystal: I really think this calls for a trip to europe for "research"
Crystal: (all a tax writeoff, of course)
Kelly: And it had a naked dude and a naked woman.
Crystal: oh, damn
Kelly: And between them a holy looking dude.
Crystal: tell me about this, it sounds quite relevant to my life
Kelly: And at their feet, two dragons.
Kelly: And the dragons heads appeared to be attached to the pelvic area of each person.
Crystal: nice dragons?
CrystalW07: oh. not nice dragons.
Kelly: Not so nice dragons.
Crystal: well,it depends on what the dragons are doing down there.
Kelly: True.

Jim: I'm looking at stuff I will eventually use to build my new computer in 6-8 months.
Crystal: aww, its almost like you're getting pregnant!
Jim: rofl
Jim: You know, I never thought of it that way.
Crystal: you're concieving all these ideas, putting the pieces together, and less than a year later, POOF! A baby computer, all shiny and new!
Crystal: although your way involves a lot less sex.
Crystal: well, at least in the way I'm imagining it
Jim: hahaha

And the fairly classic:

Crystal: buenos dias!
Candi: AHH i thought you said bunny something!
Crystal: bunny divas!
Crystal: that is the new greeting.
Candi: omg i'm so going to use that from now on
Crystal: from here on out, all the cool kids will use it.
Candi: ROFL cool kids?! Especially at recess

Tina: and who is Bruce Seth Green?
Crystal: I think it's Seth's dad. He directed a lot of Buff
Tina: aaaah. thats what I was wondering.
Tina: Cuz like he directed the episode on Angel of the cross over with oz.
Crystal: UNLESS, sometimes, Seth wants to feel manly, so he puts on a trucker jacket and slaps on a fake mullet, and calls himself Bruce.
Crystal: but I'm really just leaning towards the "it's his dad" theory
Tina: I would have to agree with that.
Tina: and if I was smart...I would google it...
Tina: but ya know
Crystal: lazyness
Tina: exactly.
Tina: so I would rather just discuss this with you

Jen: what's wrong with america that they keep buying clay aiken
Crystal: hey, I like Clay!
Jen: WHAT????????
Crystal: I do!!
Jen: seriously?
Jen: why?
Crystal: yes!
Jen: oh god, i can't talk to you for at least 20 minutes
Crystal: rofl
Crystal: (voiceover) and that was when their friendship took a turn for the worse...
Jen: k
Jen: when I'm ready to talk again you should be too

Julie: people in 80s clothes should be really tough, because they would have todefend their neon all the time

Candi: I want to go out with a bang, but not literally

I would say that those sum up the awesomeness of my friends quite well. I come across them every few years when I'm sorting through files, and they crack me up every single time!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Know what sucks? Being sick. Know what really sucks? Being sick all the freaking time! I used to joke back in high school that I only have one white blood cell named Bob, and he's swimming around in there doing the best he can. I sometimes believe it's true. If someone with strep throat is within six hundred and thirty-two miles of me, I get it. I'm pretty sure that's what I have now. Ick, ick, ick. I almost, almost, almost called in sick to work today, which would have been the first time in the almost 2 years I've worked here, but I came anyway. Being too poor to miss work? That also sucks!

It seems like I had some reason for posting other than to whine, but now I can't think of what it was.

Ah yes! Now I know. I recently remembered that it is almost time for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) again! How fun! I've never actually hit 50,000 words in one month, but I plan to try, yet again. Are you?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Let Them Eat Pop-Tarts

Just because everyone else is doing it, I present you with Photos of my Fridge.

Front view (we'll explore this more in a minute)

Side view- mostly cards and such. It also includes my favorite Raqs picture:

And then we have the...

Other side view. Yes, I have a ton of magnetic poetry magnets. You do too, admit it. The truth will set you free.

Okay, back to the front.

Here we have a lovely childhood picture of yours truly, a few of my many, many Figment magnets (I got a set of 12 or 16 or something!), some of my fabulous homemade marble magnets, and one of my favorite Anne Taintor postcards.

My nephew will probably kick me if he sees this one, but this is a lovely showcase of his school pictures. Yes, various other fruits of my sisters' loins grace the fridge elsewhere. At the bottom is my awesome moose Canada magnet, and the arcade game magnet my sister (mother of the nephew!) gave me. You push a button and it makes noises. Fun! Also pictured: me in a Marilyn Monroe wig. And R2. And more Figment.

I thought this Anne Taintor postcard fit my kitchen well.

My oldest sister apparently knows of my great hatred for when people say "ATM Machine", and sent me these comics. There are several others from her up on the fridge, mostly about cats.

The large frog pictured here is named Squatindawg Picadilly. It's a long story. The tiny frog was a ring that I wore in high school. It broke, but rather than parting with it, I glued a magnet to his ass, and here he rests.

You knew there would be Tallulah pics on here, right?

Atop the fridge. The tiki shot glasses were a housewarming gift from my friend Tina, and the pink candy box was a valentines day gift (then filled with candy, now filled with Taco Bell mild sauce packets) from my friend Tiffany. Back behind, mostly out of sight, is my collection of Disney resort refillable mugs.

I got a little carried away with the picture taking (a first for me, really, I know.), so here is most of the rest of my kitchen:

At least, the rest that's clean enough to show you.

Here we see such exotic cuisine as granola bars and pop tarts! Oooooh, ahhhh.

I am still yet to actually *use* these cookie cutters, of course. Maybe I'll break them out in honor of Halloween! And of course, another Anne postcard.

I got these cute coffee-themed hooks at Hobby Lobby for supercheap. They're obviously meant to hold coffee cups, but mine are all too freaking heavy, and pull them off the wall.

A few of the many, many, many postcards that line the border of my wall. This is what results from being a member of postcardx for yeeeears.

