Friday, June 30, 2006

3rd time isn't really the charm / bellydancer snake charmer

3rd time isn’t really the charm

Man, that lost post lost a lot in all the retypes. You know how when you type up a post that’s actually pretty well written and witty, and it gets eaten, the 2nd one is never as good? And then I had to answer the phone eight zillion times while I was re-re-typing it, and it’s just not the same!

I must figure out what to do! My dearest Kellylou is finally giving in to all of my nagging, and looking for a place to take bellydance classes (YAY!). She showed me the link of one of the places she found, and while I was poking around on the site (oooh, they have a tribal fusion class! Sweet!), I found out that it is the studio that hosts Ya Hala Y’all, which is a pretty well known event. Then I look closer, and find out that Rachel Brice is going to be there again this year, teaching a workshop! SQUEE! Rachel is my freaking hero, I would kill to take a workshop from her AND see her perform! But the event is in August, which doesn’t give me a lot of time to save up.

So here’s the question. I’ll be getting a check soon for selling my horse- do I use a good chunk of that money to go to Texas for the weekend and take Rachel’s class? I feel really weird about spending the horse money on anything, so I’m not sure if I feel right about spending the majority of it on just one weekend. On the other hand, it is Rachel Freaking Brice! Plus I would get to see Kelly- we’ve been trying to find a chance to spend some time together since March, but things keep coming up.

I could do the roadtrip thing, since it is about 10 hours to drive, but with gas prices, I don’t think I’d end up saving that much over flying.

What would you do? Spend hundreds of dollars to go see your hero and your friend, or wait till Rachel is teaching somewhere close again, when it would be much, much cheaper? If I’m going to spend a ton of money for one of her workshops, I’d much rather do one of her weeklongs or a three day intensive, not just a couple of hours! What to do, what to do?

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