Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Hey look, a new journal format! Snazzy!

My sleep schedule is, to put it in polite terms, totally fucked up. I normally sleep crazy hours like 5am-1pm, which are not normal to you weirdos who work 9-5, but at least it is fairly normal for me. What really screws me up is days like today. I got home from work last night, feeling like crap from a whole day of Allergies of Doom, and pretty much went straight to bed- asleep by midnight. Now, the plan was to sleep till about noon, and be all refreshed today.


I woke up at 4:30 am. 7:30am? Typing up a journal post, still awake. FUN!

Plus, I just read Girl Interrupted, and reversed sleep schedule is something that they listed in peoples’ “Diagnosis-o-crazy.” (Then again, so was promiscuity. If they committed everyone I know who either doesn’t sleep normal hours or is not monoagamous, there would not be a lot of people left on the streets!) My “backwards” sleed schedule freaked out my doctor in high school, too. (Although I think he may have had some kind of shady deal with prozac. “Oh, you get sick a lot? You need anti-depressants. You have a sore throat again? Let’s prescribe some antidepressants. Oh no, a papercut? Here, have some antidepressants.” The whole ordeal got to be pretty depressing. HAH! See what I did there? With the pun? And the whole… oh, forget it.)

I spent my Extra Bonus Morning Hours (not to be confused with Disney’s Extra Magic Hours) checking my library’s website with the list of books I want to read on vacation, to see which ones are available at which branch. Then I caught up on blog reading. I’ve recently discovered a few new ones I really like, which means I have to go all the way back in their archives to the beginning and read it all, because I’m cool like that. Then I watched some videos online of Disneyland’s updated Pirates ride (now with Jack Sparrow!), because any good Disney nerd has to keep up with their news, and if that involves watching videos of Johnny Depp, then that’s just something I’ll have to do. (If Disney ever goes out of the ride business, they could probably sell that audioanimatronic Jack for about eight zillion dollars. I’d prefer a Will Turner one, myself, but this is coming from a girl with a life-sized Legolas in her living room.)

Then I typed up this post- in word, since I haven’t even designed the new blog yet. I have a vague idea of how it will look, but I’ve had too much of a headache for css so far.

The only thing I think I’ll miss about my old one page per post format is the sidebar. I like being able to do the what I’m reading/watching/kitten mischief update. I can do that here, but it will just update, not stick with each post. Oh well, all the more reason to restart my reading list page! I’ve actually been reading a lot lately, and I love it. When I was a kid, back before Al Gore invented the internets, this was what I did. I’d get home from school, grab a book, and read. I went through phases of reading in interesting locations- I’d take a blanket into the closet or the bathtub, and curl up and read. I even remember my mom bringing me dinner in the closet pretty frequently. I still read constantly, but these days it is more blogs and message boards than turning pages, so it’s been nice to go old school again!

Random message board quote of the day- “Last thing I read, Kevin Bacon was an Indonesian princess on It's a Small World -- I'm not sure that that is true, but it makes sense”

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