This is atop my microwave. The basket holds pretty tea- the boring ones stay in the box. There's a pack of labels so I can put the date on leftovers before they go in the fridge- yeah, I'm *that* girl. The tiny vodka bottle is now empty (see post regarding vodka a few weeks ago!), but I had to keep it because it was given to me by one of the weirdest guests in my hotel job history- he handed them out as tips instead of cash. Awesome. The candle on the right is Kitchen Spice scent, so I can make it smell like cooking actually happens in here.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006 may be the handiest new site I've come across in a while!

It took me a while to figure out, but once I did... boy howdy! It's essentially a universal wishlist. You add a certain part of their site to your toolbar, and when you come across something on the ol' internets that you like, you click the button, and it adds it for you! The best part is that you can brows through the most popular sites, and I've found some supercool stuff as a result!

A few fab finds: has a ton of supercute stuff, but I should warn you now that if you go look, you are going to want it all. Some of my favorites from the site include:

These lovely coffee mugs...

These cute dessert plates. Any site that divides itself into categories including pizza, coffee, and martinis is ok by me. has some seriously beautiful stuff! Check out this kimono dress:

Seriously, don't you just want to have babies with this dress? It also comes in black.

And yes, you've all heard of Ikea, but did you know they had supercute pet stuff?

If that black cat bed weren't like $60, I would totally buy it. I can think of no funnier image than of Lula asleep in that bed!

From (the site that originally linked me to stylehive!), I discovered that I simply must own...

This purse!

And this lipgloss!

A stylehive useage note- I've found that if you highlight the item's description before you click the bookmarklett thing, stylehive will automatically fill it in for you!

In a totally unrelated note, dark chocolate MnMs eaten with peanut butter may be the yummiest thing ever!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Godiva Don't Bounce Like Dat

Dear Godiva,

I love you guys, I really do. Thanks to you, I know that it takes exactly $12 worth of truffles to get over a crappy ex-boyfriend. However, I feel that it's my duty to pass on some info to you. You know those yummy new lattes you make? With the chocolate in the bottle, and you shake it up, and it makes it all chocolatey? So good in theory! But there's a little problem.

You see, Godiva, people are clumsy in the morning before they get their coffee. And those fragile glass bottles that you put the yummy caffeine in? They're a bit fragile. I discovered this a few days ago when I tried to open the door to my work with my hands full, and my precious precious coffee crashed to the ground, and shattered into a billion tiny pieces, that were really a bitch to clean up.

The thing is, Godiva, I've dropped Starbucks bottles before. Many times. (See morning clumsiness.) They don't break! They bounce! They are magic bottles, Godiva, magic bottles. Please look into using this magic bottle technology in the future, because I can tell you, working all day with no coffee? It sucks!

Woot, Wonderfalls!

Okay, I know that I have pimped the fabulous but short-lived “Wonderfalls” to all of you like eight million times already, but I just made a NEW discovery about its awesomeness!

A few weeks ago, I finally watched the first three episodes of Firefly, and one character looked really familiar. It took me about a week to FINALLY figure out that she was Heidi on Wonderfalls! Freaked me out, but how cool is that?

Well, it just happened again, dude. I just started to watch Rent (again.) when I had one of those “putting two and two together” moments. Traci Thom’s name hit the credits, and it clicked. She’s also Mahandra on Wonderfalls! Why it never occoured to me that they had the SAME NAME is beyond me, but then it did take me until about the age of 15 to figure out that Julie Andrews from Mary Poppins was the same Julie Andrews from the Sound of Music. An obvious “Duh”, but it just never occoured to me! So anyway, yet another reason why Wonderfalls rocks: Joanne from Rent! YAY!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The fabulous Miss Maggie from, which I’ve been reading for about eighty zillion years, has written a snazzy new book entitled “Nobody cares what you had for lunch: 100 Ideas for your Blog”. I finally gave in and bought it, and you should do the same! (You can get it on Amazon, or for a few dollars more, get it straight from, and it will be autographed!)

Before my copy came, I read a post on where she had used one of the ideas from the book. The question was:

“What are your relationship deal breakers? Some folks are annoyed if a date shows up ten minutes late. Others look for something weightier, like a felony record. Have you ever rejected someone over something that seems insignificant to your friends? Or do you have selective blindness for red flags?”

It was a great post, but the 300-something comments she got on that entry were even better! It was hilarious to read through everyone’s ideas of what makes a potential mate totally unsuitable. My very favorite, which still makes me laugh out loud was:

“They’re out if they voted for GW. And sometimes if they’re convicted murderers.”

I love people who have their priorities in order!

You probably know by now that I’m not the type who can just come up to an answer to the question on the spot, and type up something fabulous. I have to let it ruminate, turn it around in my head for a few weeks, and then I’ll have some answers. After much thought, I’ve finally come up with the following criteria for what makes one dateable:

*Those who are rude to waitstaff/bad tippers are out.

*No big egos allowed.

*I honestly don’t think there is any way that I could date someone with a “pimped out” car, as in with all the crazy spinny hubcaps, funky pait job, etc. Also, nobody who talks about their car or car stereo system for more than two minutes.

*Must not balk at the idea of somewhat uncomfortable/rough travel conditions- such as sleeping on the occasional floor, hammock, or guest house that has a slight pest problem.

*Must also understand, however, the need for the occasional 5 Star fancy pants place. Paris, for example, calls for a snazzy hotel room.

*Being too cheap in general is bad. Must know how to splurge on occasion, and must not freak out if spending an unplanned $5 on coffee.

*On the other hand, can not suck with money, as in no spending $50 on new dvds when the bills are due and there’s no spare cash. Must not have zillions of dollars of credit card debt.

*Homophobes are 100% unacceptable. Must also support gay marriage.

*Must like to travel. This is non-negotiable.

*Anyone who can not hold a job, or has been unemployed for 2 years because they are too arrogant to take a low-paying job while they’re waiting for their dream job to come along. Ah, how we live and learn.

*You know, I honestly don’t think I could date someone who didn’t like the Simpsons.

