Friday, June 30, 2006

Another One

I finally managed to get my page design fixed so that the sidebar is actually at the *side* again- yay! (I say “finally” as if it has been this long struggle- it took a day.)

I just realized today that I am missing a LOT of work in July! For instance, I scheduled my Mexico trip to avoid Wednesday so I wouldn’t miss dance class, so I leave on a Thursday and get home on a Tuesday- perfect for not missing dance, right? Right! But since dance is on Wednesday, I’ll miss work on the 5th (Weds) for dance, then the 6-11th for Mexico, and then again on the 12th (Weds) for dance! So that’s 8 days off! In a row! And THEN I have to take off the weekend of the 22nd for a dance workshop, and THEN I have to take off the 29th/30th for the Blogathon! That’s a total of 12 days off in the month- crazy! I am going to be SO FREAKING POOR! Especially when you add in a) the money I’ll probably spend on stuff in Mexico, b) the money I’ll end up spending buying stuff at the workshop. And of course I’m realizing this way too late to work overtime beforehand, so I’m pretty much just screwed. Fun!

I have discovered lately that I say “You’re Welcome” a lot when I shouldn’t. Someone will call and ask for a wakeup call, and it will go like this:

“We need a wakeup call for 6am.”
“Okay, room 123, 6am!”
“Yeah, 6am.”
“You’re welcome.”
“Err, thanks.”

I guess that I’m just anticipating them saying thank you, so my brain jumps right to you’re welcome, but they don’t say thank you, so I sound stupid. I blame people being totally impolite! This happens ALL the time to me, though! Then I worry that people are thinking I’m being all sarcastic (Me? Sarcastic? Never! But I’m really NOT in this instance!) to point out that they didn’t say thank you. So start saying Thanks, people! It will make me feel less stupid!

Speaking of work, it took me freaking 40 minutes to get there today. It normally takes 20-30 minutes. 40 sucks! That is WAY too close to an hour for me.

I am very worried that my cats will be ok while we’re in Mexico. We have someone coming over every day to feed them, but what about all of the petting and belly rubbing and snuggling??? Can cats survive without these things? Can I?

Also problematic about Mexico (other than that it has been raining a LOT in Cancun) is that I'm not sure what to do about my laptop case. I have the cutest laptop case ever! Observe:

The only problem? The strap broke the first time I used it. I just read the reviews on Target's website, and apparently this happened to everyone else, too! So I don't want to buy another one like it, and I've had it too long to return it, and I really can't afford a new one, so I have no idea what to do with my laptop! Stick it in the broken case and carry it awkwardly? Spend money I don't have for a new one? What?

I’ve just discovered Mission Hill on Adult Swim. Have you guys been watching this forever and just not told me about it? My favorite is the random pervert guy that wanders the streets, and takes any opportunity to go up and whisper in someone’s ear- “penis penis penis penis penis!” He cracks me up!

I am totally addicted to 3 Fast, 3 Furious. Go listen if you haven’t yet! It makes me want a podcast of my very own! I had actually neer heard of Shannon K before the podcast, so I guess I'll have to go read her now!

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