*We all like people that we share common interests with, but there’s no way I can date someone who is TOO much like me. I do not want to date myself. (Although I am pretty awesome.) Also, in a similar note, must not be afraid to disagree with me.

*Can not take longer to get ready than I do. High maintenance guys need not apply.

*No drugs, no alcoholics, preferably no smokers.

*Must be an animal person! If you get your pets from a breeder instead of a shelter, you probably have no chance. Anyone who is mean to animals/thinks it is amusing to harm one is gone so fast his head will spin.

*Must care about improving the world, and be involved in charity in some way. Or be willing to.

*Nerdy. Must be nerdy. Or geeky. Ability to work movie quotes into everyday conversation a plus. Ability to fix my computer a big plus.

*I’m lenient on religion, as long as they have some sort of belief in some form of God. Beliefs not too different from my own are a plus, though. Anyone who tries to push their beliefs on others is out.

*Can’t take themselves too seriously. If you aren’t willing to occasionally make an idiot of yourself in public, walk away now.

*Nobody suicidal and/or crazy in the head.

*No excessive body hair.

*Decent personal hygiene is a must. Monthly manicures and pedicures is taking it too far.

*No bad kissers. Just…no.

*No fraidy cats. Must be willing to do thrill rides, travel in non-westernized countries, etc.

*Must want kids eventually. Not too soon. Hopefully doesn’t already have any.

*Nobody who is only happy living in a big city. Not gonna happen.

*Nobody who freaks out if I hug them or hold their hand in public.

*Must know how to argue intelligently, not the type who turns everything around to be my fault, or uses personal insults, etc. Walking out/hanging up in the middle of a fight also really pisses me off. Don’t do it.

*Must be in a good mood a fair amount of the time. Anyone who is always grumpy/depressed/angry/etc is just too draining. Everyone is like that sometimes, but excess is bad. You’ve at least got to quit complaining long enough to listen to what I want to whine about.

*Must, must, must be smart. The last thing you read should not have been a book in high school. Morocco is not in South America. You do not look people up in the phone book by their first name. You should be able to give me a run for the money at Trivial Pursuit. Knowledge of foreign languages is a plus, especially if they are ones I don’t know.

*Anyone who doesn't follow through on things they say- such as calling and saying "I'll stop by your work later to see you", and not doing it. Repeatedly.

*Men who don't remember the things you tell them. I'm not saying you have to remember every story I ever tell you, but if you space out and miss things, it says that you need to be paying more attention.

*Must have opinions! "What do you want to do?" "I don't know, watever you want." "What kind of food do you want to eat?" "I don't care, whatever." Gets annoying fast!

*Must have self-confidence. "Nobody likes me, I'm not good at anything..." blah blah... quite the turn-off.

*Any physical abuse- there is NO second chance there. I don't care what your reasons are, NO.

*Good sense of humor a must. He who laughs at things that are not at all funny gets annoying quickly.

*Coughing/sneezing without covering your mouth. Eww.

Wow, that turned out to be a lot longer than I expected. Who knew I was so picky? Okay, yeah, we all did.

Feel free to share your red flags in the comments!

Monday, October 02, 2006

C is for Cookie

The vending machine on the 4th floor of the hotel charges 60 cents for cookies, while the one on 3rd floor charges 80 cents. For some reason, this offends me. I may even hold it against the 3rd floor machine.


Oh, so you really DO need to eat and sleept to avoid dying? Who knew?

I’m finally feeling better- the kids went home on Sunday morning, which means that other than Hannah waking me up at 8am on Sunday to ask if she could borrow my shoes to wear to church (Um, you are 9 years old, and I wear a size 10, they are not going to fit!) I’ve finally had a chance to get some rest, and just recover.

I actually spent pretty much all of Saturday in bed, which suuuuuuucked, because there was a wedding I wanted to go to that day, and missing it broke my heart. And it wasn’t even a restful day, because every ten minutes, one of the kids came in and woke me up to ask some kind of yard sale related question. (“Some lady wants to know how much X is….” Just make up a price! Give it to her! Just don’t wake me up!). I thought I could finally get some sleep on Saturday night when my mom took them out to the pizza buffet, so I put in my shiny new Grey’s Anatomy DVDs, watched an episode, and promptly fell asleep as the second one came on. Of course, as soon as they got home, the kids ran downstairs to tell me they were home. I thought that I’d been asleep for a few hours, but the DVD timer on the episode said I’d only gotten 15 minutes of sleep.

Anyway, enough of my whining. I finally got some sleep after the kids left, barely managed to stay awake through work on Sunday, went home and slept a LOT more, and today, I’m finally feeling better. Still not 100% (and I still think I’m getting an ulcer, which means I need to cut way back on the coffee), but fifty thousand times better than I was!

I’m hanging out at work tonight, watching No Reservations on the Travel Channel. (I had a dream last night that the host was doing a book signing at Epcot. I really need to stop having these dreams that are a weird mix of TV people and Disney. The night before I had a dream that I was staying at DAK Lodge with the cast of Grey’s.)

I’m staying an extra hours tonight, in a pathetic attempt to get some overtime. Yes, working late is really stupid when you are just recovering from total exhaustion, but I still need about $1000 more for my trip, so I’ll take the hours wherever I can get em!

Friday, September 29, 2006


Well, *this* sucks!

I went to bed around 1:30 last night, but didn't fall asleep till about 3. (Try sleeping with a 26 pound cat who tosses and turns a lot, and see how well you sleep!) I had to get up at 6am (Did you know they make a 6 in the morning, too? Crazy!) to set up our yard sale stuff, and did the sale thing until about 1:30, when I was pretty sure I was going to die, and went to lay down. Again, couldn't sleep- our house has an alarm system that beeps anytime a door is opened, and with my neices at the house, it was beeping every other minute. So, I just laid in bed with Lula for about half an hour, and watched her sleep. I only got interruped three times with yard sale questions, too!

So, I've essentially already been up 24 hours as I'm driving to work. You know that feeling when you've been up since yesterday, and you're kind of disoriented and shaky? That's me! And it is only the beginning of the work day! Well, I actually have 2 hours down now, but 6 to go - eep!

My middle sister & El Nephew are coming down tonight to bring stuff they want to sell, and help with the sale tomorrow. So, even more people! Maybe that will at least mean I won't have to drag myself out of bed at 6 again! More likely, though, it will mean I'll just get even less sleep.

Luckily, just 99 days till vacation! Woo! And I think I made around $50 at the sale today, which goes straight into the vacation fund! Now I just need to stay alive long enough to spend it!


What do you do when you are totally exhausted? When you are so, so tired, to the point of wanting to CRY you are so tired, when you are so worn out that you are actually sick? What do you do when you know that after you get home at 11:30 tonight, you need to finish pricing your yard sale stuff, and then get up at 6am to set up, and then run the sale from then until 2:30, when you leave for work, where you will be till 11? And then again on Saturday? (And oh man, how you hope you will feel better by Saturday, because there is a wedding involving a pig! And that kind of thing can not be missed!) When your body has gone so long without a break that it is just giving up?

When you are so very tired from all of this, and you call your house from work, and find out that your mother has brought your two neices (8 & 10), over for the weekend?

You break out the vodka, my friends.

Which is probably a very bad idea when you are not much of a drinker, and SO can not hold your alcohol, and have to be up very early tomorrow.

Yes, probably a very bad idea, but it sure makes slapping neon colored price tags on boxes and boxes of stuff a lot more fun.

And seriously? You know you have all been spending way too much time getting ready for the yard sale when you come home and find a $3 price tag stuck to the cat. That is when it has just gone too far.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Oh man, I just watched the premiere of "House of Carters", a new reality show about former (or still? who knows?) Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and his family. One word- Trainwreck! This is going to be a new guilty pleasure, I can tell.

I think that Bobbie Jean (called BJ- hee!) is going to be my favorite, because a) she was drunk the entire first episode, b) the way she keeps lighting her cigarette on the stove burner, and c) her name is BJ. How can you not love?

And when did Aaron carter become the blonde Kevin Federline? I remember the little blonde kid rapping about partying with basketball players, when did he turn into the poster boy for white trash? Yeah, that was harsh, but I swear there is no other description possible!

So much drama in this family! Yep, yet another reason I need to get a damn DVR!

(You too can marvel at the first episode here!: )

Oh, and *other* reason to get it- Anthony Rapp posted on his blog today that he's going to have a reoccuring role on some new series that airs on Wednesdays. Um... how many shows can you fit on a dvr, anyway?

And the other-other (other other other other) reasons I must have some form of DVR/TiVo friend- Grey's started last week, Gilmore Girls starts tomorrow, and Animal Planet is airing that awesome Blue Planet series again. I need a life.

Along the lines of shows that I *don't* have to TiVo, I finally got the entire series of Wonderfalls on DVD today (Yay!). Oh, beautiful prematurely canceled series, I love thee so! I've been sitting here having a nice little marathon. Fun! (Dear Tyron Leitso, Call me! Thanks!)

I also got the 2-disk Rent DVD today. (Oooh, two Anthony Rapp related things in one post!) I spent half of my work day watching the bonus features disk. Ah, quality work time! (Dear Anthony Rapp- Marry me? K, thanks!)

I have spent way too much moneys lately, as evident by the two dvd orders mentioned above. I also bought Maggie ('s book, because I've been reading her blog forever, so I'm pretty sure that buying her book is my civic duty now.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

I know this is a horrible thing to say, but it is really, really funny when people typo 9-11 as "7-11".

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I was flipping through the new issue of Glamour magazine today, and came across a sidebar article that was supposed to answer the question "I'm living from paycheck to paycheck. How can I stop?" As someone who just got paid, did the math, and figured out that I need to return the jeans I bought to be able to afford gas for the month, it caught my attention.

The advice? Save $2 a day, and after 10 years, that will be $9,300 if you get 5% interest.

Um, good advice in theory. But where am I supposed to GET that extra $60/month to save? The whole idea of living paycheck to paycheck implies that you don't HAVE money left over after the bills are paid. Thus, that advice makes NO sense.

I bring this up because this is about the five *millionth* article I've seen along these lines. Someone writes in (supposedly) and asks "All of my money goes to bills- how can I save for the future?" or any variation thereof. EVERY time, the "financial expert" tells the dear writer that all they have to do is give up their monthly spa appointment, and they'll save a bundle! Or they recommend something like the above- "If you just put 5% of your paycheck directly into a savings account, you'll have plenty of extra money saved in no time!"

Can the financial expert type people just not comprehend the concept of NOT having lots of spare money? Or do they make up this crap and call it an answer because they don't want to admit that they don't know what to do?

There has been a lot more public attention on those struggling to get by lately- the book "Nickel and Dimed" gave the issue of how impossible it is to get by in America a big push into the spotlight. The idea behind the book, if you haven't read it, is that the author moves to a city, gets a job that pays the average amount for that area ($7-9 in most places), and tries to survive. Not to spoil the book for you, but it is impossible. And yet the majority of the people in this country do exactly that.

The only way that I have any leftover cash at all, and am not living in a cardboard box or selling my organs for cash, is that I don't have to pay rent. If I had to shell out another $300-$400 a month? I would have to take a second job. I would be screwed.

All I really want to see is a magazine article like this one that actually answers the question. When someone asks "How can I get ahead when I have no money left after paying bills?" and you tell them "Just set a bunch of extra money aside!", it is no different than saying "Let them eat cake!".

So I e-mailed the author and said just that.

Friday, September 08, 2006

It just occoured to me that Pee Wee Herman was the Martha Stewart of my generation.

Seriously! Pee Wee taught us how to make cards and snacks and crafts, just like Martha. And hey, they both ended up in jail!

Two peas in a pod.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

New Boards!

Just finished setting up new message boards for my site. The old ones were having problems with spammers trying to register every day, and it got annoying.

New ones are at:

They are sad and empty, go fill them with good stuff!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

holy crap!

Wow, I'm terribly impressed with myself.

I've been on an African music kick again, and I just opened a song that I downloaded that is in Swahili, and completly *freaked out* because I understood more than half of the words. How freaking cool is that? Granted the song basically repeats the same 8 sentences over and over, but still! I downloaded it because I understood the title (Jambo Bwana- hello, sir.), assuming that was all that I'd get. Very nice surprise!

Six languages down, six million to go!


Just a few days ago I posted a picture of my TV Boyfriend Dave Salmoni. Well, today I came across this yummy new Gap ad featuring my other TV Boyfriend, Jeremy Piven!

Saturday, August 19, 2006

I’m hitting that time in the year where I just don’t think I can deal with another idiot. The traffic is driving me nuts. I’m actually looking forward to winter, when all of the tourists go home, and just leave my little corner of the world alone.

I have had THREE people in the past few weeks bitch at me because the phones in our rooms don’t do long distance calls. A) Our phone system is not my decision, b) get a damn cell phone, idiot.

Just to keep things interesting, the hotel across the street from here was robbed last night. Apparently the thief was really stupid, because he asked the front desk person to show him a room first, which means she got a really good look at him. Apparently he was really, really stupid, because someone said they saw the car down at the gas station last night, surrounded by 6 cop cars. Apparently he was really, really, really stupid, because he only got away with $7. This stuff is too good to make up.

Everything inside me tells me to leave behind the life of sitting at a desk all day and answering stupid questions from rude people, to pack up and go travel, but unfortunately sitting behind the desk and dealing with stupid people is what brings in the money that will eventually fund the travel. So until I randomly stumble upon a $20,000 bill on the street, here I sit.


Dear Fashion Type People- The late 80s/early 90s already happened. Please stop trying to make them happen again? Thanks.

Dear TV people- "The Fantasia Barrino Story"? Seriously? I mean...seriously?

Dear Sun- We get the point, you're hot. Now can you maybe lay off just a little? Ten degrees or so? You're really overworking yourself.

Dear I really want to win that $50,000 vacation you're giving away. Can you maybe rig it so that I win? Thanks!

Dye my darling!

My hair and I have been having a disagreement for the last several years. My natural haircolor is a sort of medium brown, while my haircolors of choice range through various shades of auburn and red, depending on my mood.

Every now and then, my hair will cooperate, and turn red. Usually, not so much. The funny thing is that it almost always does the exact opposite of what it should. If I pick up a box of dye that shows the results as being a very mild reddish-brown, by hair will go full out red. However, the more outstanding the red on the box, the more likely my hair will end up brown.

A few days ago I noticed that my natural shade was once again making quite the appearance (since I dye my hair so often, and have such a short attention span for colors, I use the semi-permanant dyes that last around a month, so they just fade out rather than cause roots), and the really scary thing is that instead of its old medium brown color, my natural haircolor is now turning a light golden brown. This is much, much too close to possibly being associated with blonde for me, and thus it must go away very, very quickly.

I was in the mood for something super bright, maybe a little unusual (although I knew I couldn't keep it that way for long, because our tribal fusion costume for dance includes hairpieces, and my hair needs to match them at least a little) so I picked up a box of the new L'Oreal Color Pulse stuff- the boxes show incredibly vibrant shades of red, which was just what I wanted. I got the iced coffee shade, and a few days later, finally got the chance to use it.

The dye package claims "vibrant ultra-shiny color". The package itself is metallic orange, and the mousse, when applied to the head, turns a pleasing shade of pumpkin. One would guess these would all be good signs towards very red hair, no?

Half an hour of dying later, I'm sure you can guess the results.

My hair is a very boring brown.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Every now and then I hop over to the page that has all the stats for my webpage, and check out what people have searched for that led them to my site. Today, the list was topped by "Dave Salmoni pictures."

I found this kind of funny because although it has been like a year since I first saw that "Into the Lions Den" show and Dave joined my list of TV boyfriends (along with Hank Azaria and Jeremy Piven), it was just recently on again, and I wondered if I had ever posted about his wonderfulness and my desire to have his babies. I guess that I can assume, according to the search strings, that at some point I did!

The sad thing? I did a google search, so I could supply you people with the Dave pictures you're searching for, and there are only like FOUR on the whole entire internets! That is a crime against humanity and women who like biceps.

Here's one of the few I could find:

I promise to whip out my camera next time the show is on and take some pictures of the TV. Nobody should be deprived.

But seriously, y'all, I claimed him first.
I am starting to think that being unable to leave my house early for anything is genetic, encoded into my dna, unavoidable.

Well, it isn't so much not being able to *leave* early as it is to have things go according to my early plan. Take yesterday- I left the house an hour early for dance so I could stop by the mall and pay my store credit card bill. About 20 minutes down the road from my house, I realize that I didn't pack any pants to wear for dance class. I'm wearing jeans, so there's no way I can go to class without different pants- I don't care how cute your jeans are, you can not do splits in them. Plus, it would be really, really hot and sweaty. Ick.

So I stop at the Target about half an hour from my house, and realize that I don't have my credit card with me, only the $20 cash that I was going to pay towards a workshop we're doing next month. Oh well, pants are the more immediate need, right? I scour the clothing section for the cute gouchos they had on sale for $9 a few weeks ago, since I wanted another pair anyway. (So comfy!). No luck. Apparently they are a little early for winter, and all they have are big heavy sweatpants. BAD idea for dance when your studio's air condition is sucky, and it is 90 degrees outside.

I *finally* find a not-quite-ugly pair of capri length sweats that don't look too thick for about $15, buy them, and am on my way again.

I'm driving along, grumbling about having to spend money that I don't really have on pants I will never use. I wonder if I could just wear them with the tags on and return them? That would be totally disgusting, huh? Damn conscience! I can NOT believe that I remembered to bring the extra fan for the studio, brought my costume box in case we were doing dress rehersal, brought my zills, everything but pants.

And then it hits me. I brought my costume box! It has pants in it! I can just wear those! I just wasted all that time for nothing!

So of course, instead of having time to go pay my bill at the mall, I get to stop at the library just long enough to drop off some overdue books, and then go to class.

At least I get to return the pants with a clear conscience!

So today I set my clock for 12:30 so I could leave the house an hour early for work and go to the local branch of the store where I need to pay my bill. I check my e-mail, take a shower, get dressed, and through some freakish black hole in time, it is already 2pm! I normally leave home at 2:30, so there goes paying my bill again! So, back at the computer, I check the UPS tracking on the bag I ordered a while back, and it is supposed to be delivered today! I check outside where they usually leave packages, but it isn't there yet, which is weird since UPS usually comes by noon or 1. I hang around the house until around 2:35, just in case UPS shows up. Since my mom is out of town, if I don't get the package before I leave, it will sit outside all night, and I hate that!

I finally give up and leave the house for work. A quarter of a mile down the road from my house, the UPS truck is parked delivering a package. Ooooh, there aren't many houses between there and my house, so I turn around and go back home to wait. 5 minutes later they STILL haven't shown up, and I am now running 10 minutes late for work. The UPS truck comes around the corner and I'm all excited that I waited, but then it turns down the road before my house. GRR! I give up and leave, getting to work 10 minutes late. On a day that I got up an hour early. Grr!

There's a great story about my inability to speak English, but we'll save that for another post.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Extreme huh?

The local theme park, Silver Dollar City, is having its annual kids fest, and every day as I drive past on my way to work, I see their advertisement for "Extreme Parrots!". Now I just heard the ad for kidsfest on TV, including a mention of the Extreme Parrots. So, my question is this: Just how can parrots be extreme? Do they skydive, land on a mountain, and snowboard down? My brain just can not figure out any way in which parrots can be extreme. This made me come to the realization that I hvae a pet peeve about the overuse of the word "extreme" as a trendy word. When it is so overused that people start applying it to parrots? Then it is a problem.

At least they didn't spell it X-Treme, or something equally hideous. I'm not sure I could take it.

Babies of the 80's (X-posted from MySpace)

So, how great is it that Cartoon Network has been playing Pee-Wees Playhouse? (At the expense of Mission Hill, though, which makes me sad. Ill miss random perverted guy on the street the most. Luckily, he lives on at YouTube (NSFW)

The weird thing about the re-airing of Pee Wee is that although it has been twenty years TWENTY YEARS since I last saw these episodes, I remember them with astounding clarity. A certain storyline will pop up, and Im amazed that I remember it. (I totally had to make fruit juice ice cubes after Pee-Wee did!). And come on, Morpheous in chaps? If that isnt worth my TV viewing time, what is? Rejoice, children of the 80s, for our childhood has returned!

These last few days have been a sort of quiet period of recovery for me. My two youngest nieces (9 and 11) were at my house for an entire *week*, which despite my huge love for them, is way too long. Plus I had the Blogathon going on in the middle of their stay, which made it really bad timing. And oh! Sweet Blogathon! Thanks to you awesome people, I raised $200 for Doctors Without Borders this year! That is by far the best year Ive had so far- in the past my totals have been less than $100. Thank you all SO much, for both the donations and the late night encouragement! (And to Kellylou for the guestpost! Next year, you should drive over and well blog together! But no shots, or then I will not survive it.)

It is 5:30am, and tomorrow at work is going to be super-busy (more than 50 check-ins, YUCK!), so I should consider getting some sleep, or at least getting back into my seriously overdue library books, but I had the bright idea to hit the treadmill at 4:30, so now I am all awake. The debut of our tribal fusion dance is coming up in September, which until now has seemed like a really long away, but is coming up FAST. Impending performance costume top that is basically a bra = treadmill. Im lucky that I dont generally worry about my body much, and lost most of what was left of my modesty back in my days of working at Dixie, (I wonder what ever happened to that guy Wes. He was awfully cute. And Todd. And wow, I should go work there again.) but even for me, the idea of dancing around in front of a fairly large crowd of people in your bra can motivate you into a little extra workout time. Dont expect me to be giving up chocolate or anything crazy, though. If I ever become THAT girl, you have permission to shoot me.

It sounds like a storm is rolling in the perfect soundtrack for sleep.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Just two more days till Blogathon! I just found out that my two youngest nieces will be upstairs at my mom's house for the next few days, so that sort of kills my "day of solitude" plan for Saturday, but oh well.

I've gotten some awesome pledges so far, THANK YOU GUYS!

I probably won't post here again until after the 'thon, gotta save up the ideas for those posts!

If you've wandered over to this blog via the link on my blogathon page, hi! I just switched to this format, if you're looking for the older entries, check out the link in the sidebar.

Happy Blogathon, everyone!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I look forward to the day when my work is doing what I love, not my way of financing the occasional chance to do what I love.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Nerds Unite!

I haven't got the energy to post about Mexico yet, so instead, I'll give you this super-duper nerdy conversation with Kelly!

WARNING! Contains Superman spoilers! And X3. And stuff.

(It may help if you know that I just asked how Lois Lane could be pregnant with a kid that was Superman's, but she thought was Richard's. If she's that bummed about him leaving, why is she off making babies with someone new within weeks?)

Crystal: so it's like... Superman leaves, and three days later, Evil Chick hops in bed with Cyclops?

Kelly: Exactly!

Paradoxikel: Here is my take on it:

Crystal: "Oh, boo hoo, I am sad, but I am going to steal this guy from jean grey!"

Kel: Sman leaves. Lois is depressed, drinking a

Kel: Cyclops is all, dude, my girlfriend just died.

Crystal: rofl

Kel: Lois passes him the whiskey.

Crystal: um, wait, she killed him fist.

Crystal: this is why you shouldn't mix DC and Marvel

Kel: No, Jean Grey "died" in movie 2!
Kel: So it was a while back!

Crystal: OH! Okay, okay.

Kel: It all fits!

Kel: Sman leaves, Jean Grey crushed by tsunami...

Kel: Lois and Cyclops roll in the hay.

Crystal: but wait, where does Wolverine fit in again?

K: I think they don't make leather in Metropolis.

K: So he couldn't come.

Crystal: Shouldn't the kid be able to burn stuff with his eyes either way?

K: Or maybe he was hiding out in the very Central Park looking place.

K: The kid was a germophobe freak until Sman came back!

Crystal: Or maybe Wolverine just has a thing against Lois because she's really dating Will Turner

K: Hmmm.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

are we there yet?

Just 6 days till Cancun! We’re technically leaving on Thursday to drive up to St Louis, and then flying out at Way Too Early a.m. on Friday. I am so freaking excited just to get away! I’ve been narrowing down the giant stack of books to the ones I want to take with me, searched my closet for non-falling apart flip-flops, and now all I really need to do is pack!

Work has been so busy lately, and I’ve had so much going on that I haven’t really had any free time, so just laying around on a white sand beach, sipping (free!) drinks, and taking in the turquoise blue ocean sounds like heaven.

Less than a week till I’m here!

The hotel is pretty much sold out tonight, which sucks for me, but luckily I’m off tomorrow. Christa and I are planning to relive our childhood by going out to the water park, and then seeing Superman on the IMAX, which should be pretty cool.

I had a dream last night that I got a giant tattoo of Wolverine from X-Men on my butt. And that I was discussing it with James Lipton from Inside the Actors Studio, because he had just gotten a tattoo, too. (And if you watch the show, you know that’d be a big deal, since his wife won’t let him get one.) I have some seriously random, nerdy dreams sometimes.
What is Your Destiny?
by Valcion
DestinyDefeat of your archnemesis
Date when you fufill your destinyAugust 20, 2008
Quiz created with MemeGen!

This makes me very happy. I've been wanting an arch nemesis for a while now, so this means that not only do I get one soon, but I win! Woo!

Friday, June 30, 2006

3rd time isn't really the charm / bellydancer snake charmer

3rd time isn’t really the charm

Man, that lost post lost a lot in all the retypes. You know how when you type up a post that’s actually pretty well written and witty, and it gets eaten, the 2nd one is never as good? And then I had to answer the phone eight zillion times while I was re-re-typing it, and it’s just not the same!

I must figure out what to do! My dearest Kellylou is finally giving in to all of my nagging, and looking for a place to take bellydance classes (YAY!). She showed me the link of one of the places she found, and while I was poking around on the site (oooh, they have a tribal fusion class! Sweet!), I found out that it is the studio that hosts Ya Hala Y’all, which is a pretty well known event. Then I look closer, and find out that Rachel Brice is going to be there again this year, teaching a workshop! SQUEE! Rachel is my freaking hero, I would kill to take a workshop from her AND see her perform! But the event is in August, which doesn’t give me a lot of time to save up.

So here’s the question. I’ll be getting a check soon for selling my horse- do I use a good chunk of that money to go to Texas for the weekend and take Rachel’s class? I feel really weird about spending the horse money on anything, so I’m not sure if I feel right about spending the majority of it on just one weekend. On the other hand, it is Rachel Freaking Brice! Plus I would get to see Kelly- we’ve been trying to find a chance to spend some time together since March, but things keep coming up.

I could do the roadtrip thing, since it is about 10 hours to drive, but with gas prices, I don’t think I’d end up saving that much over flying.

What would you do? Spend hundreds of dollars to go see your hero and your friend, or wait till Rachel is teaching somewhere close again, when it would be much, much cheaper? If I’m going to spend a ton of money for one of her workshops, I’d much rather do one of her weeklongs or a three day intensive, not just a couple of hours! What to do, what to do?

I give up!


The title of this post is way more appropriate than I intended.

I typed up the whole entry, went to copy it in case Blogger ate it while it was posting, and it DELETED. I Ctrl-Z’d to undo and get it back, but it would not come! I kicked myself for not tying it in Word, since I know Blogger likes to eat posts, and typed it all up again. I finally finish, go to copy it, and IT DISAPPEARS AGAIN!

I am typing in Word this time.

“I Give Up: Take 3!”

I have been late to work every day this week.

I leave early, hit crazy traffic, and get there 10 minutes late.

I leave extra early, hit extra crazy traffic, and get there 10 minutes late.

Today I left super duper early, because I’ve been craving cheese fries from Steak & Shake, and haven’t had time to get them, and if I don’t get them soon, I will die!

So I get about half a mile from my house, and it traffic that’s totally backed up. It takes me 20 minutes to get to Branson West, which is only 6 miles away!

I finally make it to Steak & Shake right at 3pm, which is when I am supposed to be at work, but that’s okay, since it is only 3 minutes from work, all I have to do is grab some cheese fries and go!

You know that point when you’ve been sitting in the drive-thru for about 10 minutes, and you can’t decide if you should just drive off and leave, or wait it out, since you’ve already invested so much time? I was 10 minutes late for work at this point, but I was getting my cheese fries no matter what!

FINALLY, at about 3:15, I make it to the window, and the woman tells me that it will be $6.75.

“But I only ordered cheese fries!”

There’s a pause as she looks at a receipt, and then actually says “No, you ordered a peach shake and a mocha shake.”

A few seconds go by while I try to form words, and then say, “Noooo…. I ordered cheese fries!”

A few minutes of shuffling through receipts and pushing buttons later, I have my $2.85 (not $6.75!) cheese fries, and I finally make it to work, 20 minutes late.

I just can’t get over the “No, you ordered a peach shake and a mocha shake!” I know I’ve been waiting in line for quite a while by now, but I really think I remember what I asked for!

The only problem?

Now I really want a peach shake.

Another One

I finally managed to get my page design fixed so that the sidebar is actually at the *side* again- yay! (I say “finally” as if it has been this long struggle- it took a day.)

I just realized today that I am missing a LOT of work in July! For instance, I scheduled my Mexico trip to avoid Wednesday so I wouldn’t miss dance class, so I leave on a Thursday and get home on a Tuesday- perfect for not missing dance, right? Right! But since dance is on Wednesday, I’ll miss work on the 5th (Weds) for dance, then the 6-11th for Mexico, and then again on the 12th (Weds) for dance! So that’s 8 days off! In a row! And THEN I have to take off the weekend of the 22nd for a dance workshop, and THEN I have to take off the 29th/30th for the Blogathon! That’s a total of 12 days off in the month- crazy! I am going to be SO FREAKING POOR! Especially when you add in a) the money I’ll probably spend on stuff in Mexico, b) the money I’ll end up spending buying stuff at the workshop. And of course I’m realizing this way too late to work overtime beforehand, so I’m pretty much just screwed. Fun!

I have discovered lately that I say “You’re Welcome” a lot when I shouldn’t. Someone will call and ask for a wakeup call, and it will go like this:

“We need a wakeup call for 6am.”
“Okay, room 123, 6am!”
“Yeah, 6am.”
“You’re welcome.”
“Err, thanks.”

I guess that I’m just anticipating them saying thank you, so my brain jumps right to you’re welcome, but they don’t say thank you, so I sound stupid. I blame people being totally impolite! This happens ALL the time to me, though! Then I worry that people are thinking I’m being all sarcastic (Me? Sarcastic? Never! But I’m really NOT in this instance!) to point out that they didn’t say thank you. So start saying Thanks, people! It will make me feel less stupid!

Speaking of work, it took me freaking 40 minutes to get there today. It normally takes 20-30 minutes. 40 sucks! That is WAY too close to an hour for me.

I am very worried that my cats will be ok while we’re in Mexico. We have someone coming over every day to feed them, but what about all of the petting and belly rubbing and snuggling??? Can cats survive without these things? Can I?

Also problematic about Mexico (other than that it has been raining a LOT in Cancun) is that I'm not sure what to do about my laptop case. I have the cutest laptop case ever! Observe:

The only problem? The strap broke the first time I used it. I just read the reviews on Target's website, and apparently this happened to everyone else, too! So I don't want to buy another one like it, and I've had it too long to return it, and I really can't afford a new one, so I have no idea what to do with my laptop! Stick it in the broken case and carry it awkwardly? Spend money I don't have for a new one? What?

I’ve just discovered Mission Hill on Adult Swim. Have you guys been watching this forever and just not told me about it? My favorite is the random pervert guy that wanders the streets, and takes any opportunity to go up and whisper in someone’s ear- “penis penis penis penis penis!” He cracks me up!

I am totally addicted to 3 Fast, 3 Furious. Go listen if you haven’t yet! It makes me want a podcast of my very own! I had actually neer heard of Shannon K before the podcast, so I guess I'll have to go read her now!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hey look, a new journal format! Snazzy!

My sleep schedule is, to put it in polite terms, totally fucked up. I normally sleep crazy hours like 5am-1pm, which are not normal to you weirdos who work 9-5, but at least it is fairly normal for me. What really screws me up is days like today. I got home from work last night, feeling like crap from a whole day of Allergies of Doom, and pretty much went straight to bed- asleep by midnight. Now, the plan was to sleep till about noon, and be all refreshed today.


I woke up at 4:30 am. 7:30am? Typing up a journal post, still awake. FUN!

Plus, I just read Girl Interrupted, and reversed sleep schedule is something that they listed in peoples’ “Diagnosis-o-crazy.” (Then again, so was promiscuity. If they committed everyone I know who either doesn’t sleep normal hours or is not monoagamous, there would not be a lot of people left on the streets!) My “backwards” sleed schedule freaked out my doctor in high school, too. (Although I think he may have had some kind of shady deal with prozac. “Oh, you get sick a lot? You need anti-depressants. You have a sore throat again? Let’s prescribe some antidepressants. Oh no, a papercut? Here, have some antidepressants.” The whole ordeal got to be pretty depressing. HAH! See what I did there? With the pun? And the whole… oh, forget it.)

I spent my Extra Bonus Morning Hours (not to be confused with Disney’s Extra Magic Hours) checking my library’s website with the list of books I want to read on vacation, to see which ones are available at which branch. Then I caught up on blog reading. I’ve recently discovered a few new ones I really like, which means I have to go all the way back in their archives to the beginning and read it all, because I’m cool like that. Then I watched some videos online of Disneyland’s updated Pirates ride (now with Jack Sparrow!), because any good Disney nerd has to keep up with their news, and if that involves watching videos of Johnny Depp, then that’s just something I’ll have to do. (If Disney ever goes out of the ride business, they could probably sell that audioanimatronic Jack for about eight zillion dollars. I’d prefer a Will Turner one, myself, but this is coming from a girl with a life-sized Legolas in her living room.)

Then I typed up this post- in word, since I haven’t even designed the new blog yet. I have a vague idea of how it will look, but I’ve had too much of a headache for css so far.

The only thing I think I’ll miss about my old one page per post format is the sidebar. I like being able to do the what I’m reading/watching/kitten mischief update. I can do that here, but it will just update, not stick with each post. Oh well, all the more reason to restart my reading list page! I’ve actually been reading a lot lately, and I love it. When I was a kid, back before Al Gore invented the internets, this was what I did. I’d get home from school, grab a book, and read. I went through phases of reading in interesting locations- I’d take a blanket into the closet or the bathtub, and curl up and read. I even remember my mom bringing me dinner in the closet pretty frequently. I still read constantly, but these days it is more blogs and message boards than turning pages, so it’s been nice to go old school again!

Random message board quote of the day- “Last thing I read, Kevin Bacon was an Indonesian princess on It's a Small World -- I'm not sure that that is true, but it makes sense”